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  1. Shame you can't do any car on any track but still happy. Better than a kick in the nads!
  2. Thank you for the leaderboards codemasters.  One very happy Paul. 
  3. Thank you for the leaderboards codemasters.  One very happy Paul. 
  4. Can't stand the AI. They really ruin the racenet challenges. 
  5. Hammerpgh62 said: I had a reply from a tweet asking about the Time Trial and was told that it 'should' be included in the forthcoming patch. Thanks. Loore posted here earlier before you saying that it will be in the next patch. 
  6. I keep forgetting this is not just a PC forum. Forget about the steam thing then lol. 
  7. That's great news Loore. Hopefully the next patch is not too far away  :)
  8. What was ya time? I got a 39.528. Am sure I could have improved a little more but was busy online racing with friends. Add me to your friends list if you like Jerry, we can at least compare times in the challenges. My Steam name is paulpicks21 Paul.
  9. Yeah Jerry, I have been doing a lot of the Racenet challenges lately, I managed 180ish on the Lancia one but 180 out of what? It's a bit annoying.
  10. Shameless bump! Any updates Loore? Will it be included in the next patch? Paul.
  11. I got to say it's a real kick in the balls that they have released DLC before fixing something they pulled just before release. Not the right way of going about things in my eyes and pretty disrespectful. 
  12. kubica4, seriously you were not too bad at the start but you are just spamming the thread now. No need for 3 posts in a row! Take a chill pill or something or if you hate the game that much just delete it and forget about it. It's a good game, it just needs leaderboards which will be coming.
  13. I really don't want this thread to turn into a slagging off the game thread. That was not the purpose of it. I love the game and have had many hours of fun playing it. I know a great bunch of guys that play it and play fair so I have had some great online races without getting rammed off the track by assholes. I really think it's a great game. The only thing missing IMHO is the Leaderboards hence this thread. Please can we not turn it into some bitter argument of it being rubbish. I would hate for the thread to be deleted due to it as I am hoping for an update from Loore. To me there is nothin
  14. Ok, thank you for the reply Loore. I am pleased to hear it is still on its way. Paul.
  15. Codemasters Southam is about 1.5miles down the road from where I live. I recon it would be a lot quicker for me to drive there and ask them about the leaderboards lol.
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