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  1. _BorisTheFrog_

    Season 2 Info, will there be a season 3

    Hmm, not wishing to sound too cynical here but looking at the somewhat uninspiring offerings of season 2 as well as taking into consideration the community requests as further DLC additions, you can't help but wonder if Codemasters have deliberately withheld specific locations to make future seasons more appealing. Ask yourself the question, if the remaining locations from DR1 would have all been included in season 2 and knowing that it would be highly unlikely that any new rally locations would be developed specifcally for DLC, would you really have the confidence in spending a further £25 on completely unknown content in future seasons?
  2. _BorisTheFrog_

    DiRT Rally 2.0 is fine!

    "Never look a gift horse in the mouth - sell it in a bun with cheese and relish instead" ... As they would say at Burger King
  3. _BorisTheFrog_

    WE NEED A RE-LAUNCH - let's brainstorm!

    I gave the game an average review score (2/5) based on 15 hours of gameplay and based solely on the fact that I felt it was, well, an average game - and still maintain that if consoles were fortunate enough to have a choice then Dirt Rally 2 would struggle against any competition. My review wasn't influenced by the lack of VR (not applicable), force feedback issues (again, not applicable) or even always online Racenet; it was decided upon by the level of immersion I got from my game time as well as the quality of the product in relation to what I paid for it. In my humble opinion I feel Dirt Rally 2.0 is most definately NOT a dream come true and if my negativity makes me a "(self) indulgent crybaby" for not happening to be wearing industry tinted 9.3 out of 10 spectacles (along with 'I love Codemasters' embossed underpants) then so be it.
  4. _BorisTheFrog_

    Everything frustrating with Dirt Rally 2

    Yeah I get that Codemasters don't have any official WRC licencing and my point wasn't aimed in that direction - It was simply a rally in general reference. My argument is, remains and will not be altered that *especially) with this point in mind Codemasters effectively had a clean slate on which to create a complete and comprehensive game 'based on', well, just about any real life venue without the costs or constraints of licencing. If both Milestone (WRC / XBox 360) and KTR (WRC 6 and 7) cann deliver something approaching respectability (choice and variety) on a tight budget AND with the licencing ball and chain costs then I fail to understand why Codemasters, a company of far greater stature, cannot achieve similar targets. Where DLC is concerned i'm as happy as the next person that new content is added into a game but at the end of the day (and irrespective of it's cost) that DLC should be there to enhance an already great product and not used as a means to bolster up minimal base content for a game that retails on an AAA price tag, so whilst I do respect your loyalty and enthusiasm towards Codemasters / Dirt Rally (delete where applicable) I on this occasion find it a little more difficult to justify the way in which theu have gone about their business with DR2 (it all feels a bit penny pinching to me). I guess we're going to have to agree to disagree on this one.
  5. _BorisTheFrog_

    Everything frustrating with Dirt Rally 2

    How would you feel if F1 2019 had 6 launch circuits, with the remainder added as recycled season pass DLC on a fortnightly basis? The fact remains that for a game with "Rally" (not Rallycross) as it's primary selling point, base content in no way reflects anything remotely close to a full rally championship, so to add paid for DLC in order to give the end user a more satisfying experience is a little underhand in thee first place. To add recycled season pass DLC that could just as easilly been added to the base game simply cannot be condoned.
  6. _BorisTheFrog_

    Patch 1.4 - What matters to YOU?

    I read a user review of a game on xbox store and this person was complaining that the game was too difficult and as a result was denying him access to levels that he'd paid for and should be allowed to play!.. Damn, if this is the way it works then Williams, Namco, Taito and all those other bygone companies owe me a shed load of 10p pieces. Modern day gamers aren't driven by incentives.....
  7. _BorisTheFrog_

    Rank your favourite locations in DiRT Rally and 2.0!

    Wales Sweden (Dirt 4) New England Greece Sweden (DR1, DR2) Germany Pikes Peak, USA The rest are ok but not oustanding.
  8. _BorisTheFrog_

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - v1.3 - found a bug? Post it here!

    Streaky marks don't wipe off windscreen after watersplash (USA) Audio cut out after appx 1 min into stage (USA)
  9. _BorisTheFrog_

    New WRC 8 Gameplay Video and Analysis

    ....which roughly translates as "Ian Bell will be be appearing as an ingame character telling humourous anecdotes to while away the time whilst it goes thru a 12 month patching process"
  10. _BorisTheFrog_

    Patch 1.4 - What matters to YOU?

    I just needed to see where i was going and HDR quality on X1X really wasn't helping my cause. Kinda hoping that the issue would have been addressed (or at least have been given options to lower effects more towards the flat lighting of DR1) whilst DR2 was still on sale at £48 but judging by patch notes it appears that's not the case so i'll have to stick to mugging my son's PC for a little while longer..
  11. _BorisTheFrog_

    New WRC 8 Gameplay Video and Analysis

    I'll be buying WRC8 purely on the grounds that it's 100 stages of nothing but rally spanning 14 unique locations and If the handling is good, the AI feels balanced and the co-driver doesn't utter the words "donut" or "a bon" (or whatever it was) then there's going to be more enough for the level of immersion i'm looking for in a rally game. My feeling with DR2 is that it's strengths probably lie at a time when the season passes have expired and all DLC's are fully integrated because whilst playing the game through it's various stages of evolution has it's merits it will never have the same level of impact as it would playing it as a complete package further down the road. I've sampled DR2 and the benefits of not me being saddled with a digital copy means that can happily walk away from my current rally fix, sample a new fix in September and look forward to the main course in all it's splendor towards the end of the year. My only hope now is that Codemasters decide on a season three and ultimately bundle a GOTY edition for the festive season
  12. _BorisTheFrog_

    HDR brightness?

    We had both X1X and PC versions in the house and the difference between the two (three year old PC / default settings / appx 65fps) is quite staggering so I fully understand why you can't comment. I also discovered that fully disabling HDR on my X1X and (amongst other things) increasing the gamma on my TV does make a difference, but because this was a general setting it also meant I was increasing brightness throughout all weather cycles. So, with certain daylight clcles / conditions being way too bright to start with, unless I was were prepared to pause the game at the beginning of each specific rally and tweak TV settings accordingly there isn't actually a means to create that happy medium. The problem I had was that because I had by hook and by crook managed to promote myself to 'elite' in career mode I was in a position where the AI were as good as (and better than) me, so in all scenarios and under all conditions I really did need to see where I was going. Due to difficulties in being able to achieve that I found myself pausing the game and accessing my TV way, way too frequently and it got to the point where to avoid epic frustration (and career failure) I had to call it a day and sell my DR2 copy whilst it still had a value. Hopefully though this issue will at some point be fully addressed so everyone can appriciate the game (regardless of format) in a way that Codemasters intended them to do so - and of course I can rebuy a copy of the game. One final point of mention. Zaccaria Pinball ('free' to play) has been released on XB1 this week and I invite Codemasters (or indeed anyone) to check out the comprehensive graphics and lighting settings available for the user to tweak to his/her desired preference. If only....
  13. _BorisTheFrog_

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.2 - found a bug? Post it here!

    I'm sure there are worse ones but this was the first one i found.. In DR2 maybe it's got something to do with having 'unexpected moments' switched on. But there again i'm not really sure how you turn that option off
  14. _BorisTheFrog_

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.2 - found a bug? Post it here!

    I know just as much as you (and am equally as confused) regarding the digital handbrake but that's something else for Codemasters to look into. What I will add is that the flickering effect of the headlights were present in DR1 and i'm pretty sure in Dirt 4 as well, so unless Codemasters have completely overlooked this 'issue' throughout three games then I think it's safe to assume it is a feature and not a bug.
  15. _BorisTheFrog_

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.2 - found a bug? Post it here!

    I think when it does this it's simulating general wear and tear of the car's electrics because it happens quite frequently. From my experience when this occurs it's usually a polite reminder that the lights are approaching last legs so it pays to drive more carefully in order to avoid a total blackout.