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  1. spothedog

    Stiff competition on the horizon...

    As wheel user I have never like how the older WRC games feel, there just not natural. That’s one thing that DR1 & 2.0 get right is the handling, which is th most important thing to me. I haven’t tried 7 so I don’t know if there’s improvement from 6. This looks really good and if the wheel support,handling, FFB and physics are good I would definitely buy it.
  2. spothedog

    Separate Leaderboards for Wheels and Controllers?

    They had filters for wheels/pads and assist on DR1 would be nice for DR2.0 also.
  3. spothedog

    Codies are like a submarine on game release

    Agree with everything you said, I would have to say your defending common sense not CM.
  4. spothedog

    Any assistance please?

    Yes it does and I thought that was how it worked, but needed clarification Thanks.
  5. spothedog

    Any assistance please?

    Excuse my ignorance, but is it soft lock or steering saturation you set to 60%?