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  1. That's not a bug. The car they used to model the in-game car has it that way. It has been stated long ago.
  2. I assume this problem is with Time Attack only? If so, I think it is the way it's meant to be, since times on Time Attack are uploaded to the server, thus stopping to repair a puncture would be "useless" for that mode. If the problem is present in another game modes, well, it is the first time I hear about it, honestly.
  3. AyrtJ97

    Please Unlock DLC cars for modding

    Well, the problem with what you said in the first paragraph was because licensing, yes, we all know it (those problems apparently were just with 2017+ cars and stages of current WRC events). But then again, every WRC class car was up for modding in DiRT Rally and DiRT 4, and I don't see the WRC going against those of us who created liveries for those games, nor against rally cars mods made by the community, which is what we are talking about here. Look at it this way, the FOM is very itchy about who and how uses F1 footage, present or not, but they don't go deleting every F1 related mod out there. So IMHO bringing the WRC licensing issues up here doesn't make much sense (even less when some of the DLC cars aren't WRC class cars). As for your last paragraph, well, people here have brought up other solutions to make everyone happy, like releasing a template and letting us use the folder method, like others companies do, which is what I was talking about in the first place. I can fully understand the reasons behind locking the full files of the cars though.
  4. AyrtJ97

    Please Unlock DLC cars for modding

    I see your point but, doesn't both Project CARS games had a very "user livery-friendly" policy? It wasn't just them putting a white livery to replace it with yours, they even released the templates in their forums. And the same goes for Assetto Corsa and rFactor 2. I don't see no one suing those companies for that. Not trying to be harsh or anything, I'm just stating that there has to be something else... And it's strange that they only are locking DLC cars and not the base game ones.
  5. AyrtJ97

    Too short finishes

    It's longer than what we have in-game so I didn't confirmed anything, sorry. And yes, 200 to 300 is enough to slow down an R5 which just came across the finish line at full throttle, and as I said, Time Control can be placed further after the finish if necessary, it is not always 200 meters 😉
  6. AyrtJ97

    Too short finishes

    Who said short finishes are true to life? By-the-book, the Control Stop/Time Control has to be placed, at least, 200 to 300 meters after the finish line (even more if the finish is on a straight or really fast section, or downhill), and as someone who has marshalled FIA events, I can assure you that this rule is strictly applied. It is not something that bothers me in-game, and I like the inmersion it gives, but it is no true to life.
  7. Of course, is the lightest weight edition for time trial! Now on a serious note, I think that's something new, not like that strange bug in which the car becomes a cabrio.
  8. Yes, it is possible since all cars that have been in-game since DiRT 2 use the same model, except for the Mk2 Escort, which is using a new model this time. But it's not a 1:1 export, as you for example the speccoc file is completely different.
  9. AyrtJ97

    REquesting for igi 3

    I think this is not the right forum to ask for that. Anyways, Codemasters doesn't holds the rights for the game since 2009, so there is little they can do.
  10. AyrtJ97

    Dirt 4 Instalation

    You are welcome mate!
  11. AyrtJ97

    Dirt 4 Instalation

    Maybe you are trying to install first the DLC and not the game. There should be various installation keys, so maybe try with another one. If it is like the DR2.0 installation, there should be a key on the back of the manual. There should be the Steam code.
  12. AyrtJ97

    Dirt 4 Instalation

    Which platform are you on? Anyways, it sounds like you bought the Hyundai R5 or Team Booster DLCs rather than DiRT 4 game itself. Could you provide a screenshot of what you bought? Or the message at least?
  13. Completely agree with you guys! I have been talking about it in some posts around the forum, but people thought I was crazy...
  14. It is not missing, is just that, for some cars, the remove the engine cover in the service park.
  15. I have been talking about regrouping the cars since the first DiRT Rally, but people got me for crazy, thank you for, somehow, supporting me... As for the Opels, it is true Opel's Group 2 Kadett was a mess, but I think the Kadett in the DiRT games is a Conrero, and these were way better than the original cars (they even came with fuel injection rather than carburettors, and were capable of putting Group 4 cars in a hurry). As for the Ascona, I don't know what happened here, but I think it's the Group 4 car (and maybe a Conrero car too), rather than the 1982 Group B version. It hardly can compete against a fully evolutioned M3 Group A. Finally, the R5 Turbo, I'm sorry to disagree here but the car in the DiRT series is a Group 4. Now I have some doubts about which was the first R5 Turbo Group B, but it was the Cevennes (a modified Turbo 2), or the Tour de Corse, which came in 1983, with a shorter chassis and improvements to the engine (it was also only sold for racing, so I think this was the first trully Group B from Renault). Another thing we should note, is that the dates in-game are wrong. For example, the Renault 5 Turbo is presented as a 1985 car, but it is in reallity a 1979 or 1980-81 car (it is difficult to tell, just by the looks of it, if it is a Turbo or Turbo 2, while 1983's Tour de Corse is easily spotted by its front turn signals, and 1985's Maxi Turbo is wider and have a completeley different front), but nonetheless it is a Group 4 car. Nor the Ascona 400 is a 1984 car, why should it, if Opel homologated the Group B Manta 400 in 1983? I don't want to sound like one of those who know-it-all, I may be wrong about many things, but when it comes to rally I try and do a deep research. I have been thinking for some time about writting a post about these things, maybe I should do it some day...