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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-39488587 This is the adverse effect of introducing MTX to minors... It's real, it happens and developers know EXACTLY what they're doing so don't even go there. Yes, blame the parents for not educating their children and yes blame the child for not having any sense of awareness when making these purchases - but never, ever completely overlook the sense of responsibility developers should have when selling a product that minors can legally buy But hey, if you're happy with the actions of Codemasters - or indeed any other develope
  2. It should never be the case that a game should include cosmetics (via real world purchases) with a design appeal that targets a very specific audience within it's PEGI 3 rating and my feeling is that due to the nature of these cosmetics Codemasters have shown a total disregard to what is morally correct and what isn't by doing just that. Look, if you must resort to such practices then raise the PEGI rating or at the very least put things in place to ensure the vulnerable are completely excluded from making purchases beyond the base game. Better still, why not just sell your games at a fai
  3. Project CARS 2 runs a near solid 60fps (in "high framerate" mode), has upto 40 cars on track at the same time as well as full dynamic weather and day/night cycles so no, sacrifices don't have to be made at all. Sure, PC2 was a launch disaster but the key factor when comparing it to ACC was that the basics were already in place and just needed improving upon, whereas ACC's entry point doesn't really offer much in the way of optimism when looking at the game's long term potential. The bottom line is that given the relatively high performance and potential of X1X/PS4 Pro as well as considering th
  4. Well, I have to stand corrected with ACC because after starting to play the game 'properly' (moving on from setting stuff up in practice sessions) there are some serious performance issues which make the game borderline unplayable. Visible stuttering, input lag, no FOV/ride height/cockpit adjustment, screen tearing...it's actually quite a long list and I dread to think how it plays on the non-enhanced consoles. "be careful what you wish for". Never a truer word spoken...sigh!
  5. Unfortunately this is where the target audience will always be - which understandable because developers and studios still need to make a living, but with the likes of Forza Horizon, FMS, GTS, Grid, WRC, NFS, F1 and Dirt already in the mix do we really need another arcade/simcade racer adding to that pile? People tend to forget that PC1 sold 1m copies in the blink of an eye *as a supposed niche simulation* but despite that fact you still can't help but feel a certain air of inevitably with PC3 and the Codemasters influenced direction it has taken. On a positive note, if you can live wit
  6. It's hard to tell but from the gameplay video it looks like there are cones across the entrances to the pits (like they're closed off or something) so if they're unused then there's absolutely no point having any tyre physics model at all. Again, if it is the case that the pit lanes are closed then how exactly are you supposed to repair your car or even change tyres during a dynamic weather race? You just can't help but feel that after the massive downturn in revenue from PC1 to PC2 (which considering the circumstances surrounding the whole Project CARS thing probably had nothing to do wi
  7. Ha, if you think you had it bad then i'm currently 46% thru the 'Drive a truck for (with a top speed of 104km/h but bearing in mind the severity of the terrain it's more like an average speed of 50-70km/h) 6000km' achievement in Dakar 18....for a whole 8g. I don't know, you youngsters don't know when you've got it made...... 🙂
  8. Well, it's definately a Frosty environment in here 🙂 To be honest though, because the release quality of games is always a bit hit and miss nowadays you should be doing most of that list by default anyway. Plus, paying a lot less after a few weeks not only increases the possibility of purchasing a game with critical updates already applied it also gives the option to upgrade to any DX / Ultimate editions for around the same price of the day one release should you feel the need to do so. TBH, with the exception of COD and/or Battlefield games (which can sometimes offer just as much content
  9. Actual gameplay footage is out for PC3 and....erm...well, if that isn't Grid then I need new eyes. 16 car grids, ingame chit-chat from the pit people and those silly little "perfect this" and "perfect that" challenges during a race - yup, seen it all before.. The only worry is that given the fact PC2 was clearly rushed to release before FMS7, is the summer release just another PC2-esque rush job to grab some of the market before FMS8. On a positive note it should be a pretty decent Grid reboot but the obvious downside is that those who looking for another simulation on a par with PC2 will
  10. Well, considering it's supposed to be (C)ommunity (A)ssisted (R)acing (S)imulator i'm not even sure how they can call it Project CARS any more because, as has already been officially quoted, it's not 100% simulation and from here on in you can completely forget about any future development being community assisted.
  11. I was reading an article that suggests gamers are concerned that this is going to end up more like Forza than Project Cars. I've also been told that the game allows "car upgrades" (Forza style, I don't know) which from a simulation perspective is pretty tragic because the whole point of PC2 was to take a stock/factory car, tune it, practice with it and make it your own. The other thing is, Codemasters are keen to point out that there are 13 new locations coming to PC3 but never mention total location counts or circuits that have been dropped from PC2's very impressive roster.
  12. It's nice to be enthusiastic and all that but 2023 (and a potential first instalment of WRC in 2024) is perhaps a little too early to be expressing hopes and expectations. All I really want to add is taking the licence away from Kylotonn / Bigben is the best news possible and (assuming i'm still alive) i'm genuinely looking forward to a WRC game that isn't just low quality year on year shovelware.
  13. I agree with you to a certain degree (where obvious griefers are concerned) but the problem is that unlike the super-sim racers where rules are part and parcel of playing those kind of games Grid is a throwaway title that caters for a much broader audience and therefore has a second element that most tend to overlook. Driver x might not necessarily be an intentional rammer or a bad driver, he/she may just as easilly be a person with learning difficulties, somebody with a physical disability or even a younger gamer without the etiquette of adult gamers and in an age of equality you simply canno
  14. Because it promoted elitism in lobbies. Because you could be penalised for something that wasn't your fault. Because you could set up a lobby to artificially lower your 'bad boy' tag. Because you could just cruise around at the back of the pack to gain better rep. Because if you happened to fall victim to kiddie racers and rammers then quit to join a different lobby you were generally chastised due to your poor rep level. It was a shocking system that basically didn't work.
  15. ....or maybe they stopped because they all upgraded there consoles to XB1 and couldn't play Autosport on that console. But yes, having the freedom to choose your own car/tracks is infinitely better than playlists.
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