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    Been using medium tc since halfway 2018. Only time my wheel felt with a proper force feedback was at the beginning of a 100% race, but when it proceed it got much more loose along the way. I want to feel like i control the wheel in stead of the other way around. Thanks already for helping me


    I think it also has something to do with the surface settings


    In some events i was able to deliver a decent result, but in most occasions i just crash on a really strange way. This was silverstone: https://clips.twitch.tv/LitigiousHomelyReubenBCouch Did hungary last weekend and althought a spin i made it to the finish.


    I have been playing the f1 franchise since 2009. Always enjoyed it, and even bought a wheel and improved my skills during the 2018 game and managed to win multiple races online. And than the 2019 game got released and first of all the force feedback feels like it have disappeared. Have looked into this and did a firmware update and also tried to recalibrate my wheel( a thrustmaster tx with ferrari f1 addon). It was a bit better but within a few laps it felt like I lost it again. Tried a different racegame and it worked well in there. The cars in multiplayer feels undrivable. It's like driving on ice on some occassions. No grip at all trying multiple setups. It got me a number of crashes and frustrations. I just don't understand why this game is not working for me and if there isn't any improvement soon I will give up on the franchise and stop racing online. So please anyone, how am i able to improve my skills so I'm able to enjoy the game again? For technical reference. I'm running f1 2019 on a xbox one x, with a thrustmaster tx wheel.

    Braking isn't working

    Why is it impossible to break properly? It's like nothing happens when I brake. It's frustrating and I hope you can give me some advice to make the game less frustrating. I'm playing on a xbox one x with a thrustmaster tx and a Ferrari f1 addon

    Multiplayer bugs [ZX]

    I know, but the Formula1game twitter account asked me to post this on the tech forum. F1 2019 looks a lot more stable than before, but that might be expected as not everyone is playing it

    Multiplayer bugs [ZX]

    Hallo, i have experienced multiple bugs in the 2018 multiplayer mode on my xbox: Fuel glitch: amount of fuel freezes at the level you have left the pits with Setup glitch: not able to load in any setup after joining an mp session. Corner restrictions are ridiculous high, just don't make sense compared to the real world. Your Twitter account asked me to post this on the forum, so here it is.