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  1. andyparks

    Multiplayer modes

    The servers are rubbish loads of lag and other racers start 2 seconds before you
  2. andyparks

    Grid 2019 IS EPIC CONGRATS You Guys!

    The servers are rubbish at the start other players start before you and there's loads of lag
  3. andyparks

    **** servers ps4

    Why is online multiplayer servers so bad cars stat before every one else and the lag is bag and when you go near a car I affect your car
  4. andyparks

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    can't wait for the crew
  5. andyparks

    pi$$ed off

    can't get a refund because the season pass not broke so il have to take a loss just like the full of SHlT game
  6. andyparks

    pi$$ed off

    selling up and getting a ps4 hopefully I can get a refund for season pass as the game is faulty 
  7. andyparks

    join my club on autosport racenet

    FAT N FURIOUS  clean fast drivers only
  8. andyparks

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    the people at Southam hq want sacking they don't have a clue 
  9. andyparks

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    what's the point of saving the corrupt file by the time the patch comes out at Christmas next year you will be a higher level any way and who to say the patch will fix this cr4p
  10. what patch still waiting ps3 
  11. andyparks

    Getting bored now - WHERE IS THE PATCH

    the more threads about save corrupt the better because it's codeshafters fault for rushing out a game that's full of errors 
  12. andyparks

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    What makes you look like a child is swallowing information from a 'Community Manager' who either volunteers for the 'prestige' or is so low on the food chain that they make mod the forums. Careful, I won't tolerate personal attacks. For what it's worth 'moderating the forums' is only one of a handful of things. I work across a lot of different teams, from the designers, RaceNet, all over the place. The Community team at Codemasters is deeply integrated into all areas of game development, a forum mod we are not. I don't think mirrors were ever promised for consoles, it's always been a PC only thing due to the performance implications they cause. Yes, everyone is fully aware, I shout enough about it on a daily basis. Unfortunately some things can't be rushed. some things can't be rushed well the game was and that's why codeshafters is in this shlt 
  13. andyparks

    Getting bored now - WHERE IS THE PATCH

    don't have old save corrupt don't back any thing up as it should be save on a codemaster servers
  14. andyparks

    Getting bored now - WHERE IS THE PATCH

    now I've restarted when the patch comes out will I lose my new game and my old save be back
  15. andyparks

    Getting bored now - WHERE IS THE PATCH

    restarted if I get another save corrupt I'm taking the case and disc to codeshafters and throwing it at the first person I see