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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys, now that we know that this isn't an isolated incident, maybe it will be worth looking into for the devs. @andaya You're right, it's absolutely crucial to be able to hear your revs when drifting! @MLT24 I'm also using a 5.1 system and agree that it sounds like two of my speakers cut out. Specifically the satellites, while the front speakers only put out 90% of the engine sound. Cheers : )
  2. Hi guys, I couldn't find if this has been discussed before so sorry if it has. When a race starts everything sounds great but after my first collision, either with a barrier or with another car, the engine sound fades drastically for the rest of the race.  Has anyone else noticed this problem or found a fix? I race on PS3, Fanatec CSR and CSR Elite pedals, cockpit view. Thanks, cheers!! 
  3. I only race in cockpit but when I've tried the other cams I found that bumper cam feels like I'm driving an RC car. I can see people feeling the chase cams are too low but one thing that I want to mention is the fact that if the views are too high, chase cams will let the player see too much and too far ahead of the track compared to cockpit users, giving them an unfair advantage IMO.
  4. That was an awesome feature, please bring it back!
  5. I definitely agree with you concerning audio cues when using the cockpit cam. I have to use the hood cam to be able to hear tire squeal, it's a shame but not game braking imo. I set surface volume to max for more tire squeal.   Edit: I'm using the Fanatec CSR on PS3, no assists and my tires have no problem locking up!!!
  6. I'm using the Fanatec CSR on the PS3' I originally bought for Forza 4 on 360 which feels great. My time with it on the PS3 is limited to GT6 which I also think feels really good. I'm gonna play with the in game setting some more and see if I can add a little more responsiveness. There might be a magic number in the wheel weight and strength setting that I haven't found yet. If anyone else is using the CSR on PS3 and would like to share your setting, I'd enjoy trying them, cheers!
  7. Well whatever the deal is, I hope it gets a patch ASAP. Otherwise it's pretty fun. But with the lack of feedback I'm getting coupled with not much audible tire squeel when using cockpit view, it's hard to feel when the back end is about to step out.
  8. I'm using my Fanatec CSR, definitely feels weak in GA. Please patch!
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