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  1. Hey, that's the technique I used since V8 Supercars 2 (TOCA Race Driver 2) 😄
  2. From the blog: "With a backdrop of infectious atmosphere and an unforgettable soundtrack" It's been almost a decade since Codemasters game had a great soundtrack. I'm so glad Dirt 5's getting something
  3. I remember the fantasy liveries in Dirt 3 and 2 weren't trash. Loved the Shoei subaru
  4. The difference is Dirtfish is in a free update. While I do agree that remastering DR1's rally locations as dlc is disappointing, it makes more sense to reuse dirtfish as 1. It is a well known real world training complex, and it works well. 2. A free driving space is not the main focus of this game, why put so much effort to create a new one? I'd rather they put the money and time into new rally stages.
  5. Finally bought DR 2.0 when it went on sale on the PS store. Playing it with a G29, I actually enjoy the FFB (probably because all the shaking in DR1 was tiresome). I'm almost done with my first My Team event in an R2, tried the special daily in the H3 RWD and boy does the Lancia Stratos like to spin in my hands. Anyone have tips on how to train that beast, or should I just pick the BMW E30?
  6. So you don't want them to add more rallies because there's not enough rally content?
  7. So I tried messing around with the H3 RWD cars (sim, no assists, controller lol). Cars generally tend to understeer a lot, especially turns over crests when it feels like the front tyres have no purchase on the gravel. However this can be remedied with some quick differential/suspension tuning, the E30 could rotate into corners more naturally just by changing one differential setting.AI on Tough, I tend to stay well ahead in the modern cars, but in this class they seem to be inhumanely quick with the ticker on the left pulling ahead unrelentlessly even when I take a corner at dangerous speeds,
  8. Nice roll :D I look forward to people finding the real easter eggs :) https://youtu.be/nHBeBbzuS9g Here's the roll.  The PS4's record function is a great feature. Looks like your car looked at its rolling tyres and wanted to join in the fun
  9. http://au.ign.com/articles/2017/06/06/dirt-4-review https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/dirt-4-review/1900-6416693/ noice
  10. Here it is boys, ACG's review on Dirt 4. Pretty much exactly what I was expecting, but his comment on the music was a surprise ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJHkjYDTR-U Spoilers: "Absolutely a buy"
  11. @Rygar86 I actually haven't played the game yet (wow, come to think of it my username is very similar to aki1337), just conveying what I observed from the guys in this forum to counter the overreacting comments. In that case I don't think I'm qualified to compare D4 to DR grip, but the difference is much more noticeable when compared to IRL footage. Really, while it is healthy for gamers to point out criticisms in games so the devs can improve their product, I'm apprehensive of the possibility of Dirt 4 flopping in sales and reducing the chance of a sequel, since the brand is small compared t
  12. More excellent rallycross action, this time from Aarava. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2ROGEfb0CQ
  13. @Porkhammer could you go to the latest VVV video of Dirt 4 and write a comment on what you feel about the handling model? In the video Kevin said it wasn't as hardcore as Dirt Rally and now almost all the comments are trashing the game and saying Motogp 17 is better etc. lol
  14. Found a decent crash montageeeeeeeeeeeee https://youtu.be/0A_wt-K1-gg
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