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  1. Had this since recent update as well. PS5 fully updated console and game. First happened yesterday on one of the early GP's in the create your own team "2nd season" can't remember which unfortunately but think 4th GP the entire top 2 sponsors refused to pay out, sling shot is the only one i can remember by name for this occasion. Then it happened again this morning were all 3 sponsors refused to pay out despite targets met.......that was Netherlands GP. Slingshot, Asiatic Dynamics & the Chinese Sudu (cant remember the spelling) were the sponsors that failed to pay out.
  2. I guess this isn't going to be fixed seems a still there in the latest update? I would have thought it bee an easy one for the devs.
  3. So I'm not going crazy, its happening to most if not all folk who have the game. Getting the thermal look on interviews and menus that have a box with info/text in the foreground, anything in the back ground seem to thermal out. Kind of agree codemasters should be finding these things as un miss able if a single person actually took time to play test the game considering its a constant occurrence. Kind of looking forward to reaching the Australian GP in career mode to find out if the tyre glitch that been present in the previous 3 or so games is still there LOL. Would have thought bein
  4. Platform-------------PS5 Game-mode---------------My team career How do you make the problem happen? Any interview with the woman and tv crew happens after asked 1st question and your replies appear on screen. Started My team career this afternoon and once you get a tv interview with the woman and she asks the 1st question that requires a reply the screen/background goes all splinter cell thermal mode that only returns to normal once the interview ends.......but returns the next time she appears to give an interview and again once 1st set of replies appear the thermal look re
  5. Just downloaded and updated to the latest version and yet 1 and only race i can do when, i win it and get to the results screens YET again the game can not progress beyond the 1st place screen as AGAIN....the car is not on the podium and pressing the x button to proceed does nothing....it may as well have crashed because i have to turn off and lose this race AGAIN for the 3rd time in a week because the so called fixes don't do squat. Its getting rather tiresome and i want to know just exactly codemasters are doing about it because it don't seem a hell of a lot. I have this £60 game and can
  6. You say this but every team/driver started on soft and swap to medium in every one of the 3 new my team careers tried to get rid of this glitch. So every driver would have had to make an extra change yet they dont.
  7. I had this and reported it sunday, shame i had 2 days with this and not a single reply 😞 Mine was in M Team, 1st race of season and 14th out 15th lap and not only do i get forced to change tyres for a 3rd set but i retired 3 times from scratch to try avoid the glitch but Lewis Hamilton will also go out of the race at the very same point seconds after the compound glitch message.
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