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  1. I didn't say there was anything wrong with the handling/physics of Wreckfest, I was just pointing out that Bugbear have turned the game into something completely different from how it was in early access. My recollection of day one Wreckfest on consoles was that of vehicles that jumped like they were Moto GP bikes and handled flawlessly in all terrains. Admittedly, after rebooting it over the weekend things have changed dramatically and vehicles do feel much more grounded (handling is much more reminiscent of Flatout UC) but you know, the fact remains that arcade racers are ten a penny and sim
  2. Credits balancing and.....? Not exactly what you would call "substantial changes", is it?
  3. The original pre-console physics were really good but for some reason Bugbear decided to tamper with the weight/handling of vehicles somewhere around the launch of the game onto consoles, presumably to dumb it down for casual audience appeal. The overall arcade feel still works pretty well but if I personally had the choice i'd sooner the game resorted back to the much earlier sim-esque days (when Bugbear didn't quite know which way this game was heading) because although there's nothing wrong with the way things have turned out it would still have been nice to have maintained some of the semi
  4. Yeah, not quite sure where he was going wrong but It is exactly as you said. What's the possibility of Codemasters increasing the number of rounds per championship beyond 5?
  5. I disagree...I'm a standard edition owner with zero intention of upgrading and i'm going to get another circuit that's hidden away in freeplay and a few cars that i'll probably never use so my excitement levels are off the scale 😋 The sad irony of this whole Grid thing is that I finally got round to playing it with my G920 and aside from a distinct lack of FFB from the track surface and kerbs it actually feels & plays really well. There ya go, finally a positive within the plethora of negative feelings. A point that also brings up a random question. Is it possible to create a pla
  6. It's part of the side pod from a Cylon raider and the first glimpse of Space Driver Grid.
  7. ....or heading upto the final corner on Road America
  8. My guess is driving down Hollywood Boulevard 'as seen thru the eyes of Lindsay Lohan when nipping out to the off licence for more supplies in a 1996 Austin Metro, with Bradley Cooper sat in the passenger seat making the noise of a Veyron'. Either that or Codemasters have hidden the dubious LOD and visual issues behind some seriously hardcore motion blur
  9. Also: Sticky cars. Any chance you can tweak the game so AI drivers don't weld themself to your car and drag you both to a standstill when they don't know what to do. Procession racing. As it is each race is just a line of AI cars that rarely interact with one another (or overtake) and only seem to be on track just to take it in turns to make your life as difficult as possible as you attempt to pass them. The issue with this is that when you do the multi-event races grid orders are reversed to championship positions (lead racer starts 16th, 2nd place starts 15th...and so forth) and be
  10. Adding an "Are you sure" when restarting a race from game menu. Button B is 'back' on an XB1 controller and it's so easy to accidentally restart a race. Driver positions displayed (on overhead display) instead of driver number. There's multiple times when some drivers have the same numbers. PB sector times made visible for comparison against the the displayed purple/red sector times - or completely changing for a straight +/- on your overall best lap. Lighting (sunset+day). Any chance the 'sun in your face' lighting could be changed to look the same as when the sun is on your b
  11. They don't - well not on X1X with 4K mode switched on. Putting the headlights on during either of those two times of day causes noticeable framerate drops and super bad screen tearing. Strange thing is, if you play the game using the patch-free day one version (install from disc, play offline) then frame drops are negligible and the screen tearing is non-existent, so whilst other aspects of the game may have improved thru the process of patching, somewhere along the lines overall performance has dipped. But that and Finland (which ironically I never liked anyway) aside, everything else th
  12. I mentioned the exact same thing when I left a comment on XBox store a few days ago. What I have noticed is that on X1X the game suffers from some real bad lod issues whereby you can clearly see a 'wall of light' drawing onto trees on the near horizon as you're driving so, as Jake says, with Finland having an absolute shed load of trees the easy option would be to fog up the horizon old skool style to make any issues less obvious. I'm not saying this hazy fog thing always looks poor (with the sun on the side of the car it looks quite nice) but with all the extra lighting stuff that's already e
  13. I'd like to see a roadbook outlining Codemasters intentions regarding taking the game forward. Not just the usual 'xx DLC on yy day' but a greater degree of transparancy as to what they're actively looking into to improve upon gameplay and features
  14. Doesn't that mean you've also posted the 10 slowest times on those stages
  15. Platform: X1X (DX edition) I'm having some severe performance issues post 1.8 with massive frame drops and screen tearing (when driving thru hairpins) in stages and conditions that require headlights. There's also issues with detail pop in with the absolute most obvious being displayed on the Holjes daily challenge (rain). When you drive towards the final set of corners the near horizon is a single shade of grey which fills in piece by piece as you drive closer. There's also issues with Monte Carlo (downhill) where you can clearly see a 'line' of light (on the wall) been drawn in a few me
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