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  1. One more request. Can you display the 'ready' option onscreen instead of hidden away in the pause menu? I'm not convinced everyone is aware that it's there and because of which it can drag out the start of a race by quite a bit.
  2. _BorisTheFrog_

    ♥♥♥♥ Stuttering *&$^$^%$@@# ♥♥♥♥ !

    Nah, he seems to be having an argument with himself. The next stage will probably foul and abusive language directed at himself and then accusing himself of bullying, erm, himself😋. It's all good fun....
  3. _BorisTheFrog_

    Adjustable race length in Career - coming in Season 2

    A nice gesture, but for those who have already completed career mode it's probably an update that has arrived 3 months too late. Sorry but career mode was tedious enough first time around so the desire to replay longer versions of those events just isn't there for me personally. What about adding some extra career tiers that utilise longer races but focus more on points scoring championships (10+ races instead of 3-4) with compulsory qualifying (instead of the current reverse order grid placement* which makes winning championships way too easy) to make things more interesting and generate a little more replay value? Surely it can't be that difficult... *If you finish 1st in the first two races of a 3 or 4 event championship (50 pts) then because of the way grid orders are reversed (first place starts last etc etc) and the fact your closest rivals never fight thru the pack, you already have enough points to win the championship and may as well retire the final events (terminal damage will trigger a retire option). It's a really poorly implemented structure that removes the whole point of multi-event championships and makes progression thru the career tiers incredibly boring. If you don't believe me try it. If you retire two of four events with 50pts then 2nd place will always achieve around 45pts from those four events. Always.
  4. Would it be possible to display next track/tournament details/weather somewhere onscreen whilst in the skirmish lobby? Unless i'm completely overlooking something then the only reference to what set of tracks you're about to be racing is via the tournament name only (from career or freeplay) with no actual description as to event lengths within that particular series. Same thing for the weather to benefit those who want to tweak the handling prior to the race starting. Also, if a vehicle is already tuned offline (career mode) does the tune stay in place if you take the same vehicle online? Or does it revert to it's default setup? Finally a personal request: The option to turn off overhead AI names but leave real player names visible.
  5. _BorisTheFrog_

    Thank you for listen to us (multiplayer)

    I think he might be referring to Dirt Rally 2.0 (v1.11.1 rings a bell). Grid 2019....Dirt Rally 2.0... A simple mistake between two similarly sounding games 🙃
  6. _BorisTheFrog_

    Thank you for listen to us (multiplayer)

    I don't think my internet connection would have emptied an entire lobby (which is exactly what was happening) and besides which, even though the game said I had lost connection to XBL services I was still connected to XBL. Anyhows, my son played for a little while last night without any issues so maybe it was just unfortunate circumstances on my part or an issue on Microsoft's side. That I have no idea of and all I can do is report back as to what happened to me personally.
  7. _BorisTheFrog_

    Thank you for listen to us (multiplayer)

    Yes, custom events. It may be different on PC and PS4 but on XB1 (due to it's low userbase) finding an active session is highly dependant on the time of day / day of the week you're searching. The other thing is if Grid is region locked when searching (a point that I don't think has been clarified by Codemasters) then it could just as easily be the case that hundreds are playing the game in (example) America but you don't get to see those lobbies because you're in Europe. I guess it makes sense having region only searches to minimise potential network issues, but in saying that I play NASCAR online on predominantly American servers and if there are under 20 (of the permitted 40) in the lobby then it is sometimes possible to have lag-free racing. Granted, it's usually quite shocking....but not always. Grid (XB1) is currently V1.3.11 but if Dirt Rally is anything to go by then that really doesn't mean anything because version numbers differed from platform to platform - but either way it probably makes sense to check and make sure you're running the current version of the game.
  8. _BorisTheFrog_

    Thank you for listen to us (multiplayer)

    Not sure what time you played but I was racing for around 4 hours on Saturday night and during that time there were four lobbies and a combined community of between 10 (min) and 20 (max) racers. The most populated being that of 'Lightfoot' which contained anything upto 12 racers. Also, the new lobby system is a bit glitchy. If you join mid race and spectate then using the legend (press 'x' and D-PAD up/down to switch between racers) will eventually replace racer names with AI 1, AI 2, AI 3 (and so forth) and display cars driving incredibly slowly or just sitting idle. Player lap times also vanish (except for last place showing a huge time). If this happens then the end podium shows nameless drivers with empty times followed by a timeout error and lobby kick. There's another (very frequent) issue during the race where for no reason whatsoever you lose connection to xbox live services. Highly frustrating because not only will it empty a lobby (bar the host) it won't let you rejoin (lobby full or unavailable) and on occasion will just display a generic "no sessions available" message when searching, with the latter resulting in having to shut down the game and restart to get things up and running again. Racing itself is largely ok with little or no lag. An interesting stat: As I said, I played for around 4 hours and during the whole of that time the only real world circuit selected by the hosts was Brands Hatch (three times), with the rest being completely overlooked in favour of the street circuits. I've always believed that, because of the design and direction the game has taken, Grid's strengths lie in the 'argy-bargy' environment of city circuits and street cars (everything just feels more natural) and judging by the decisions of last night's hosts I appear not to be alone with those beliefs. But the 'biggie' for me (and probably the sole reason I won't be bothering with it again) is that with such small grid sizes and varying skill levels the race spreads out very quickly and in longer races it's not uncommon to spend the majority of time battling a single player or simply racing on your own. It's just not very interesting.
  9. _BorisTheFrog_

    Racedriver: GRID remaster

    https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2020-01-16-how-the-media-company-behind-autosport-plans-to-change-the-landscape-of-racing-games For anyone hoping for a TOCA/Grid-esque reboot I think a point raised in this article pretty much sums things up. "Codemasters aren't going to make a British touring car game, but I think the market is deserving of one"
  10. _BorisTheFrog_

    POLL | Race Driver: Grid - Remastered

    I'd be just as happy with Touring car DLC and custom multiplayer championships within F1 2019. Sadly, along with Grid 1, another thing that will never happen because they can't charge £75 for it.
  11. I don't really know how gamepass works but I can only assume Microsoft give developers $$ for use within their subscription, so If that is the case then it makes better financial sense to take that money instead of hoping to generate income from a game that may already have come to the end of it's lifespan. Free weekends (with a discount for making a purchase) isn't an entirely bad idea because it gives people the option to try before they buy and whilst most will probably play it for free with no intentions of ever owning it some may opt to buy it. After all, I purchased F1 2019 after a free weekend and I dare say others did exactly the same. After events surrounding Dirt Rally 2 i'm pretty sure Codemasters have no qualms about who they upset so I don't think that offering it out on a free weekend or shovelling it out on Gamepass will bother them at all - and speaking as one of those who has already bought the game (albeit much cheaper than the digital asking price), if it means an increased online interest then I really don't care how they choose to market it from here onwards. Re: Delaying the game. I think most Grid fans would argue that the delay from Autosport to Grid 2019 was more than long enough to get things right.
  12. Aside from a couple of free play weekends (along with a massive discount) to potentially bolster interest levels gamepass is probably the only option for Grid now. As a non-deluxe owner with very little interest in future vehicle content and no desire to want to race any new circuits in just random freeplay events, for me personally multiplayer is the only genuine reason to want to hang on to the game. I think there was always going be a high probability that the XB1 online community would be relatively small (perhaps a dozen or so sparsely populated lobbies) so it did come as a bit of a disappointment to see a player count that barely broke double figures - so much so that I kind of wished I hadn't bothered reinstalling it in the first place! But hey, the weekend is fast approaching so you never know what that might bring....
  13. _BorisTheFrog_

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    TOCA 3 was, as the reviewer put it, the last of it's kind and anyone who has played it will realise how backwards things have gone since Codemasters' change of direction. Sure, Racedriver Grid was in many eyes a mighty fine game but when you put it alongside the TOCA games (TRD 2 was my 'baby') you'll perhaps realise that it's not really a good game at all.
  14. I've just reinstalled the game and the new lobby system is pretty much exactly what gamers were looking for, but the only issue i'm seeing is the number of online players on XB1. Last night's count was 6-13 (it varied) players across a couple of custom lobbies so with that in mind i'm curious as to how Codemasters are planning to get lobbies fuller than they were before. Ok, so grouping the remaining userbase into a couple of lobbies is kind of doing just that but being forced to race against (example) 3-6 players in cars you might not want to use isn't really much better than the situation was prior to the update. Plus, if it's a laggy game then where are you expected to go if you want to quit for a better race? I admire your optimism but short of giving the game away for free I personally can't see the current situation changing.
  15. _BorisTheFrog_

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    Grid 2019 should have been this: http://youtu.be/QK4ID_hgnzE