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  1. 18 hours ago, BelgiumDude said:

    You clearly have no idea what you are talking about and are falsely accusing Codemasters to prey on children to exploit them. You clearly did not play the game or even know what Podium Pass is. Some countries have laws that protect the vulnerable, these laws were made specifically because of Star Wars BF2. If Codemasters was exploiting vulnerable people with podium pass they would not be be able to sell it in my country. So I'm actually disgusted that you dare to exploit children just because they fit nicely into your narrative about micro transactions.  Shame on you sir!



    This is the adverse effect of introducing MTX to minors... It's real, it happens and developers know EXACTLY what they're doing so don't even go there. Yes, blame the parents for not educating their children and yes blame the child for not having any sense of awareness when making these purchases - but never, ever completely overlook the sense of responsibility developers should have when selling a product that minors can legally buy

    But hey, if you're happy with the actions of Codemasters - or indeed any other developers who take advantage of anyone or everyone wherever possible - then that's fine, feel free to remain in your "I'm alright, Jack" bubble but remember, when every single game is rife with these scummy microtransactions you might finally realise the severity of your ignorance towards this issue. Or probably not. Better still, why not spend a couple of days working with our team and get a real insight into the minds and actions of those less fortunate than yourself. Those who don't possess a full understanding of everyday things, those who don't fully understand the implications of financial temptation and more importantly those who are given no thought or consideration in modern day society.

    So yes, I know exactly what i'm talking about and whilst microtransactions won't single handedly bring about the demise of society as we know it, they still remain a potential detriment towards individuals (not just minors) who don't possess the relevant life skills to understand purchase implications and therefore should be governed accordingly. If you don't see that or understand that then that's entirely your judgement - just don't preach about something you know absolutely nothing about...

    And there it ends because F1 2020 has now been returned so my interest in the game is now zero.

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  2. It should never be the case that a game should include cosmetics (via real world purchases) with a design appeal that targets a very specific audience within it's PEGI 3 rating and my feeling is that due to the nature of these cosmetics Codemasters have shown a total disregard to what is morally correct and what isn't by doing just that.

    Look, if you must resort to such practices then raise the PEGI rating or at the very least put things in place to ensure the vulnerable are completely excluded from making purchases beyond the base game. Better still, why not just sell your games at a fairer price to encourage more people to buy it, thus completely removing the need to resort to these penny pinching tactics..

    Apologies for my tone but, you know, such is my disgust I can't say it any other way. Yes, I do own the game (not arrived...on it's way) but having quite literally just learned of the MTX inclusions i've already arranged a refund and it's going straight back when it arrives because I simply cannot condone the use of microtransactions in any game.  

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  3. Project CARS 3 is the next (and future direction of) the franchise so in a lot of ways everyone has got the GAS-esque reboot they hoped for - albeit a year late and under a different name. If i'm not mistaken - and contrary to what they would have us believe - then it even looks like they've borrowed assets from Grid 2019 because that tunnel section on the Shanghai part of the early footage video looks suspiciously like a reverse variant of the same circuit in Grid. So yeah, if you throw in 16 cars, 2 lap races, cheesy onscreen XP nonsense and a droning commentary then it is kind of clear as to the direction they want to take PC3. I just wish they'd drop this "It's a simulation" pretence because if simply turning off assists miraculously makes it a sim then hot news! Baja: Edge of control with assists off is now officially a realistic buggy racer...

    Thankfully though, for those who want the racing realism with or without the hardcore simulation aspects (or just something a little more faithul to TOCA) then PC2 in it's finished state most definately will fill that void. Set up a Touring cars lobby with optional assists and not only will you fill the lobby with 8+ others, with a few assist tweaks you WILL feel like you're playing TOCA 2/3.

    Laguna Seca (default car settings / default controller settings)


    Or if you fancy NASCAR style (Daytona / controller with minor thumbstick modification)



  4. On 7/9/2020 at 3:32 PM, Tranzitive said:


    Yeah 30fps would be better but the game has dynamic weather and day-night transitions too. DR2.0 doesn't. GT Sport doesn't. Sacrifices have to be made somewhere. 

    Project CARS 2 runs a near solid 60fps (in "high framerate" mode), has upto 40 cars on track at the same time as well as full dynamic weather and day/night cycles so no, sacrifices don't have to be made at all. Sure, PC2 was a launch disaster but the key factor when comparing it to ACC was that the basics were already in place and just needed improving upon, whereas ACC's entry point doesn't really offer much in the way of optimism when looking at the game's long term potential. The bottom line is that given the relatively high performance and potential of X1X/PS4 Pro as well as considering the games that have already been and gone we shouldn't even be discussing 30fps in today's day and age.

    Such is my disappointment of ACC I kind of wish that it was was never released on current gen consoles because the levels of compromise made in order to port it from PC is perhaps just a little too much to come to terms with. The worst thing is that with no real alternatives on the horizon i'm personally left with the choice of lumping it and hoping for the best with ACC or once again rewinding 3 years in order to play a half decent racing simulator.  


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  5. On 6/23/2020 at 9:49 AM, senna94f1 said:

    Couldnt agree more and spot on.

      I've just got assetto corsa competizione today.   What a surprise and fresh breath of air.

    I forgot how good the devs are on assetto there forums.

    . I asked a few questions about private lobbies and they replied back respectfully and truthfully. 

    Its blows any codemasters games clean out of the water. Well I still think dirty rally 2.0 is a great game. 

    What's going on with the posts above yours. 

    Sounds like they are either having a reunion and about to make friendship bracelets lol.

    I recommend highly Assetto corsa competizione  

    If you can. Buy it with the free DLC.   As that free DLC wont be available much longer and next time you see DLC it will be in couple of months. 



    Well, I have to stand corrected with ACC because after starting to play the game 'properly' (moving on from setting stuff up in practice sessions) there are some serious performance issues which make the game borderline unplayable. Visible stuttering, input lag, no FOV/ride height/cockpit adjustment, screen tearing...it's actually quite a long list and I dread to think how it plays on the non-enhanced consoles.

    "be careful what you wish for". Never a truer word spoken...sigh!

  6. On 6/20/2020 at 5:50 PM, senna94f1 said:

    They seem to prefer gullible teenagers rather then intelligent people   

    Unfortunately this is where the target audience will always be - which understandable because developers and studios still need to make a living, but with the likes of Forza Horizon, FMS, GTS, Grid, WRC, NFS, F1 and Dirt already in the mix do we really need another arcade/simcade racer adding to that pile? People tend to forget that PC1 sold 1m copies in the blink of an eye *as a supposed niche simulation* but despite that fact you still can't help but feel a certain air of inevitably with PC3 and the Codemasters influenced direction it has taken.  

    On a positive note, if you can live with 30fps and a lack of private lobbies (they will come in a later update) then providing you have a wheel ACC (on X1X) is the real deal and the emphasis on being rewarded for driving carefully and correctly (instead of gung-ho wreckless barge fest driving) is a clever strategy in trying to encourage some of the casual racers to take sim racing a little more seriously..  Top marks to Kunos/505 for (a) Releasing the game at a very sensible price and (b) maintaining the core simulation mechanics of the PC version for us console gamers. It's good to see that not everyone feels the need to sell their soul for a £74.95 deluxe edition and a few preorder trinkets so here's hoping people recognise that fact and the game grows into the worthy simulation that console gamers deserve.

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  7. 55 minutes ago, senna94f1 said:


    I remember couple of weeks ago Mr Genius Ian Bell used the identical quote for pcars3 that was used for Grid 2019.

    I dont subscribe to stroking anyone's ego but codemasters do need desperately to use ian bell's tyre physics model for all there Racing games. 

    Those who really do understand what sim Racing is all about know what I mean. 



    It's hard to tell but from the gameplay video it looks like there are cones across the entrances to the pits (like they're closed off or something) so if they're unused then there's absolutely no point having any tyre physics model at all. Again, if it is the case that the pit lanes are closed then how exactly are you supposed to repair your car or even change tyres during a dynamic weather race?

    You just can't help but feel that after the massive downturn in revenue from PC1 to PC2 (which considering the circumstances surrounding the whole Project CARS thing probably had nothing to do with lack of interest for the sequel) that SMS or Codemasters have decided to dumb things down for a more mass market appeal. When you look at the video and see cars effortlessly powersliding round corners, 16 car races over 2 laps and general onscreen stuff it is a little sad that the powers that be have seen fit to butcher PC2 and remove one of the few simulation franchises on consoles for the sake of creating yet another arcade/simcade racer to satisfy the 'throwaway' casual audience.

    I don't care anyway because there's always a silver lining to every cloud and with ACC looking like the real deal it's not all doom and gloom for those who are fed up with being spoonfed overpriced/underwhelming Forza-esque games and simply crave something a little more challenging. Plus, studios associated with Bell (Simbin, SMS) don't seem to have particularly long shelf lives so there is a potential light at the end of this very long and dark tunnel.

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  8. 1 hour ago, PJTierney said:

    Once you've done everything in the game it comes down to running Indianapolis Oval in the Porsche 917, with the gears maxed out.

    At that point if you're just driving in circles for the Achievement I'd recommend turning the audio off and sticking some podcasts on. 🙂 

    Ha, if you think you had it bad then i'm currently 46% thru the 'Drive a truck for (with a top speed of 104km/h but bearing in mind the severity of the terrain it's more like an average speed of 50-70km/h) 6000km' achievement in Dakar 18....for a whole 8g. I don't know, you youngsters don't know when you've got it made...... 🙂

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  9. On 6/13/2020 at 12:17 PM, OugaBooga said:

    it feels Grrrrrrrreat, i'am like Tony the tiger !



    Well, it's definately a Frosty environment in here 🙂

    To be honest though, because the release quality of games is always a bit hit and miss nowadays you should be doing most of that list by default anyway. Plus, paying a lot less after a few weeks not only increases the possibility of purchasing a game with critical updates already applied it also gives the option to upgrade to any DX / Ultimate editions for around the same price of the day one release should you feel the need to do so. TBH, with the exception of COD and/or Battlefield games (which can sometimes offer just as much content in a season pass as there is in the base game) I kind of recognise the incredibly low value DLC's offer so I tend to stay away regardless.

    After all, if the Grid base game would have been released with the exact same content as the DX upgrade offers, would you have still paid £30 for it? No? So why would it represent any value as a DLC expansion? 

  10. Actual gameplay footage is out for PC3 and....erm...well, if that isn't Grid then I need new eyes. 16 car grids, ingame chit-chat from the pit people and those silly little "perfect this" and "perfect that" challenges during a race - yup, seen it all before.. The only worry is that given the fact PC2 was clearly rushed to release before FMS7, is the summer release just another PC2-esque rush job to grab some of the market before FMS8.

    On a positive note it should be a pretty decent Grid reboot but the obvious downside is that those who looking for another simulation on a par with PC2 will have to look elsewhere this time around. But the one thing that genuinely bothers me is that given the huge amount of bad blood surrounding Project CARS 2 on consoles (I have friends who still refuse to play it even though it's free because of of the way XB1 owners were blatantly deceived regarding the pre-launch quality of both PC1 and PC2) why on earth did it get called Project CARS 3? Judging by the released footage Shift 3 seems the safest and more appropriate name for a game that has clearly returned to it's sim-cade roots...

  11. On 6/5/2020 at 2:47 PM, Sith Metal said:

    thats what PC3 is another iteration or improvrd version of Grid.

    A perfectly good simulator dumbed down by Codemasters, what a failure and a joke.

    Well, considering it's supposed to be (C)ommunity (A)ssisted (R)acing (S)imulator i'm not even sure how they can call it Project CARS any more because, as has already been officially quoted, it's not 100% simulation and from here on in you can completely forget about any future development being community assisted.

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  12. 21 hours ago, lastbreath said:

    I like PC3 trailers but car swinging kills me

    I was reading an article that suggests gamers are concerned that this is going to end up more like Forza than Project Cars. I've also been told that the game allows "car upgrades" (Forza style, I don't know) which from a simulation perspective is pretty tragic because the whole point of PC2 was to take a stock/factory car, tune it, practice with it and make it your own.

    The other thing is, Codemasters are keen to point out that there are 13 new locations coming to PC3 but never mention total location counts or circuits that have been dropped from PC2's very impressive roster.

  13. It's nice to be enthusiastic and all that but 2023 (and a potential first instalment of WRC in 2024) is perhaps a little too early to be expressing hopes and expectations. All I really want to add is taking the licence away from Kylotonn / Bigben is the best news possible and (assuming i'm still alive) i'm genuinely looking forward to a WRC game that isn't just low quality year on year shovelware.

  14. 13 hours ago, Crumplezone99 said:


    All racing games should have some sort of system for dealing with rammers though. Whether it be ratings or time penalties. It's not hard to do.

    I agree with you to a certain degree (where obvious griefers are concerned) but the problem is that unlike the super-sim racers where rules are part and parcel of playing those kind of games Grid is a throwaway title that caters for a much broader audience and therefore has a second element that most tend to overlook. Driver x might not necessarily be an intentional rammer or a bad driver, he/she may just as easilly be a person with learning difficulties, somebody with a physical disability or even a younger gamer without the etiquette of adult gamers and in an age of equality you simply cannot start dishing out 'bad driver' tags or punishing people because you assume they're doing it on purpose.

    Besides which, most games cater for those who may feel offended by the actions of others (by means of private lobbies) and where XBox is concerned all games give the option for like-minded gamers to socially interact (via the clubs), so with everyone already having the means to play in an environment they feel comfortable in there's absolutely no need to start implementing systems that will always be fundamentally flawed.

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  15. On 5/20/2020 at 4:30 PM, Crumplezone99 said:

    I don't understand why GRID 2019 didn't have the driver rating system from Autosport to pick out rammers, crashers and bad drivers. Actually I do understand it. It's because obviously none of the development team had ever played or even seen any of the previous GRID games.

    Because it promoted elitism in lobbies. Because you could be penalised for something that wasn't your fault. Because you could set up a lobby to artificially lower your 'bad boy' tag. Because you could just cruise around at the back of the pack to gain better rep. Because if you happened to fall victim to kiddie racers and rammers then quit to join a different lobby you were generally chastised due to your poor rep level.

    It was a shocking system that basically didn't work.

  16. On 5/3/2020 at 4:23 PM, gigiotto59 said:


    too many people think that a wheel can be used only for a simulation game, not arcade one. NO! That's no true. The only difference is IN THE GAME, not in the wheel or pad. I play Grid with a wheel and is perfect.

    Absolutely agree. If you lower the sensitivity + steering range on a G920 then the only thing missing from Daytona USA on XB1 is the slot to insert another 50p because it feels just like the real thing. It's just a shame that Burnout Revenge, Baja: Edge of Control and Driver SF don't have the same levels of compatibility because those games would be on a different level with full wheel support.  

  17. On 5/9/2020 at 1:31 PM, Crumplezone99 said:

    With Autosport especially, people stopped playing because CM stopped updating the car/track rotations and it got really boring.


    ....or maybe they stopped because they all upgraded there consoles to XB1 and couldn't play Autosport on that console. But yes, having the freedom to choose your own car/tracks is infinitely better than playlists.

  18. 3 hours ago, ianism said:

    this is going more for a D2/D3 setup, so most (? ee don't actually know yet) locations will probably have 2-4 disciplines, so it won't be spread that thin. the other issue with D4 was that more half of the alternate routes on the landrush/RX tracks were junior/clubman circuits that you'd play once in career because you had to and then never, ever again. they didn't make that mistake with DR2, and I expect they won't make it with D5, since they're going back to the D2/D3 style that sold like 3-4 million copies

    Well, let's wait and see. But my gut feeling still says the ten locations will be broken down in a similar way to previoius releases with specific disciplines being unique to specific locations. Codemasters are renown for giving away as little as possible (I wouldn't have been surprised they'd have released F1 2020 minus the cancelled races and added them back in at a later date as tacky £74.99 super-deluxe edition) and charging as much as possible so I honestly can't see this trend changing any time soon.

    I sincerely hope that you're correct and there are no mistakes with D5 but I remember Micro Machines World tour (hopelessly short on content), Onrush (hopelessly short on content), reselling DR1 content in DR2 and of course Grid 2019 (hopelessly short on just about everything), all of which you'd have thought must have had some form of negative impact on how the games were received. So, hmm, let's not count our chickens just yet in the making mistakes with D5 department. 

  19. 4 hours ago, ianism said:

    so expect a similar amount of content to Dirt 3, but with sprint car racing instead of gymkhana. that's pretty good in my opinion (except for the sprint cars haha), especially if there's more variety in the rally routes (even if the absolute number of them is lower).

    I think we've already learned a harsh lesson with Grid in the expectation department when it comes to content comparisons from previous versions but the less said the better where that franchise is concerned. Besides which, Dirt 4 had 13 locations (I think) and we all know how thinly that spreads over multiple disciplines as well as how repetitive it starts to become when racing the same few circuits for those disciplines over and over in career mode. 

  20. 5 hours ago, Katzenkralle91 said:

    A 4 player Splitscreen, a big Career Mode, over 70 Routes around the world, this game will be amazing and the Trailer was sooooo amazing!! Dirt 2+3 Memories, I can't wait 🙂

    Depends how you look at it. If it's 'the Codemasters way' then those "70 routes around the world" could just as easily be five or six countries with a single location split into multiple routes and If you throw in multiple disciplines (arena vehicles, Trailblazer etc) then that content could be further watered down when shared amongst those disciplines. I hate to sound cynical but if pretty visuals are going to result in just another game with wafer thin base content and expensive deluxe editions to bolster up that content then having experienced a similar scenario with Grid (which boasted more than 70 routes) I don't particularly want down that path again.

    But it's early says so we shall wait and see if the leopard has finally changed it's spots before jumping to any conclusions. 

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  21. On 4/30/2020 at 11:37 AM, Sir.Smoke said:

    Please, I have been a supporter of the series since the first one, who knew the launch would be such a shambles. Also this was the first game I have ever pre-ordered.
    Pre-ordering has little to do with the quality of this particular game..

    Questions were raised about several aspects of Grid a long, long time before it was released so those well documented danger signs should have been more than enough reason for reconsidering a preorder of this game.

    Oh and just to clarify, it's not a personal dig at your good self, it's a general thing.

  22. On 4/27/2020 at 8:19 PM, Sir.Smoke said:

    those that pre-ordered should not have to pay for it :classic_smile:

    Those that preordered are part of the problem as to why general release quality of today's games are so poor and bacause of that, anyone who does sell their soul for a few exclusive trinkets or 'hey, look at me, I'm playing the game three days before you' levels of status has zero sympathy from me. My feeling is that the sooner the ability to preorder (or rather, pay the full balance of a game up front) is removed from console storefronts the better it will be for everyone concerned.  

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  23. 1 hour ago, lastbreath said:

    Because of great damage model. Every race was a high risk of spectacular crash. You simultaneously wanted it and tried to keep it clean. Now damage is reduced, it even doesnt affect handling (as far as I heard) so there is no tension during the race. It isn't alive anymore

    I never really thought of that...good point.

  24. 9 hours ago, OugaBooga said:

    Good idea if you can for a fiver & it's the "complete" edition

    Not how true it is but supposedly the xbox series X will be able to auto up-scaled old(er) games so that there's no need for dev's to make "remustard" editions.

    I don't think the auto upscale thing covers X360 (and older) games but they're still being a bit vague with pretty much everything regarding the Series X so you never know. But what I do know is that providing you own it (physical or digital) every single XBox game will work on the new console so now is a great time to buy up all those ultra cheap classics that never made it to back compat before they skyrocket in price. Also, if the upscaling thingy is planned throughout the entire games catalog then all the more reason to buy them up whilst they're at giveaway prices. And yes, never again will we be victims of rip off reboots.

    Which conveniently leads me onto my next question... I don't suppose there's an American forum member out there who's prepared to pop out to their local Gamestop or preowned emporium to acquire a NTSC:USA copy of Raiden Fighters: Aces (X360).. It's USA exclusive and impossible to purchase thru 'normal' channels without insane amounts of extra cost added to the price of the game and hopelessly overvalued on ebay.