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  1. _BorisTheFrog_

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    Apart from zero (and I mean "zero") people online, short races, a poor damage model, a slightly tedious career set up, inconsistent visuals, lighting balancing issues, not many circuits and very peculiar looking trees i'm really not seeing why people are saying that this is the worst Grid ever. So much so that I feel obliged....no, compelled into defending Codemasters by going on record and officially saying that this is easilly the 4th best Grid game I've ever played. There speaks Boris The (Finland) Frog Fog..and my say is final.
  2. _BorisTheFrog_

    Jämsä, Finland – Available Now in DiRT Rally 2.0

    They don't - well not on X1X with 4K mode switched on. Putting the headlights on during either of those two times of day causes noticeable framerate drops and super bad screen tearing. Strange thing is, if you play the game using the patch-free day one version (install from disc, play offline) then frame drops are negligible and the screen tearing is non-existent, so whilst other aspects of the game may have improved thru the process of patching, somewhere along the lines overall performance has dipped. But that and Finland (which ironically I never liked anyway) aside, everything else that has migrated from DR1 has been pretty decent and has made Dirt Rally 2 a much, much better game so there cannot be too many complaints. Although I have uninstalled Finland it's purely on the grounds that i'm still trying to win masters class and am already trying to exclude Poland and (less importantly) Spain from the random selections so I don't really want a third one throwing into the mix.
  3. Ah, "back then", when the internet was much more truthful.... If I had £1 for every time I genuinely was "one click away from seeing Kylie nude" i'd still be poor. *disclaimer* : These were, erm, random popups from reputable websites.🤐
  4. _BorisTheFrog_

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    Based on your 'perspective' does that therefore make those who have to prioritise a 40 hour working week alongside general household responsibilities exempt from spending a little bit of their (incredibly valuable) time submitting issues/observations that make everyone's job at Codemasters an awful lot easier than it deserves to be? No. People contribute because they love a product. People contribute because they believe in a product. People contribute because they want to see a strong evolution of a product. But moreso, people *find time* to contribute. So (and I say this with the greatest possible respect) it maybe worth remembering that a statement which implies not being able to "do this and this and this because you already have to do that and that and that" might come across as being a little bit disrespectful and/or condescending towards those who have equal amounts of "this and this and this" to in their own lives yet still find time in amongst their personal "that and that and that" situations to make requested contributions. Furthermore, if nobody whatsoever at Codemasters can take a minute of their equally as valuable time to put together a simple list of 'known issues' with the merest of indications as to what's been looked at/worked on/not considered for the benefit of those who own the game and simply want a guide as to it's direction then that just emphasises how one-sided this whole setup actually is. Whatever happened to 'give and take'?
  5. NASCAR Heat 4 - a game running on the Unity engine and developed by a teeny tiny team - has 40 player online races as well as 40 vehicle offline races and Project Cars 1+2 also run grids of (upto) 40 cars on both generations of XB1 so no, i'm not buying into any theory of hardware restrictions affecting grid numbers.
  6. _BorisTheFrog_

    Jämsä, Finland – Available Now in DiRT Rally 2.0

    I mentioned the exact same thing when I left a comment on XBox store a few days ago. What I have noticed is that on X1X the game suffers from some real bad lod issues whereby you can clearly see a 'wall of light' drawing onto trees on the near horizon as you're driving so, as Jake says, with Finland having an absolute shed load of trees the easy option would be to fog up the horizon old skool style to make any issues less obvious. I'm not saying this hazy fog thing always looks poor (with the sun on the side of the car it looks quite nice) but with all the extra lighting stuff that's already enforced on consoles there are too many instances where it looks truly horrible. Besides which, the track descriptions do say "daytime, clear, dry surface" and clear they most definately are not. Whilst on the subject of Finland I have another passing observation. Now i'm no Isaac Newton but some of those Finnish hills are quite steep and when selecting dusk/wet (but not raining) conditions it does strike me as being kind of odd how that rather deep standing water in the gutters can stay standing up and over those hills. As I said, just a passing observation. Finally, i'm getting a very frequent issue with Finland:- https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/boris-the-frog/video/81543037 There is a pattern so I know exactly when it will happen. Game plays as normal > for no reason whatsoever the console goes into 'super overworked whining mode' > onscreen corruption. Every time. Hmm, kind of regretting changing my mind and making this Finland purchase now.
  7. _BorisTheFrog_

    Codemasters please read this to save this game :)

    If you're a console gamer I will take that bet
  8. _BorisTheFrog_

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    No. Credit where credit is due Codemasters did support Dirt Rally 2.0 throughout the entirety of the lifespan of the seasons (DX edition) so I see no reason why Grid should be no different. Admittedly, aside from the inclusion of VR and the world championships thing (geared more towards the PC community) the updates were mainly fixes, tweaks and the inclusion of the (not free) Dirt Rally 1 stuff, so with Grid's process of evolution requiring slightly more than general stability improvements and bug fixes it will be interesting to see exactly how they approach things. The only slight worry is that Onrush, Micro Machines (which incidentally was the only game that I have EVER taken a refund on - it was that bad) and Dirt 4 were incredibly poorly supported and with Grid also falling outside of their flagship Dirt Rally and F1 franchises it's impossible to say how far Codemasters would want to support another game suffering from (what we can only suspect as) challenging unit sales with features that may never reap financial rewards. Hopefully though the game hasn't reached 'flogging a dead horse' status just yet because due to the insane generosity of a popular (but not mainstream) online stockist I received a 25% future order discount from a preorder of TSW 2020 CE and took the opportunity to purchase Grid for the 'worth a punt' price of £26.97. Not bad at all for a game that hasn't even reached it's first wave of DLC's.
  9. _BorisTheFrog_

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    18 months to discuss matters / make decisions and then 6 months to get cracking with the game itself.
  10. What about the overall lighting issues (too light, too dark, overdone bloom / god rays) on consoles that have spilled over from Dirt Rally 2.0 into Grid? I think it's been discussed more than enough now for Codemasters to acknowledge that it is a problem and therefore time to give the matter a little bit more than no consideration whatsoever. To give a general idea of things there are instances in DR2.0 where the intensity of light is that severe when reflecting of standing water it looks like there is snow on the ground - and whilst i'm not saying it is exactly the same in Grid, what I am saying is that because lighting is of a similar intensity it creates the same artificial effects. Anyhows, i'll end it there because experience has taught me that for as long as this eternal debt of gratitude towards PC gamers (stemming from the crowdfunding of Dirt Rally 1 and how that arguably saved Codemasters as a company) remains in place there's absolutely no point discussing anything beyond general bug fixes on consoles. Console gamer: "the game crashes at xx point" Codemasters: "we're on it and it will be resolved in the next patch" Console gamer: "there's glitching on xx track" Codemasters: "We're on it and it will be resolved in the next patch" Console Gamer: "We have griefers, wreckers, poorly implemented AI in multiplayer and need CPL's with kickvoting and no AI. Codemasters: "These things take time but I'll submit it to the team for consideration" Console gamer: "we need something beyond HDR sliders to tailor lighting and effects to personal tastes. Console gamer: "we STILL need CPL's and no AI in multiplayer Console gamer: "Hello?" Console gamer: "AI are displaying negative times on results screen" Codemasters: "We're on it and it will be resolved in the next patch" Cynical? Read the forums......
  11. Please stick to graphics and how can the graphics be improved please.
  12. _BorisTheFrog_

    Grid ps4 £50 to £75

    Well i'm doing the opposite and waiting 'til Grid drops below £25 before buying it. I know a lot are saying it's the worst Grid ever (which in fairness it probably is) but that doesn't make it a bad game, it just makes it an ok game that isn't as good as the previous three but still warrants a purchase - and also a game that, at £55 and upwards, is hopelessly overpriced. £25 isn't really a fair reflection of the game's quality but at the end of the day it's a figure that's more realistic than £55 is so for that reason i'm more than happy to vote with my purse and stand firm with this one.
  13. _BorisTheFrog_

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    The poll just says that 29 think Grid 2019 is the worst of the four on offer so that is neither indicative nor representative of overall levels of enjoyment/happiness from the thousands who bought the game.
  14. _BorisTheFrog_

    Grid ps4 £50 to £75

    CEX are currently offering 'walk in' trade-in's of £21 cash or £26 as a credit voucher for the no DLC version of Grid 2019 (PS4 and XB1), with online trade-in's offering slightly more. I kind of know this because I work there two days a week 😋 Game are offering similar prices locally for credit (Game wallet) and slightly less for cash.
  15. _BorisTheFrog_

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Grid only had a two week stay in the all formats top 40 physical charts (in at position 5 and down to 31 before dropping out) and because of which It looks like a fair few of the bigger outlets are already offloading the game because you can now pick up a copy for as little as £32.95 without too much looking around. I guess you've got your wish for a dramatic price drop a little bit sooner than expected.