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    Dirt Rally 2.0 RGB range (PC)

    Not having the same issue at all, my pc is always set to 10 bit full range rgb even for SDR content(I assume you are using an HDR monitor). If you are using an HDR monitor, you should note that the game does not support HDR on the PC. It is possible if you have switched windows to HDR mode that it may be causing problems with your particular monitor.
  2. I am able to use a Thrustmaster wheel and custom built handbrake based on leo Bodnars BBI-64 Button Box Interface just fine, both are seen as separate devices. I did have to go to settings/input/connected devices, and select the shifter then edit the device to assign the controls to the appropriate functions for it to work. They were not assigned by default.
  3. Sadly no, the difficulty increases as you move through the tiers. It would be preferable to have sliders to modify damage and the ai, and I guess if enough ask for it, it could be added later. There are no technical reasons preventing their inclusion, just additional development, and the designers vision for what career mode should entail.
  4. Having restarts gives players choice, choice is never a bad thing. Regardless of the feelings from some on the matter, other folks will want to restart, and why shouldn't they? If restarts bother you, surely you have enough self control to ignore them and carry on regardless. The same with assists, if that is not how you want to play, disable them, and never look back, as I do. You have issues, if greater player choice and others choosing to play differently bothers you.
  5. Hexcaliber

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1 - found a bug? Post it here!

    Thrustmaster wheels have issues with ffb on PC too. On to my issue; I was under the impression there would be HDR support on PC, given the Xbox One X Enhanced has HDR support and HDR is available in both F1 2017 and F1 2018. While there is an entry for HDR level in hardware_settings_config.xml, the game displays in SDR, even when windows is changed to HDR before launching the game. Before anyone asks, yes both my monitor and PC are up to it, my graphics card is hardly breaking into a sweat playing at 4k with settings maxed (except the god awful motion blur, and bloom which are off).