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  1. _BorisTheFrog_

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC8

    Oops.. Ignore 😋
  2. I have the DX edition so I expect this feature for free/half price/less than $20. It's an outrage/scam/insult and if this feature isn't implemented it will be my last Codemasters game til the next Codemasters game 😲
  3. _BorisTheFrog_

    Greece Rally – Available Now in DiRT Rally 2.0

    Doesn't that mean you've also posted the 10 slowest times on those stages
  4. _BorisTheFrog_

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC8

    It's only addictive through the novelty period and once you've put in 10-15 hours (as I now have) the enthusiasm to want to complete more than one rally at a time isn't really there. Interesting how nobody has spotted the same glaring oversight with the AI difficuly that was present in WRC7... It's not game breaking but it can be pretty annoying. Answers on a postcard 🙂
  5. _BorisTheFrog_

    Welcome to the new GRID

    A question for Codemasters: I've just snapped up a copy of Grid Autosport - a game i've never played before due to the timing of it's release and my move from X360 to XB1 - and although i'm only 10 seasons into the campaign it's turning out to be a much, much better game than I thouught it would be, so my question is as follows: Apart from current gen visuals what does Grid 2019 have that Autosport doesn't? I'm curious to see how far the franchise has come in the 5 years.....
  6. _BorisTheFrog_

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Seasons 3 & 4

    That makes perfect sense to me A physical copy of Dirt Rally 2 and just the rally content from seasons 1-4 is pretty good value for money - with the only downside being that as a non season pass owner your community events will be severely restricted. Even so, It's still a fair trade off for those with a smaller budget or those who have no interest in RX. As for the rest, well, a season pass is a season pass and providing Codemasters laid out exactly what that season pass bought you (which they did) then i'm struggling to see the argument here. The ONLY thing i'm disappointed with is that Codemasters didn't officially announce from the off that more seasons may be planned because as a DX owner with no desire to want to play RX stuff I could have better spent the money. I did buy seasons 1 + 2 purely to keep the game a full package in order to have unrestricted access to the above mentioned community stuff (and of the assumption it was only ever going to be a one off investment) but if I'd have known there were going to be more seasons (with rally content included) I would have taken the trade off option and purchased just what I wanted. C'est la vie....
  7. _BorisTheFrog_

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC8

    Haha, no. I was just pointing out that casual gamers have been given the ability to completely dumb down settings in order to make career progression as easy as is humanly possible. It just highlights the difference between WRC and DR2 and probably explains why casual gamers prefer the easier game.
  8. _BorisTheFrog_

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC8

    Well my copy arrived over the weekend and i've spent some time with it today. First impressions are whilst it's nowhere near as tragic as Jake initially suggested it's also nowhere near as epic as a lot of reviews are suggesting. Visuals are much improved over 7 but that's not saying they're good (because they're not), that's just saying that Kylotonn have set such low standards with previous WRC's it would have been impossible not to improve upon them. Controller handling was a bit of a struggle which after much tweaking did improve massively, but the wheel is another story and tweaks are still ongoing. Car physics are still awful with cars wildly bouncing all over the place and performing bizarre stunts the second you drift off the beaten path onto rugged or uneven surfaces and I also found that the auto respawn frequently placed you back on track without giving an opportunity to recover from occasionally recoverable situations. On a positive note locations and diversity are once again WRC's strong point but it wasn't too long before I was seeing familiar scenery and/or identical locations hidden behind different weather conditions/times of day and the new 'dynamic' weather system does look pretty decent, so even though you do spend a lot of time travelling over the same locations the game does create a different feel quite well. The key (and still unresolved) issue is that of longevity and the desire to want to continue playing after career completion because the community aspect of WRC8 is still very poor and perhaps suggests, like previous games, Kylotonn are just targeting casual gamers with a 'throwaway' approach to things. Multiplayer is also a bit of a graveyard but from my experience of previous (XB1) WRC's that's not an unusual thing. But all in all the game seems to do what it is set out to do pretty well and I can see the appeal to those who want to just pick up and play WRC8. It's not a great game (will it ever be a great game) and most definately isn't a direct replacement for Dirt Rally 2 but a lot will prefer it because it doesn't insist on the same levels of patience and practice of Dirt Rally. After all, such is the forgiving nature of WRC8, it's more than possible to win a rally without ever repairing or tuning your car...
  9. _BorisTheFrog_

    Your thoughts on the pricing for Season 3 + 4

    Fair comment.. There was no ulterior motive to the question - I was just curious 🙂 (ps) Sorry for the delay but i've just gotten back from a (surprisingly) sunny long weekend in Bridlington
  10. _BorisTheFrog_

    Your thoughts on the pricing for Season 3 + 4

    If season 3+4 was a standalone game for €30 would you still feel it's not unreasonably much?
  11. _BorisTheFrog_

    Favourite/Least favourite rallies?

    I can't really put a 1-10 order on this so we'll just go with: Favourite: New Zealand Least favourite: Poland - which would be replaced with Finland (crest, crest, crest, crest) if I were ever foolish enough to buy it.
  12. _BorisTheFrog_

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC8

    My main disappointment is now Kylotonn have been snapped up by Bigben they didn't (or don't appear to have) take advantage of the extra resources available to them to create a better game. Milestone sit within Bigben and with the likes of Ride, Motogp and the hopelessly underrated Gravel in their portfolio, not only does it clearly show how far they've come since the original WRC's, it also demonstrates their ability to create a solid game with limited resources. You can say what you like about Milestone but i've yet to play one of their games that I truly dislike.
  13. _BorisTheFrog_

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.8 Bug Reports

    Platform: X1X (DX edition) I'm having some severe performance issues post 1.8 with massive frame drops and screen tearing (when driving thru hairpins) in stages and conditions that require headlights. There's also issues with detail pop in with the absolute most obvious being displayed on the Holjes daily challenge (rain). When you drive towards the final set of corners the near horizon is a single shade of grey which fills in piece by piece as you drive closer. There's also issues with Monte Carlo (downhill) where you can clearly see a 'line' of light (on the wall) been drawn in a few metres in front of the car. It's almost like the detail draw distance has been dramatically reduced?
  14. _BorisTheFrog_

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC8

    Good man, you are now officially on my xmas card list 🙂 I've finally seen some console footage and although it does look visually better than WRC 7, when directly comparing it against those of DR2 (visuals which i'm starting to appreciate more and more with each passing day) it does highlight how far behind Kyloton are in that department and doesn't really give any indication that the game has had an extra year of development this time around. If you look carefully you can still see short detail draw distances (white lines on tarmac stages give that one away), low quality trackside visuals and that horrible 'squareness' feeling to the tarmac sections. That downhill section of hairpins in China still looks horribly unnatural - especially when you compare it against the similar looking sections of Monte Carlo in DR's 1 and 2. I'm a self confessed fan of the WRC series (I own physical copies of all the games) and the only real positive I can draw from what Kylotonn are doing is that they are now achieving similar levels of content to that of the original Milestone games on X360. Dynamic weather? Well no actually because unlike longer races of Project Cars 2 for example where you can really sense a change of weather you don't get that same feeling of changing cycles over a rally stage of 3-7 miles. It kind of just happens and at the very worst you're only ever going get a couple of minutes of inconvenience because you have the wrong tyres on. I'd also be interested to know about the trigger points of changing cycles on each location to see if they are genuinely dynamic or just FMS7 dynamic. I know it all sounds a bit picky but at the end of the day Kylotonn are not asking budget prices for their games so with that in mind i've every right to be as picky as I want to be.
  15. _BorisTheFrog_

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC8

    Hmm, the more I see it the less I want to buy it. What they've done to promote the game is actually quite clever and is a leaf straight out of Turn 10's book: Focus all your efforts on a showcase track (Argentina) to draw maximum attention, use this showcase to announce the "massive steps" the game has taken since the last release, throw in some teccy stats to give the impression this version is the one to have, distribute secective chunks of playable code to the 'right voices' (hello VVV) and let them do the talking whilst you quietly get on with a game that underneath this glossy exterior is pretty much the same as previous efforts. Throw in the obligatory "we've listened to the fans" statement and voilla... Dan La Greenawalt. After watching the 100's of clips i've seen the lacklustre visuals, the poor rendering and dubious draw distances and can't help but think if this is footage running at 60fps on a top end PC then what hope for consoles? WRC 6 and (especially) WRC 7 struggled to cope with lesser quality visuals than what 8 is displaying and with very little (if any at all) footage of console gameplay released (even though we are one day from launch) you really do have to wonder if Kylotonn are hiding something