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  1. _BorisTheFrog_

    Dear Codemasters

    Just one small request. 1. You have a great rally game. 2. You've also shown great competence in the art of recycling content. So, with those two points in mind, would there be any chance you could de-master current content, recycle it into a £24.95 DLC bundle and make that great rally game even greater? I for one would part with my money in the blink of an eye. Thanks.
  2. _BorisTheFrog_

    Night driving in heavy rain

    No, the problem is the developers who think we're all simplistic 'kiddie' gamers who just want to press 'A' to start. Borderlands 2 also had an FOV slider.
  3. _BorisTheFrog_

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.2 - found a bug? Post it here!

    No errors. I've cleared locally saved game data in my console and the only difference now is that the game does a data sync prior to the message. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/boris-the-frog/screenshot/11774743 (link to screenshot)
  4. _BorisTheFrog_

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.2 - found a bug? Post it here!

    X1X "failed to load player profile" Retry repeats the message and cancel takes me back to start screen where I press 'A' just to return to the above message. Any ideas?
  5. _BorisTheFrog_

    Starting all over again in DR 2.0 (XBOX)

    I got the day one edition with three bonus cars but because standard edition purchasers start with 0 credits, using the 'free repair' default Fulvia was the only real option until I had enough to bankroll repair bills for other vehicles. In a lot of ways though that wasn't such a bad thing because instead of continuously spending money on repairs I could instead invest in the staff side of things to make things easier for when I was ready to try out the more difficult cars, so yeah, just using the base car made my career a little more structured than the trying (and failing) with random bonus cars option. Personally i'd have thought that your better option would be to abort current championships, get relegated back to open class and start afresh with what you have.
  6. _BorisTheFrog_

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book - 20/03/19

    I 100% agree with this. I'm playing on X1X and whilst the graphics are undoubtedly better than both the previous Dirt games the really poor (enforced) lighting effects are dragging it down to a point where overall visual quality appears worse than previous games. Subtle lighting looks absolutely fantastic when done correctly (FH4, BF1, Gravel) but at the opposite end of the scale, in your face glaring bloom effects with only a HDR brightness slider to control that level of intensity completely destroys immersion levels. It's just not fun (and I dare say not very healthy on the eyes) continually squinting to try and gain a little visual definition. Oh well, c'est la vie... One day someone other than SMS will recognise that certain effects aren't to everyone's taste and subsequently offer a wealth of options to tweak some of these more obtrusive effects.
  7. _BorisTheFrog_

    Patch Notes

    Hey, don't forget 'Pippo'
  8. _BorisTheFrog_

    Patch Notes

    The main thing is that brightness levels are the same throughout all cameras. It's kind of a lose / lose scenario really because now that camera levels have been standardized, tricky shadow darkness has simply been replaced by that weird hazy effect. Clear day sunshine and pitch black night racing are near-flawless (night racing is crystal clear and ultra well defined) but as soon as those clouds appear something goes horribly pear shaped with the lighting (4K/HDR) On reflection, with concerns regarding FFB, visual quality and always online Racenet (the three most discussed) not addressed this is actually a really, really poor update that just seems to be a bunch of token fixes added into 10gb of preloaded DLC. With the high probability of another long wait til the next patch and the thought of continuing to play the game 'as is' i'm actually starting to regret buying DR2. The enthusiasm has pretty much gone now.
  9. _BorisTheFrog_

    Patch Notes

    The cockpit view brightness adjustment is a bonus, but how it affects overall lighting remains to be seen. There's also no mention of improved weather cycles in career.
  10. _BorisTheFrog_

    Starting all over again in DR 2.0 (XBOX)

    You could try this... 1.. Select the 911 GTS and do a custom event / time trial. 2.. On completion return to dashboard and close the game. 3.. DR2 >> Manage game and add-ons and uninstall the 911 GTS (nothing else) 4.. Restart the game. During the loading process you will receive a message telling you there is a racenet discrepancy (something to do with missing content) and because of which you have to delete your save data to continue. I have absolutely no idea what happens beyond this point (I have no desire to delete my save data) but if you're in the process of looking for ways to restart then maybe you could be the one to go the extra step and see what happens 🙂
  11. I know you should get what you pay for but if its any consolation the 5 bonus cars are just early unlocks and not preorder exclusives so they're still available ingame.
  12. _BorisTheFrog_

    Stil no ffb fix nearly a week, no comms from devs

    Not everyone is supporting Codemasters because not everyone is of the belief that we should even be discussing some of these issues in the first place and (Dirt Rally 1 aside because it's development was heavilly monitored thru early access) with a general decline in overall quality of product not everyone is of the belief that Codemasters still have gamer's best interests at heart. But yeah, in the time honoured tradition of XBox gaming we await a patch and see where it takes us. Oh joy.
  13. _BorisTheFrog_

    Stil no ffb fix nearly a week, no comms from devs

    I came across this on reddit yesterday: " Hi all, Just wanted to comment here after taking a week off - I'm now back in the office, although we do have a few people out at GDC at the moment which is also why it's been quite quiet our end. Just on some of the discussions I've seen: we'll be patching the game hopefully Wednesday (subject to approvals and everything going smoothly). When that's all locked in, you'll get the full patch notes. We've addressed a lot of the stuff you've been asking for... the FFB is with our handling team, so no changes on that front - but we've managed to squeeze a lot in for this patch. I'll have specifics for you when it's all confirmed, but please rest assured that we're on it. We're not ghosting anyone, and everything people have said around all corners of the @dirtgame community has been reported back. It's worth mentioning that it's just me here, and when I'm not commenting on stuff it's likely I'm in meetings fighting your corner and voicing your frustrations around the studio. We've got loads more to come - patches, seasonal content, additional features and all - so please, stay tuned! Cheers, Christina https://www.reddit.com/r/dirtgame/comments/b1u25s/please_stop_ghosting_us_codemasters/
  14. _BorisTheFrog_

    PS4 PRO 4k Samsung TV Blurry

    Curiosity got the better of me so I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it without the day one patch and tbh where lighting quality and overall visual sharpness is concerned, on X1X there seems to be very change between the two versions. I do know the patch replaces a huge amount of the original data (the 15gb update only increases overall game size by 1.5gb) so I can only guess that the update is just a graphics overhaul with some general fixes thrown in.
  15. _BorisTheFrog_

    WRC 8 Livestream

    Although it's the same studio Kylotonn games are now owned by Bigben so, unlike with WRC7 and every mediocre product before that, they are now developing software under the guidance of their new owners. It's not something to get particularly excited about (after all, nothing will change the fact that they're still a bunch of low budget developers with a huge emphasis towards quantity over quality) but it does give reason to feel cautiously optimistic towards future releases. The singlemost thing that I like about the WRC games is that it's just rally -nothing more- so unlike the Dirt games I don't have to buy into a bunch of other stuff that I don't particularly want to play.