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  1. Hi,

    I have a small bug in the in-race notifications system. I have disabled all notifications, but I always receive one notification (if the race is long enough): the maximum speed score. No other notifications are shown, only this. I'm getting it since launch.

    It's GRID 2019 Ultimate Edition, always updated, running on an Xbox One X, set in Spanish language.

    Attaching screenshot


  2. 9 hours ago, 053 said:

    i totally agree with youre post on every point, on the PS4 we have with people from the community allot of people racing against each other trying to beat each others times on different tracks, but the search everytime to the times on the leaderboards is annoying this way, and maybe the option of GHOSTS bring back to the game

    Maybe we can do something manually. I’ve post about it on the Online Clubs forum

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  3. Daily/weekly challenge like in Dirt Rally 2.0 —> everyday a track, car class and 3 laps alone or in time attack mode. And global leaderboards.


    Please, this is competition. I remember one of the Fernando Alonso promotional videos where he stated, talking about the awesomeness of the game, that “[...] as long as there’s competition...”


    Global leaderboards for global competition.

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