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  1. I came here looking for this very answer, thanks. This isn't very clear in-game, but to be fair i haven't gone through all of the game's tutorials. One thing that strikes me as very odd with this is that it would seem to make the later ERS upgrades quite redunant. I'm in Season 3 and already max my usage of ERS per lap and finish the race with close to a full battery. Therefore not really any use in upgrading ERS any further unless I'm missing something.
  2. I agree that this isn't the most 'obvious' example to have given. I've personally had far worse (cars stuck on the track, multiple other cars coming to a complete stop etc) without a SC or VSC being deployed. I think the logic for a safety car deployment upon AI retirement isn't quite right at the moment clearly. However, I think the biggest issue is the lack of AI mistakes and crashes. This results in far less of the usual scenarios for safety cars. The AI appears to be too passive when in a fight and will back off unnaturally to allow space. I can see why they have it like this, as
  3. There is an easier workaround for this bug. Once you have changed the difficulty in the 'Session Settings' screen by selecting 'Confirm Changes', quit out of the game mode and reload your save. This appears to kick in the difficulty change. It appears that a lot of the detail for the next session is pre-loaded; I noticed that when selecting 'Advance' to start the next session, you are taken straight to the track intro, without any loading. I think perhaps difficulty is incorrectly being preloaded here too, hence it not updating on the first session you take part in following the chan
  4. Came onto the forum to raise this exact issue. This is consistently reproducible from what I can tell, and is really affecting the quality of my career mode experience. It appears as though the change in difficulty setting does not correctly apply to the first session after making the change, but will then apply to the following session. For clarity, I will show a timeline of my sessions below, with my changes and the impact in each session: 1. Previous race difficulty set at 90 AI 2. Select next race weekend - Set Difficulty to 70 in Session Settings 3. Start Free P
  5. OP, slightly frustrating that your title isn't descriptive as requested in the bug reporting guidelines - Hopefully this will still be taken seriously. I don't want to raise a separate thread for the same issue, so will add my bug report here: 1. A description of the issue. With the Safety Car setting in gameplay options set to 'On', the game does not deploy the full Safety Car or the Virtual Safety Car at all. Observed multiple gamplay situations that should trigger these: - AI crash resulting in blocked track, retirement or debris on tr
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