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  1. dazvid70

    Thanks for the Monte Carlo Rally stage(s) CM

    I went onto the store to see what price Monte Carlo was and shocked to find out it was £2.89!! Aboslute no brainer and purchased straightaway. Only had time for a quick run but my first impressions were great. So much better than DR1. I’m a PS4 Pro owner and whilst I appreciate some comments on the graphics side of things this looks great to me. Tarmac to ice/snow transition works very well. Whilst I admit I’m looking forward to WRC 8, this game is shaping up to be brilliant with future updates
  2. dazvid70

    WRC 8 Livestream

    I think codies might have some competition on their hands with that game!
  3. dazvid70

    Where are the Splashes & Audio

    So glad someone else has brought this up. It really spoils the immersion of driving and the replays. Absolutely love the game but this is something that would just top it for me. Probably too much coding involved for a patch but needs to be looked at for future releases. This would bring the tracks to life for sure!