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  1. So, did u stay in the lobby and take the win with your 28 second lap? 

    If that ever happens to me, I will retire, and leave the lobby.  Not a chance I'm taking some glitched win, even if I have done nothing to influence it. 

    That's how people get the name of cheat. 
    I didn't get the win, I got lapped twice in fact :o
    This happened on the 2nd lap of 4, & as I said after the teleport the car carried on under the control of the game, like an AI, but at the stately speed of exactly 22 mph.
    I told the others in the lobby what was happening, several of whom I had raced with many times before, so I carried on in the race to see what happened & got a DNF as it timed out as normal.
  2. The teleporting to the finish line & getting a very quick lap time in not neccassarily a cheat, this happened to me once at Chicago in a street race.
    I got 28 seconds into a the 2nd lap & was teleported to the start line getting a 28 second lap, also after this happened the car carried on driving, out of my control, at a steady 22 mph till the race finished.
    I think a similar thing happened to another player a few days later when an impossible time was set & after that the car was very slow for the rest of the race but as the player wasn't on mic I didn't ask if the same thing had happened to them.

    Hmmm. Looks like the post I replied to has been removed, it was about cheating for anyone who didn't see it.
  3. I got a refund from Microsoft within 2 weeks of the game's release as the game wasn't 'of satisfactory quality' or 'fit for purpose' as described by the UK Sale of Goods Act, this was due to the corrupt save issue.
    I then made the mistake of buying a 2nd hand copy of the game when that issue was eventually patched.

    Forgot to mention I bought the game as a download through X-Box live.
  4. I had the game freeze several times last night but also had a freeze while I was in the dashboard trying to download something.
    Was that freeze while you were downloading something in any way realated to GAS? Like a freeze from the main Xbox main menu screen? Or was it within.the GAS game itself? I am just wondering if this was a XBL problem? 
    I was trying to download a gamer picture that had nothing to do with GAS.
    I've also spoken to a couple of other players this evening & they had probs, one was watch a film when they got a freeeze.
  5. SASBlink said:
    If you want to start at the front you got to earn being there, you do that by winning and gaining points over the people around you.... I love it! If you cant win or gain points over the people around then you deserve to start near the back with the people who race at the speed you race at.

    If you finish last every race why should you start first? you just be nuisance to everyone behind you, it will be like grid 2 again, every race you will have the wreckers, trolls and people who cant drive or just learning the game will just get in the way and ruin your races....most of time on purpose..... its unfair on people who are fast.

    so no, leave it as it is. if you want random or reverse grid order then go into custom races.
    What he said.
  6. saxerrts said:

    scottishwildcat I know it makes no difference to say it here but the conttact technicality is with CM. I tried to get a refund from sony whom I bought the product through pre ordered even. They told me my grief is with CM. So this is not the place to ask but Gamestop or any other retailer will tell you the same. CM is the one who ultimately either will give or not give a refund.

    That's not always the case because I was issued a FULL refund to my credit card by Sony... You have to make sure that the representative that you speak with puts in the report that you have troubleshot every possible fix to the game corrupting... Even though Sony knows there is a direct issue with the coding of the game, they still won't issue the refund unless they know that you have troubleshot.

    Examples of troubleshooting are...

    1) Deleted and re-installed the game

    2) Deleted your save data and started a fresh save

    3) Restored your system files via safe mode

    4) Rebuilt system data base via safe mode

    5) Installed the game on a 2nd PS3 system

    It seems that Microsoft maybe the same, I had to remove & re-install the game, my profile & my hard-drive in a trouble-shoot one of their tech guys took me through before I got a refund from them.

    This was also a full refund & was on my credit card.

  7. Yeah, I was very dubious & queried the guy at the time but he assured me that it was safe to do so, he took me though the whole process step by step & said they had managed to recover corrupt saves this way before, not on Grid AS though, this was the 1st time MS had gone though this process with a Grid AS corrupt save as far as I'm aware.

  8. I initially contacted CM customer service about a refund on the grounds that the game was neither 'fit for purpose' or 'of satisfactory quality' as described in the UK Sale of Goods Act.

    CM informed me that I should contact who ever had supplied the game as my contract of sale was with them & not CM. I bought the game as a download from Microsoft so contacted them through their Answer Desk service explaining the situation with corrupt saves & that I had been advised by CM I should contact MS for a refund.

    I was first refered to one of their tech wizards & went through a process of trying to get the save restored by erasing both my profile & the game from my hard-drive & removing the hard-drive from my x-box for a couple of minutes then down-loading profile & game again.

    When this didn't work I was passed to some-one higher up the chain who at one point came onto this forum to check some of the announcements & posts that had been made about the corrupt save issue.

    After about half an hour of me being insistent that, in my opinion, the game breached the Sale of Goods Act on the grounds I already gave above he agreed to give me a refund & I agreed that I would delete the game from my hard-drive.

    I'm in the UK so not sure about US laws, maybe there's something similar over the pond.

  9. Sooooo I bought Auto sport for £37 quid, I took it to trade because this patch is never coming and Game offered me £15. Looks like Game are also aware that the game is not worth the disc its burnt on too. I would love to hear a code masters response to this.

    Game have been offering new Black Edition for £26-99 for over a week now so I'm not surprised at the low price being offered for used copies.

  10. SASBlink said:

    Interesting info. Thanks for sharing. :)

    Reloaded4 said:

    Please note, however, that this will not restore save files that have been altered by the user or corrupted due to data problems on your hard drive.

    So this means the corruptions due to turning the game off while saving will not be fixed, as suspected.

     I was thinking this before. Just what if, what if my corruption is due to that? I will feel sorry for the people who did turn the xbox off while saving and think the glitch is the reason why they got a corruption. :( 

    I'm still hoping im not one of these people. (insert nervous laugh here) :/

    What stupid reason would people turn off there game while loading or saving as it says do not turn off system while game is saving. If that's how most corruptions have occured you all deserve to have corrupted files for not following directions and if you disagree go see a shrink.

    This seems to be CM's standard answer to queries about corrupt saves, I got exactly the same wording in reply when I e-mailed them about it a couple of weeks ago.

    Seems like CM are trying to shift some of the blame onto players & this was one of the reasons I got my money refunded from MS.

    Also if so many players are stupid enough to turn off the system while saving then just about every game would have a problem with corrupt saves not just CM.

  11. Wish I could trade mine in, but I bought it as a download & having contacted CM about getting a refund they told me to contact Microsoft as I bought the game through them.
    I am currently waiting an answer from Microsoft about said refund.
    Great customer service CM.
    What more were you expecting from CM? You asked them for a refund, they told you the correct way to get one. In UK consumer law at least, dealing with faulty goods is initially the retailer’s reponsibility.
    Well I was at least expecting an answer to 2 of my e-mails which they ignored, they only replied to my 3rd when I mentioned Trading Standards.
    I have also got a full refund from MS and their customer support was very helpful, which CM's certainly were not.
  12. So we have to wait another week or so to find out if the lost data is actually retrievable? Ridiculous.
    I'm contacting support to request a full refund on the price as the game is not of 'satisfactory quality' or 'fit for purpose' according to The Sale of Goods Act relevant in the UK.

    Well there's a turn up for the books, I got a full refund for the price of the game today from Microsoft, who I purchased the download from.
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