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  1. 've been thinking recently. What if Shell and Ford had sticked toghether on the British Rally Championship, with a fully sponsored car, like the Black Beauty Mk2 Escort? So I created it. This Escort Cosworth would be based on the 1994 edition of the British Rally Championship, driven by Gwyndaf Evans and Howard Davies, to be more precise, on the Stena Sealink Ulster Rally from that year. And then, I decided to make a version based on the Rally El Corte Ingles, for a possible European Rally Championship participation from the Shell team. If you would like to download it, you can
  2. Subaru WRX STI - Based on Colin McRae's 2006 X Games car: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/subaru-wrx-sti-colin-mcrae-x-games-2006.33382/ Subaru WRX STI - Based on Colin McRae's 2007 X Games car: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/subaru-wrx-sti-colin-mcrae-x-games-2007.33383/
  3. It is the same. In the vehicles' box (bottom left of the screen) of the daily and weekly events, it just appears the Impreza S4, so you can only use that car.
  4. Guys, it is because the Daily Community event of Australia is just for the Impreza S4 WRC, not the whole 2000cc class. It is not a bug
  5. I've been thinking for some time now about making some of the Subaru Rally Team USA skins for that boat... I mean... R4 Impreza, so, it would be possible
  6. I mean, I would love little road sections in which you have to manage the time left to get to the SS and don't get catch by the cops doing so 😂
  7. Completely forgot they called it Formula 2!! You are completely right. In my opinion, FIA 2-Litre World Rally Cup just refers to the championship's name, like World Rally Championship, whilst F2 is the name of the category, like World Rally Car. I mean, F2 category is based upon the A7 category, 2.0L engines and FWD, then, there is F3, based on the A6 category, which fits for 1.6L FWD cars like the Saxo Kit Car, 106 Maxi, but I think also the Micra (which is, if memory doesn't fail, an A5 category car). Sorry for multiquoting, it's just that I like this kind
  8. The only thing in which a rally Kit Car and a normal kit cars are the same is that both use a body kit (even thought, 1996 Kit Cars apart from the Clio, Megane and some few exception just added spoilers), but a rally Kit Car is much more, as those body kits are installed and mounted from the factory (unlike a normal kit car, in which you have to build it yourself). They use lightweight parts, meaning these cars could weight as less as 900-910 kg before the FIA impossed a weight ballast to make them slower than WRC cars in asphalt. And finally but not less important, they sported highly tuned m
  9. Thank you for the kind words! Makes it easier to keep on working I'm planning on doing it for the DiRT Rally one, if it helps 😅
  10. I know livery mods aren't te go-to here, but today I wanted to share this little tribute
  11. I have been holding the release of this liveries for some weeks, but I think today is a good day to release it. This is a little tribute to Markko Märtin, but specially, to Michael Parks. I'm recreating the 2002 Focus WRC, on the San Remo and Network Q GB rallys, on the R5 Fiesta. They finished 5th on the Italian event, while clinching a podium on the Wales rally, as they finished in 2nd place. I'm gladly surprised how well it fits the Fiesta. Hope you like it, guys! R.I.P. Beef DOWNLOAD
  12. Ah, the '86 championship winning car (no trolling here).
  13. PC, Steam GTX 1050 Ti, i7-7700HQ, 8 GB RAM Deluxe (Seasons 1 & 2, plus Season 3 rally content) PDP Xbox One controller During today's H1 Daily Challenge in Greece, I found that the Controll Stop marshall is on the other side of the road, facing the wrong direction: Not game-breaking or anything, but interesting. Haven't noticed it on other stages (well, I have only tried Fourketa Curve). PS: Despite he looks at the car when it is stopped, he wasn't looking while it was comming.
  14. My first Escort RS1800 for DR2.0: Car: Ford Escort RS1800 Numberplate: 614 ZP Driver: James Cullen Codriver: Patrick Brides Starting number: #8 Event: Deja Vu Donegal 2019 Here's the Escort RS1800 of James Cullen, on an almost 1985 Donegal International Rally livery, which he drove during Deja Vu Donegal 2019, with Patrick Brides acting as codriver. Hope you like it! DOWNLOAD
  15. Aaaaand after a medium-quality Ibiza, a teaser of what's to come next week (hopefully, I could do a DiRT Rally car version in time)
  16. (Didn't manage to find DiRT Rally custom liveries thread, if this can't go here, will delete it) Well so, despite the inclusion of Kit Cars for DR2.0, my hopes of reproducing an almost-full season of the British Rally Championship in its Kit Car era, vanish more with each year it passes, as RBR won't fire up, and a uncertain future in wether CM would add more Kit Cars (or even make DLC cars up for livery modding). Anyways, I took to 2016's DiRT Rally to make my first take on CM's Kit Car category with this Ibiza-Golf. I would try to improve some details I noticed (despite I ha
  17. I did the Audi Sport International Rally for the first DiRT Rally... might update it to DR2.0
  18. Well, the problem with what you said in the first paragraph was because licensing, yes, we all know it (those problems apparently were just with 2017+ cars and stages of current WRC events). But then again, every WRC class car was up for modding in DiRT Rally and DiRT 4, and I don't see the WRC going against those of us who created liveries for those games, nor against rally cars mods made by the community, which is what we are talking about here. Look at it this way, the FOM is very itchy about who and how uses F1 footage, present or not, but they don't go deleting every F1 related mod out th
  19. I see your point but, doesn't both Project CARS games had a very "user livery-friendly" policy? It wasn't just them putting a white livery to replace it with yours, they even released the templates in their forums. And the same goes for Assetto Corsa and rFactor 2. I don't see no one suing those companies for that. Not trying to be harsh or anything, I'm just stating that there has to be something else... And it's strange that they only are locking DLC cars and not the base game ones.
  20. Yep, sorry about that, thought they would be uploaded as thumbnails, and I was having some problems with the forums yesterday night. Solved, only 5 photos now 😅
  21. Work In Progress for the Polo R5. It will be part of an incoming VW Motorsport UK/SBG Motorsport hommagge skin pack I'm working on
  22. So here it is, my first DiRT Rally 2.0 livery. It's nothing too complicated, nor a recreation of any given livery, just a mix of sponsors and patterns used on the real cars. (Thanks to RallyGamer's Playground for the WRC stickers) Hope you like it guys! Download: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/volkswagen-polo-r5-wrc-hommage.26182/
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