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    Well I must say Microsoft customer support were far more helpful than CM turned out to be, I have got my £40 refunded & have now deleted the game from my hard drive. I'll probably pick it up again from a bargain bin for a fiver in a couple of months, shouldn't be too long before it ends up there. Way to go CM, you really shot yourself in the foot with this game.
  2. SublimedNine

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    Not sure that you can, if you re-start the game it overwrites your details going from what other people have said on here.
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    Wish I could trade mine in, but I bought it as a download & having contacted CM about getting a refund they told me to contact Microsoft as I bought the game through them. I am currently waiting an answer from Microsoft about said refund. Great customer service CM.
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    PC Patch // GRID Autosport // 9th July

    Any idea as to when the console patch will be out?, it's now at least 9 days since this problem was raised with CM.
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    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    Any sign of the console patch yet?
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    Would you pay for a full BTCC expansion pack?

    I voted yes to being prepared to buy a BTCC download but I would now like to say that CM will never, ever, be getting another penny of my hard earned money following the on-going fiasco with the corrupt save data
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    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    So we have to wait another week or so to find out if the lost data is actually retrievable? Ridiculous. I'm contacting support to request a full refund on the price as the game is not of 'satisfactory quality' or 'fit for purpose' according to The Sale of Goods Act relevant in the UK.
  8. SublimedNine

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    Just loaded up the game & my save data is corrupt, I was level 91 with 14 cars & certainly won't be starting again from scratch. When is this issue going to be fixed? It's 5 days since the OP & this is still happening, I have spent £40 on a game I am unable to play till this gets sorted & have wasted 10 days playing as well. Are CM planning on any compensation for players unable to play the game due to their apparent inability to fix this issue? I very much doubt it.
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    GRID Autosport: Hard & Very Hard AI drivers are jerks.

    I agree with the above posts, it wouldn't be too bad if the AI drivers actually damaged their cars by using such tactics but it's the player who suffers while the AI cars carry on with no damage at all apparently.
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    Assists On or Off?

    I have just started racing with assists off as my club races this way & am finding I prefer it now I am getting used to it, in all my previous racing games I have used both ABS/TC. One point of interest I'd like to throw into this discussion is the fact that the WTCC does not allow any electronic driving aids, including ABS & TC, even though they may be fitted to the original production car.