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  1. ktmsx65

    GRID hotfix now live - 21/10/2019

    Hopefully we'll have an in-game tracker for the Around the World Trophy 🙂
  2. Just found some footage of a Base PS4 gameplay, that mirror... just wow... (see below). Really hoping for a performance patch for this game to fix some things... The game is so beautiful and smooth on PC, XBONE X and PS4 Pro, but base consoles players suffer a lot (which are the majority of players) https://youtu.be/-6KZJdJI8CQ?t=1776
  3. Well, damn... First the 30fps surprise and now a graphical downgrade in base consoles? Great... I should have waited for the game to be on sale.. I always buy codemasters games day one (f1, dirt, even Micro Machines) but since I'm on vacation I'm only able to play it this Monday. Starting to think I should wait a few months before buying games... I'll judge it by myself on Monday but it feels like I'll be disappointed 😞 😞
  4. I've been reading some reviews about the game and I was pretty happy overall until I read that GRID on PS4 runs at 30fps instead of 60fps.. I wouldn't be mad about this IF they didn't confirm in an interview that ALL consoles versions would run at 60fps, even a developer said he wanted to run this game on is Base Xbox One at home at 60fps. What happened? Will the game ever run at 60fps on Base consoles like Dirt 4 / Dirt Rally 2.0?
  5. ktmsx65

    ya'll lost a lifelong codemasters fan with this

    They could have just used Toybox Turbos engine and expand on it, simply adding more vehicles and tracks. I agree adding battle mode and racing mode, but cutting down the number of vehicles to 12 is just plain weird... We can only hope that they'll make another Toybox Turbos or Micro Machines but after MM: WT, I'm not sure 😞