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  1. AyrtJ97

    Share your Custom Liveries & Tools here.

    Here you go @Keko55, just unzip the file on the main DiRT Rally 2.0 folder. Maybe I'll need to make the logo smaller, but I prefer that you try it first, and then tell me wheter you like it or not cars.rar
  2. AyrtJ97

    Share your Custom Liveries & Tools here.

    Something like this?
  3. AyrtJ97

    Share your Custom Liveries & Tools here.

    Thank you! I had the Marlboro red, but I couldn't find which color to use for the main_s
  4. AyrtJ97

    Share your Custom Liveries & Tools here.

    Guys, anyone knows how to make the colours look fluorescent-like, like this Marlboro red? I've tried using the same colour, trying different things on the main_s file, but with no luck. Any help would be greately appreciated.
  5. AyrtJ97

    Share your Custom Liveries & Tools here.

    No since liveries for DLC cars can't be used, and it clearly looks like it won't change, sadly
  6. AyrtJ97

    Share your Custom Liveries & Tools here.

    1979 Manx International Rally, Hannu Mikkola and Arne Hertz onboard the Ford Escort RS1800 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ford-escort-mkii-hannu-mikkola-manx-international-rally-1979.34518/
  7. AyrtJ97

    Share your Custom Liveries & Tools here.

    've been thinking recently. What if Shell and Ford had sticked toghether on the British Rally Championship, with a fully sponsored car, like the Black Beauty Mk2 Escort? So I created it. This Escort Cosworth would be based on the 1994 edition of the British Rally Championship, driven by Gwyndaf Evans and Howard Davies, to be more precise, on the Stena Sealink Ulster Rally from that year. And then, I decided to make a version based on the Rally El Corte Ingles, for a possible European Rally Championship participation from the Shell team. If you would like to download it, you can do it through here: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ford-escort-cosworth-black-beauty-1994.34445/ Oh! And there is also a Ford Sierra version of this: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ford-sierra-cosworth-ari-vatanen-black-beauty-1989.34058/
  8. AyrtJ97

    Share your Custom Liveries & Tools here.

    Subaru WRX STI - Based on Colin McRae's 2006 X Games car: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/subaru-wrx-sti-colin-mcrae-x-games-2006.33382/ Subaru WRX STI - Based on Colin McRae's 2007 X Games car: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/subaru-wrx-sti-colin-mcrae-x-games-2007.33383/
  9. It is the same. In the vehicles' box (bottom left of the screen) of the daily and weekly events, it just appears the Impreza S4, so you can only use that car.
  10. Guys, it is because the Daily Community event of Australia is just for the Impreza S4 WRC, not the whole 2000cc class. It is not a bug
  11. AyrtJ97

    Practicing without assists

    Have you tried keeping pressed the wipers' button for about 2-3 seconds or so? It's the way you turn them off since the first DiRT Rally.
  12. AyrtJ97

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    I've been thinking for some time now about making some of the Subaru Rally Team USA skins for that boat... I mean... R4 Impreza, so, it would be possible
  13. AyrtJ97

    Something is coming closer...

    I mean, I would love little road sections in which you have to manage the time left to get to the SS and don't get catch by the cops doing so 😂
  14. AyrtJ97

    DiRTy Car Wishlists!

    Because the Favorit is a Group A category car, an A5 if I'm not mistaken, due to its engine being 1.3L