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  1. I think that again I didn't receive any credit drop. Maybe now this has happened in few patches. I have D2.0 on XbobX.
  2. Raiggu

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    If they don't fix ffb, it'll show that they even don't have a clue about what they are doing. Even some random guy from street could tell them what is wrong with DR 2.0's ffb. And that sorry babbling about "how everything is ok, we don't change anything, ppl just are stupid" is some most pathetic **** what I've ever read from game developers, maybe they should stop making these if they are so incompetent. It just kinda stupid that rally game is **** with wheel, and that's why you have to use controller.
  3. Raiggu

    New Xbox update 500+mb?

    And that was not MC patch.
  4. Raiggu

    Monte Carlo

    Hopefully Xbox One-ppl get this today too, it didn't came yestarday.
  5. Raiggu

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    With Xbox One(X) I rather drive with pad and wait if they, at some point, finally manage to do that ffb fix. Before that I don''t use wheel, I drive DR1 to satisfy my wheel/rally urge.
  6. Raiggu

    Season 1 content missing

    Haven't got add on credits either on Xbox One's side, cars I got on Tuesday when I separately dl'd from store. And yes I have dluxe version.
  7. Raiggu

    Season 1 content missing

    On Xbox(X) I got cars, but I haven't got any add on money, at least not yesterday?
  8. Why Xbox One-version ffb doesn't have friction settings which other platforms have? And those options were in Dirt rally 1, Xbox One version too. Other thing missing is ability to save different settings as it was in DR 1.