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  1. betovibes

    Logitech g wheels?

    Hello Purple44, thanks for your tip. I have done what you suggested and more.I´ve opened the settings and went to configurations t uncheck the "combineand separete pedals, but the important thing is to do it with game open, otherwise the game will not recognize the changes. And when close the logitech profile, the configutraion will be back to the previous position. I hope this can help everyone who has the same problem. Maybe this problem is because I have windows 7 with a logitech G25. Best regards to all. 
  2. betovibes

    Logitech g wheels?

    Hello all. I am having troubles to configure my Logitech G25 to run at Grid Autosport.My problems are when I am trying to configurate the acelerator pedal and break pedal. The game does not recognize theses two pedals when I press to overwrite it.Does anyone know what am I doing wrong, or if it is a problem in the game for this version of controls?If somebody knows an update for this, I appreciate. Thanks a lot and see ya.