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  1. Tebtebgri

    Cars grip after patch?

    I suggest changing controller settings under option and assists to something else and then change it back - that should work
  2. Tebtebgri

    Cars grip after patch?

    Ok i most certainly sure it was a bug with controller after update. I recalibrated the settings and changed it back to what it was in advanced options and now its back.
  3. Tebtebgri

    Cars grip after patch?

    Haven't been participating much in forums in the past few years but I had to check this today after searching online for patch notes. The driving physics and controller settings have been changed - I can say that with certainty. I mostly used only one car for the past few weeks which is Porsche. I had controller feedback on pretty much every bump and inch of the road and the car was difficult to control on straight lines especially in Argentina. Now it feels a lot easier to drive. Also I hope I am not hyperbol-ing but the res might've took a hit as well on the X. I see some jaggies on cars which were not present before.