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  1. BoTy quattro

    Crash back to the main menu.

    Hello, if your game crach after a stage, turn on the TAA option in graphic menu ! cya !
  2. Hum, i use only GPU graphic ! But i find a fix, must use the default graphic, cant change the resolution or anything ! Like that, the game not crach at continue... maybe will be fix in next update !
  3. Glad to know you fix the issue ! Nice ! For me after uninstall and do a new install, the issue still happened... Very tired...
  4. For info, my system is : OS : win 7 pro 64 bits CPU : I7 -4770K @ 3.5 Ghz (8 cores) RAM: 16 Go GPU : GTX 780 (3Go) SCREEN : 5760 X 1080 (60Hz) DirectX 11 and 419.17 drivers version Maybe will be usefull ! Will be happy to play this game in normal conditions...
  5. https://steamcommunity.com/app/690790/discussions/0/1843566500512027597/?tscn=1551337122
  6. Find this port in steam forum, post here coz he explain the problem very well, and very better english than mine... "Crash upon return to main menu from any kind of race See title. Career mode, historic, time trial, doesn't matter. Visuals freeze up upon choosing the option to go back to main menu after the race ends. The sounds and music keep playing though, and I can hear that I'm interacting with the menu when I move the cursor around the screen. After about a minute of waiting, the game crashes without giving an error report. Wondering if any others have been experiencing the same thing and came up with a fix for it."
  7. hello, me, have a 780 ! Last Nvidia driver but i try the 5 differents drivers before... Clean uninstall every time ! When i click to continue after stage, have 1/2 seconds the transition display, and lose graphic signal cards, after i listen the sound of the game since few second, and the game crash... Not sure to have the time to capture it, will try... And maybe i will love the game too, if i can do stage without restart stage after stage...
  8. Hello ! Have this crash since 4 days ... don t find any way to fix it ! Last Nvidia Driver, change all panel and game graphic options, check steam cash game, do all i can.... Very boring... You fixed ? tell me how please !
  9. BoTy quattro

    DR 2.0 issue (black screen after each stage)

    Exactly the same issue... Have a GTX 780, last drivers in low graphic... No way for the moment...
  10. BoTy quattro

    DR 2.0 issue (black screen after each stage)

    Humm, so am not alone... Do you use Nvidia graphic ? and the version is ? If i find something, i will post here ! Yes, exaclty this ! But today for me it s like yesterday... So hope for tomorrow maybe... Can' t find the way for playing this game more than one stage...
  11. BoTy quattro

    Page de chargement d'une spéciale bloqué

    Hello, Tes drivers de carte graphique sont t' ils à jour ? Moi, c' est en sortant de la spéciale que l' écran se fige... Alt+f4 obligatoire ! Bref, pas top pour nous deux hein...
  12. Hello, Have a black screen after each stage on DR 2.0... alt + F4 is only the way to go out, last nvidia driver update... but nothing better... Tha game load fine, i can exit, i can play but i can' t enchain stage... Someone get an idea.... thanks in advance !