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  1. AyrtJ97

    Something is coming closer...

    I mean, I would love little road sections in which you have to manage the time left to get to the SS and don't get catch by the cops doing so 😂
  2. AyrtJ97

    DiRTy Car Wishlists!

    Because the Favorit is a Group A category car, an A5 if I'm not mistaken, due to its engine being 1.3L
  3. AyrtJ97

    The Car Class Allocation Thread

    I have discussed this many times in here, but people thought I was crazy...
  4. AyrtJ97

    Golf Skin

    Well, I'll have to agree there. Maybe it's just nostalgia, like with the 206 WRC. In spite of being historically correct, that's not a Kit Car Golf, so the grey livery fits better (while also aggreing that the blue British Rally Championship looks even better)
  5. AyrtJ97

    Golf Skin

    People have suggested lots of ways to unlock livery modding without giving acces to the whole files, take a look at what pCARS did, they even gave players the layers for skinning. I want to believe a company such as Codemasters can do it. PS: This is in no way a meaning of being offensive towards the team nor anything like that.
  6. If from my post, you can only "argue" about the career mode, it means that Kyloton is doing something really well. But well, what makes you think they have more resources? You have to pay for the license, it's not like the FIA or the WRC promoter is putting money in developing the game... Also, if sim fans don't need a career mode, why games like Assetto Corsa Competizione include one? There is more than hotlapping (and career mode does not mean you can't drive your favorite car on any track, should the game happen to include your favourite car...)
  7. It also has dynamic weather so... I won't say it's a perfect game, I'm having a hard time getting used to the cars, but I have to recognize them that they've done a great job in some aspects of the game, like career mode, stage design, times of day/weather...
  8. Hi everyone! Two days or so ago I tried to launch Grid Autosport and got a corrupt files error message. Tried running an integrity check of the files, which showed it would be necessary to re-download some files. While doing it, the proccess froze at one point, while validating the files. Tried several times, always the same error. Then I tried to reinstall the game, but ultimately got a "Content File Locked" message on the download screen. Now I'm stuck at this, as it won't even download the game, any ideas? For futher information, last time I played the game fine was on Sunday, worked perfectly, and I haven't changed anything on the game's files nor the computer, and the rest of the games run just fine.
  9. AyrtJ97

    Grid Autosport corrupted

    I'm facing the exact same problem, but I tried to reinstall and guess what? An "Content file bloqued" message shows up in the Download section, so I'm now unable to even download the game.
  10. AyrtJ97

    How do you shift the Evo X NR4/R4??

    R4 class' cars use sequential transmission in real life so, so the in-game Evo and WRX are sequential
  11. But what about the F3 category them? 😅
  12. Completely forgot they called it Formula 2!! You are completely right. In my opinion, FIA 2-Litre World Rally Cup just refers to the championship's name, like World Rally Championship, whilst F2 is the name of the category, like World Rally Car. I mean, F2 category is based upon the A7 category, 2.0L engines and FWD, then, there is F3, based on the A6 category, which fits for 1.6L FWD cars like the Saxo Kit Car, 106 Maxi, but I think also the Micra (which is, if memory doesn't fail, an A5 category car). Sorry for multiquoting, it's just that I like this kind of talks, like a lot.
  13. The only thing in which a rally Kit Car and a normal kit cars are the same is that both use a body kit (even thought, 1996 Kit Cars apart from the Clio, Megane and some few exception just added spoilers), but a rally Kit Car is much more, as those body kits are installed and mounted from the factory (unlike a normal kit car, in which you have to build it yourself). They use lightweight parts, meaning these cars could weight as less as 900-910 kg before the FIA impossed a weight ballast to make them slower than WRC cars in asphalt. And finally but not less important, they sported highly tuned mechanics, so as the cars they were based in where around 150-180 hp in their 16 valves-2.0L engine configurations, this cars where between 265-300 hp in rallying configuration, using "the same" engine. Don't think so. I've never been sure what F2 exactly means, but I think it is something like WRC being F1 (never called like that) as they use the top "formula" (this is, 2.0L engines and AWD), 2.0L Kit Cars and '93 to '96 2.0L FWD rally cars being F2 and 1.6L and '93 to '96 1.6L rally cars being F3 as they used sameller-slowest formulas, thus comparing rallying to open-wheelers in the use of "formulas".
  14. Thank you for the kind words! Makes it easier to keep on working I'm planning on doing it for the DiRT Rally one, if it helps 😅
  15. AyrtJ97

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!

    I know livery mods aren't te go-to here, but today I wanted to share this little tribute