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  1. My first Escort RS1800 for DR2.0: Car: Ford Escort RS1800 Numberplate: 614 ZP Driver: James Cullen Codriver: Patrick Brides Starting number: #8 Event: Deja Vu Donegal 2019 Here's the Escort RS1800 of James Cullen, on an almost 1985 Donegal International Rally livery, which he drove during Deja Vu Donegal 2019, with Patrick Brides acting as codriver. Hope you like it! DOWNLOAD
  2. Aaaaand after a medium-quality Ibiza, a teaser of what's to come next week (hopefully, I could do a DiRT Rally car version in time)
  3. (Didn't manage to find DiRT Rally custom liveries thread, if this can't go here, will delete it) Well so, despite the inclusion of Kit Cars for DR2.0, my hopes of reproducing an almost-full season of the British Rally Championship in its Kit Car era, vanish more with each year it passes, as RBR won't fire up, and a uncertain future in wether CM would add more Kit Cars (or even make DLC cars up for livery modding). Anyways, I took to 2016's DiRT Rally to make my first take on CM's Kit Car category with this Ibiza-Golf. I would try to improve some details I noticed (despite I had to take some licenses to fit the sponsors) should I learn how to correctly paint the wheels (I tried lot of things, but didn't manage to make a "solid" colour). Car: Volkswagen Golf IV Kit Car Numberplate: H VW 153 Driver: Mark Higgins Codriver: Bryan Thomas Team: SBG Sport - Volkswagen Motorsport UK Starting number: #3 Event: 24th Pirelli International Rally 1999 Position: 3rd Hope you like guys! DOWNLOAD HERE
  4. AyrtJ97

    Changes in the wrc competition.

    I don't think so. Just that, for championships, have as many events as there are available on the game, instead of only 6 events per championship.
  5. That's some good fine sarcasm you got there 😂 As for the OP post, yeah, that's something very annoying. Rally cars have their parts taken to regular inspections any given kilometers (it may vary from one car to another). Why can't we do that in a rally simulator? I don't know.
  6. I did the Audi Sport International Rally for the first DiRT Rally... might update it to DR2.0
  7. Wait wait wait, the '01 Focus? What did I miss? I played the game yesterady but... didn't see anything 😂
  8. AyrtJ97

    Improvements for Dirt Rally 2.0

    Wow, I was wrong with in which side the gear counter was, think I was confused by the fact that the in-game car has a digital panel on the right side, but I thought it was something like the 206 WRC having the gear counter in the center. Well, anyways I don't think the real car had it as badly placed as this, don't think any driver wants that. I agree with you the implementation of the correct use of the paddle shifters would be really cool. Well, I can't stand being too close to the wheel in the game, as I wouldn't be confortable with it in real life honestly. Hope you sort out the problem with the Focus.
  9. AyrtJ97

    Improvements for Dirt Rally 2.0

    I agree with you in most of the things, but this, the Focus problem, well, I have to disagree here. Using the driver cam, with wheel enabled, and 16:9 single monitor, I don't have any problems with it. Well, I move the seat to the lowest that is possible (it is not like the game lets you lower it too much) as the standar position is no realistic enough for me. As for the RPMs, last time I checked, don't work, so it wouldn't make any difference seing them or not, but at least the red led goes on when it has to. The car that really has this problem with de driver view is the Skoda Fabia WRC, in which you can't see the digital panel behind the steering, as the real car, when the paddle sifht system was used in the car, had the digital panel on the codrivers side (as well as the Fabia S2000 had the gear gauge there).
  10. AyrtJ97

    How can i Play Dirt 2.

    DiRT 2 wasn't, as long as I know, never on Steam, and I don't think you can register it, honestly (I'm supposing he's talking about 2009's Colin McRae DiRT 2).
  11. Interesting, didn't know that Gibson's 6R4 was sequential, but I supposed Doran's RS200 was. As for in-game, I would prefer cars were h-patter, for history purposes, but well, that deccision doesn't belong to me.
  12. The only exception I know, is the quattro S1 E2, which was something as a h-pattern sequential. Apart from that... I'm talking about completely original, factory-spec cars, not "modernized" cars.
  13. Well, Group B cars should be h-pattern manual, even their Rallycross counterparts.
  14. AyrtJ97

    Sound cutout bug more common

    If it helps, it apparently onle happens (or it happens more commonly), on the longer, +9km stages. At least, those are the only stages I've encountered the bug (specially New Zealand and Poland, and one time in Wales).
  15. That's not a bug. The car they used to model the in-game car has it that way. It has been stated long ago.