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    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    For me, with the power of the new consoles, there has absolutely got to be some improvements to the atmospherics of the game. Things like warm up and cool down laps and podiums are really nagged for I know, but this is the point where you have to bring them in. However, I'm thinking more of tension-building tv-like build up, a buzzing grid, a busy pit lane. Also some introduction to the circuits as I 'arrive' just to bring some variation to it. Have a cutscene of me walking in to the paddock or something with the media haranguing me. Show me a track map, flick through some stats and records, some actual footage of classic moments. All things that can be done with the new hardware.  On the racing side, there needs to be more variables like accidents and things. I'd love to see an AI buried in the wall or stuck in the gravel (and for them not to disappear as I drive past). And most of all, the engineer needs massive improvements. Give me a radio button with some information toggles and have the engineer speak back to me about whatever it is I've selected. You could even do it through Playstation Camera/headset or Kinect. Out of the car, I want feedback from my engineer in my motor-home (bring that back) about who's looking quick, what we're expecting from our car for the weekend, our strengths and weaknesses (some rationale for the objectives), what we can improve (some generic voiceovers and then show me my telemetry or something). 
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    Miss TOCA so much