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  1. The same in the French language
  2. Ps4 German Stage -> the voice of the codriver is too weak! you never test anything ???
  3. GregPit81

    G29 linearity issue? (video)

    it's "normal" the steering wheel in game, does not correspond to reality. do not trust that
  4. there are more important things than others .....
  5. GregPit81

    Date and content next update?

    it would simply avoid that we post all 20 messages each on the same bug, the forum would appear less toxic
  6. GregPit81

    soft lock

    I have already calibrated my steering wheel, for me the R5, R2, GT are 540, the M3 720, Group B 900, so it seems ok, but the Golf, Abarth, Datsun, Sierra, and certainly d other, exceed 900 degrees of rotation and that, it would surprise me
  7. it would be necessary and urgent to communicate the date and content of the next update. The game is getting better and the content is great, but there is still too much bug everywhere and things not really finished that ruin everything. Some examples : - Leaderbords - Soft Lock - Rain - Voice of the Codriver not strong enough in Germany - The idiotic words of the Codriver at the end of the stage - The missing pacenotes CM, talk to us @jennyannem
  8. GregPit81

    soft lock

    on PS4 I am convinced that it does not work as it should with all cars. Golf, Integral, Abarth, Sierra, Datsun ..... with soft lock, it's over 900 degrees of rotation. I mentioned the subject several times and nobody answers that. The best way would be to have a complete list of rotation angles of each car and adjust each time because CM will certainly not correct this problem like many others besides.
  9. for me the soft lock does not work as it should. Some car have strange steering angles a few examples Golf, HF Integral 990, RX2 630, I must each time check the steering angle at shakedown, I can not rely on soft lock mode. Did anyone else notice that?
  10. GregPit81

    German no disponible Psstore

    they do not know how to communicate everything at the same place !!!!!!
  11. GregPit81

    German no disponible Psstore

    WAKE UP CODEMASTERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. What’s the **** !!!!!!!!! and still not possible to download Germany
  13. @CM_Ads the leaderbord of the monthly events are always broken and we can never have the general ranking, only stage by stage why do not you repair that?
  14. GregPit81

    DiRTy Gossip Thread