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  1. ark13700

    Massive understeer at F1 2019

    what it feels like to drive the SF90
  2. ark13700

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    So you don't want them to add more rallies because there's not enough rally content?
  3. ark13700

    WRC 8 Livestream

    WRC 8 Livestream The Germany stage and the last stage look really good. Kinda makes DR's suspension physics look a bit stiff visually :L Personally I might get this for some nice simcade rallying.
  4. ark13700

    Achtung! Fix Ai before release!

    1. You can hear the engine and see your revs and speed drop as you lift off the throttle from 150kph to 130kph. Earlier in your run the car accelerated fast, are you just not pushing the pedal 100%? 2. Can you post a new video using default gears? (Longer gear ratios may not provide enough acceleration) The first video you posted is not a good comparison as the driving was poor compared to your later video. 3. A popular technique in rally is to brake while holding full throttle, instead of lifting off the throttle. This keeps the revs high where there is more power. Your car appears to bog down at lower revs after you lift off.
  5. ark13700

    Achtung! Fix Ai before release!

    The reason is plain to see In this section Catbadders holds full throttle and maintains 100-110mph (160-170kph) You lift off the throttle throughout, slowing the car to 130-150kph On top of that, if you did drive with the gear setting to 'short', that reduces the car's top speed. The problem is not the AI difficulty, the problem is using a car setup for low top speed on a high speed stage.
  6. ark13700

    Achtung! Fix Ai before release!

    Other players can drive faster than that and enjoy competing at 100%, why reduce the AI and spoil their fun? Sorry, but you're talking as if the world revolves around you.
  7. ark13700

    Achtung! Fix Ai before release!

    Just a few points that I observed from the community in the past: - Dirt Rally was widely praised for being difficult to drive - Dirt 4 was initially praised by the hardcore Dirt players for its braking and inertia compared to Dirt Rally - Dirt 4 was later criticised when they realised the physics don't allow cars to slide as much as Dirt Rally - Dirt Rally 2.0 was built with the help of hardcore Dirt players from this forum and the handling was created to their liking, the main tweak being more sliding on gravel and less railroad effect
  8. ark13700

    Achtung! Fix Ai before release!

    And there's more proof! https://youtu.be/R2F9SQeJrjI?t=520
  9. ark13700

    Achtung! Fix Ai before release!

    While Dirt 4 is more realistic than Dirt Rally in some aspects (braking, weight transfer, downforce), the general consensus is that Dirt 4's simulation mode is more arcade than Dirt Rally because grip levels are too high on gravel. Also, Dirt 4's arcade mode is nothing like Dirt Rally. I am not certain about Porkhammer's situation, but it is very apparent from the Dirt community that they felt Dirt 4 was not simulation enough, and a lot of hardcore players in Dirt Rally don't use assists is they restrict driving techniques like powersliding and weight transfer. For you to accuse them of using assists may insult them too. There is proof that CatBadders is not using assists here: He loses control and there are no aids preventing it.
  10. ark13700

    Achtung! Fix Ai before release!

    Almost all Dirt Rally grandmasters I've seen hate the Dirt 4 arcade mode. If you see their videos they are very good at simulation Dirt Rally without aids. Try not to feel insulted, but stay humble, so people can help you improve and have fun on the game!