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  1. A beta test enables the public to have have vital input, I can't understand how anyone would question that. Sadly it would seem the general majority opinion is we should be grateful for whatever developers give us. Some of us believe it should be up to the customer to dictate to the developers what they make, its our money after all.
  2. sure its been suggested hundreds of times but I'll say it anyway. more UK tracks but as an old franchise fan I'd personally love a TOCA Touring cars classic pack, give us all the old teams from the first or second toca so 97 or 98 BTCC season, and of course all the old tracks would be needed, donny, oulton, snetterton, croft, knockhill etc and the old format of sprint race followed by full race with mandatory pit stops, with the yellow strip on rear side window as indicator ( of course :D ) for other cars the volvo 850 estate from the 94 btcc season was a classic.
  3. far too easy to damage steering esp in online races: get smacked hard from the rear and spun, no contact with the front of the car and you get steering damage maybe 60-70% of the time. the ability to save replays in online mode. for those asking for a fix to online racing costs am afraid your prayers have been answered, because it will cost you! as nice ol CM have given us a dlc pack that gives you 50% more xp and cash for races online and off  and its only £3! (on xbox)  I know its not a huge amount but it's the fact your paying for a fix and not extra content that I find bemusin
  4. the multiplayer modes can be awesome fun, so far id say 80% of those I've raced have been genuine racers,  I've never played a racing game with such a high percentage of clean honest players. btw it's just standard game forum etiquette that if you write anything that shows any disappointment or anger over buying an incomplete game, you will be systematically insulted, in case you didn't know your not allowed to include any sort of emotional response with your posts, unless its joy of course ;)
  5. After playing single player mode for over 100 races with the difficulty set to hard, all aids turned off, and in car view only, I have noticed a couple of things with the AI that could definitely do with tweaking: For starters the AI shouldn't swing from one side of the track to the other to block- almost all race series in the world governed by thr FIA if not all there are very strict rules on weaving, you are allowed to move once to block on any given occasion and that's it, the only time you can weave from one side of the track to the other is if you are regaining the racing
  6. aww and just as we had a breakthrough! yes I can think what I want, I can also say what I want, your starting to get it, don't quit now your making progress.
  7. Because its people like you who come to forums voice your opinion then leave and never be heard from again. Who the fuck is brown nosing this game for being developed and released in approximately 10 months is pretty Damn good , you find another gaming company that can do that and make significant changes in it then I'd be very surprised. But you won't cause there aren't any. All I'm saying is to give them a break and let them sort out some of the minor problems. People want fixes like next day and thatscnot happening. Its more like if you don't like the game why even come to the forums just p
  8. You sure they don't have upgrades? not sure tbh, is there a way of checking? its happening in single player same car cup races as well as normal single player races. But I would of thought the point of cup races is that all cars are equal, in real life that's the case anyway, god knows why anyone would do something to change that - they might as well have just added different cars instead (oh wait that would take effort) ;) oh and to the person that said there's no rubber banding, sadly there is, just turn the difficulty up, and step hard on the gas mid corner to watch the car in front
  9. perfect comment from codemasters perfect customer this is a major contributing factor to awful games 'oh ive not even played it but its a great game' why even bother
  10. the AI is brilliant just like in grid1, upto the time where they are in the exact same car but its faster than yours -happens in hard and very hard mode- very cheap and nasty, such a shame. and I'm talking about beating a computer opponent out of a corner and accelerating first yet the AI who's beside me and not drafting then out accelerates me. and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE working dashboards and mirrors are kind of essential for those of us that race in car, they don't just look nice.. edit: oh and AI drivers being removed from crashed/idle cars on track is a good idea but maybe leave a gap of
  11. to the original poster of this thread and all that think the same: please stop making excuses for stuff none of us have anything to do with. Its not your place to tell those of us with issues with the game that we have no right to complain, in-fact who the hell made you god? If I have a problem with something in a game its my right to point that out, I'm sick and tired of forum do-gooders that spend their entire time on forums saying how good a game is and shunning others that speak their mind, your not going to get anything for it so stop brown nosing, all it does is let developers think th
  12. It's a honest question as the game is awful in comparison to grid 1, why on earth start with grid 2 as the base as it was a complete failure and is seemingly the reason why you made another grid game in such a short time (around six months) the time between grid 1 and 2 was over five years... I mean seriously who's brilliant idea was it to make grid 2? you took a game that had the ability to be both arcade racer and a top simulation and you ripped out all the options/features that let the player turn it into a sim, WHY?  I don't understand why features have been removed from grid autos
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