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  1. ktmsx65

    Season 2 DLC Cars

    Well true, but Toyota is coming back bit by bit, It appears on WRC 7 and it will be DLC on Gran Turismo Sport
  2. ktmsx65

    Season 2 DLC Cars

    Would really love to see the Accent, Xsara and 206 back! Really amazing cars
  3. ktmsx65

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Suggestions

    I would like to see more variety in the vehicles of Season 2, bringing back old cars from past game (Celica Gt-4, Corolla '98, Accent WRC, Puma WRC) would be amazing, really love those old cars and they trully represent the 2.0 of Colin Mcrae games 😄 But we're more likely to have cars from DiRT Rally 1/DiRT 4 that didn't make it, the 306 Maxi, Seat Ibiz Kitcar, Seat Ibiza WRX, Group B RWD, etc... Not sure about other seasons though... Season 1/2 must really sell well for Codies to consider it... Let's have some hope! DiRT Rally could be expanded and expanded if they want, That would be fantastic! But yeah, really bold ahah. Not sure if that will at all be implemented 😞
  4. ktmsx65

    ya'll lost a lifelong codemasters fan with this

    They could have just used Toybox Turbos engine and expand on it, simply adding more vehicles and tracks. I agree adding battle mode and racing mode, but cutting down the number of vehicles to 12 is just plain weird... We can only hope that they'll make another Toybox Turbos or Micro Machines but after MM: WT, I'm not sure 😞
  5. ktmsx65

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Suggestions

    Hello guys 😄 I'm really loving this game, it's possibly by favorite Rally game to date, Codemasters really did a fantastic job with this game! Although, not everything is perfect. I would like to suggest some things that would improve/add to the game in the future (maybe with Season 2 [or even Season 3, let's hope!]) 🙂 Possibility to Change Weather and Time Conditions - I wish I could modify them separately just like DiRT 4 instead of being pre-selected with a certain stage, it would be amazing to do some stages under rain at night or clear at dawn, it would create really different conditions and scenarios to each stage/track. Possibility to have Fog in the game - Another feature I miss from DiRT 4, my favorite stage conditions was driving at night with Fog Patches where some areas were full of fog and others were clear, the same with rain patches. It was such a good feature and I would love to see it return. Adding Toyota Corolla/Celica Gt-4 back - It would be amazing for Toyota to make a return! I know they pulled out from the videogame scene but they are making a return! Gran Turismo Sport just announced the new Toyota Supra 2019 for their game, with some luck this amazing beast could make a return! (I know there is a Toyota Yaris on WRC 7 but that's under the WRC licence). Photo Mode - This is possibly the most requested feature, I've seen a lot of people asking for this, specially because it has already been implemented on other Codemasters games. It would be amazing to share amazing photos with your friends and the community 🙂 And that's it for me. Again, thank you Codemasters for this fantastic game, I'm having so much fun sliding around (and crashing a lot) in your game, a really passionate game! Can't wait to see what Season 2 will bring but for now, I'm waiting to see that Citroen C4 ripping Argentina apart 😄 Cheers!