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  1. AttackRabbit

    Chat option in GRID Autosport!!

    Would be nice but yeah think it's a bit late to be added in (although certainly not impossible). My PC usually takes longer to load than everyone else in a lobby and whilst looking at loading screens the voice chat is either extremely choppy or just plain cuts out meaning people get annoyed at me not answering them when it's because I never even knew they said anything :p Text chat would solve this for me at least
  2. Would be nice if it worked or if we could get an ETA on it working although it is saving me a shedload of money not buying upgrades for supercars etc at ridiculous prices :D
  3. AttackRabbit

    Can we leave it now please Codies

    Strangely enough I've been playing it since it was released and have not had 1 single time it was unplayable :s
  4. AttackRabbit

    FIX THE MONEY!!...please 8P

    Winning / coming second without crashing into anyone or anything and still making -$2000 to -$6000 per race gets old pretty fast :/
  5. Nice drifting vids and glad to see there's a drifting community  :) I'm slowly dragging my mates into drifting and a few of them have even been heard to mutter that 'it's not that bad actually...' As to something other than FRAPS you could try OBS (open broadcast software). It's primarily for streaming to Twitch etc but you can not stream and just save the video to your hard drive and it seems to make way less of an impact than FRAPS
  6. AttackRabbit

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Mostly enjoying the game so far, sometimes the AI is far too brutal / idiotic and I've lost count of the number of times I've been doing Racenet challenges only for AI to run me off the road / set up a lovely roadblock and ruin my car. As others have mentioned why can't I use purchased cars in party modes? Seems a bit silly to me (and why do we have to sit through people trying to tune their destruction derby car...why are the tuning options even there as there is no way to buy the damn thing)? No doubt it's mentioned already but why have mirrors in the game if they are just decorations? I'm aware there's a mod that sorts it but I'd rather not go 3rd party route for something that should of been in game to start with :/ Edit: Also please sort out it not saving my controls so I have to redo them every single time I launch the game :/
  7. AttackRabbit

    Save corrupt... what a ****

    In my experience with Grid 2 at least it was the sync with steam cloud option that caused the corruption. I lost my Grid 2 save 3 times before turning it off and once it was off I never had an issue again. You can be sure I disabled that as soon as I installed Autosport
  8. They seem to be ignoring most of the bug reports though for Autosport too, or at least giving no indication they care or even read the thread
  9. AttackRabbit

    gamepad controls not saving

    Yup I have this issue too. Thing is Grid 2 and Autosport don't recognise the start button as a start button yet on the control setup menu it has no trouble recognising all the buttons on the pad. So annoying when I get an invite to a raceroom and I have to launch game, go through control setup then find the room has been filled because I wasn't able to join straight away ^^
  10. AttackRabbit

    GRID Autosport Bugs Thread

    16% damage after a race without hitting anything at all? That can't be right surely? Also once again I'm having to unlock the same upgrades every single race on my Dalara (?) F312 One last one...did a drift event and set my drift car up for drift, next race was open wheel and it kept the settings from the drift event even though it was a totally different car - noticed when I topped out at about 40mph less than everyone else ^^
  11. AttackRabbit

    Online car upgrades

    Yeah I've sold an old bashed up car that had most things unlocked and upon buying a new version of the exact same car I had no upgrades unlocked. On a similar note My C1 drift car suddenly unlocked pretty much all the upgrades whilst it was still lvl 12 (went from 1 race with about 2 things unlocked then next event it was all unlocked)
  12. AttackRabbit

    GRID Autosport Bugs Thread

    Lvl 48 Drift car and I have to unlock the upgrades before every single race. Pretty sure this isn't intended