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  1. I look forward to it only hope Demo Derby part of the game something like Grid 1 where your car gets tougher the more u race it missed my tough car when playing all the other Grid let downs so fingers crossed )))
  2. It will all be done because of postage for US & Germany cheaper to deliver prizes 
  3. yea thats what kills this game u get a good session going then a couple of drivers come in and kill the whole session 
  4. allways a challange Gooner m8 lol ))))))))))))))
  5. very nice cant get close to that time any tips on setup plz ))))))))))))))
  6. good info Gaski if only i knew how to do this last week when my game save got corrupted ))))))
  7. we currently in 31 in world with only 5 members we are really looking for drivers to help us push higher up the leaderboard all level drivers welcome got drive clean and fair when ever that is possible online ))))
  8. We are a European based racing team on the PC we mostly do Touring or Open Wheel. We are currently looking for new players to join our Great team. For fair and hard racers who want to have fun and be the best. Steam Contact BEER4RABC so we can make you part of the fun racing team. https://racenet.codemasters.com/grid-autosport/club/707/teambeeracing And also AGGRESSIVE DRIVING AGAINST OTHER RACERS OR EVEN PARTNERS WON'T BE TOLERATED IN THIS TEAM. WE WANT FAIR RACES. 
  9. yea we from Europe we small atm but would be fun for the two teams to race each other 
  10. I forgot to say its for Grid Autosport and for the PC 
  11. We are looking for new Drivers to join our team you can find us on Racenet got to be clean and fair racer. We also use Teamspeak 3 and a new website http://www.team-beer.org
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