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  1. I agree with you that I would be suprised if they announce it today, that would be unexpected. On the stages topic, well, while many people can be attracted to a WRC-based (kind of) stage, there are many rally events out there with beautiful scenary and stages that could be used for a rally game, and I think it would be a refreshing touch for the rally genre, not the same WRC locations of always, and personally for me, as I've expressed before, it's always been a shame that the DiRT Rally team haven't taken advantage of this particular circumstance.
  2. Well that's quite the setup 😅 Makes me wonder, if technology is supposed to make things smaller than, say, 20 years ago (like mobile phones, cameras...), but they need all that "monstrosity" to record the stages, what kind of setup did the Mobil 1 Rally Championship (Rally Championship 2000) devs needed to record the stages back in 1999? That game, in its PC version, had the stages recreated 1:1
  3. So much this! This idea has been around my head for quite a long time, like the whole idea. Even having to take into account the hours of the time controls. Yeah, I know, too much asking probably but still... (well, we have online rallys on that other sim, and we can have things like these, so it is a fix).
  4. Don't think so. It's an ARA event so I don't think that rule applies here (in fact, ARA has a partnership with Cooper and Hoosier tires, so I don't think they are enforcing competitors to use Pirelli) My best bet is that since it is a McKenna car, and Barry has been running the Fabia on Pirellis, Block just sticked to them (or maybe Toyo doesn't have a tire fit for the Fabia, something I doubt)
  5. Nah, people doing theories like if this was an MCU movie 🤣
  6. Any heads-up guys? Still can't load any stage when I try to put the Golf modded livery throught the 208 R2
  7. Maybe CM.. Or maybe BigMoon or whatever they are called now, since they are releasing a new Dakar game later this year (no, honestly, I can't remember the name of the company now)
  8. Hi guys! I'm in need of some help. I'm trying to make a livery for the Golf Kit Car, so I'm using the Peugeot 208 R2 as the "donor" car to show the livery. But it id giving me a headache. After replacing everything in nef file, I go to choose the car and a stage, and it goes into infinite loading the stage. I realized I had to put also a 202 folder with the livery, as if I was putting a moded livery on a car from the base game, but now the game crashes as it starts to load the stage... Any advice you could give? May it be because I'm putting the moded livery both in the nef file and the separa
  9. Great work as always @SRD_SimVansevenant, any plans on doing Richard Burn's Elonex Legacy? I'm starting work on it, but if you are going to, I would stop it.
  10. Yeah, I understand it like you do, and I think that they should have let the livery texture files unnecrypted. The sad trUe is the encryption didn't accomplish its goal, because the DLC cars have already been ported to other games (like Assetto), yet we still can't do livery mods on DLC cars "easily" (this is, without the need to change the .nefs files)
  11. Got the email, tried to log in, but the yellow flag came out
  12. Here you go @Keko55, just unzip the file on the main DiRT Rally 2.0 folder. Maybe I'll need to make the logo smaller, but I prefer that you try it first, and then tell me wheter you like it or not cars.rar
  13. Thank you! I had the Marlboro red, but I couldn't find which color to use for the main_s
  14. Guys, anyone knows how to make the colours look fluorescent-like, like this Marlboro red? I've tried using the same colour, trying different things on the main_s file, but with no luck. Any help would be greately appreciated.
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