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  1. 1. Don't rush the development of DR 3. The new game should be optimized for the next console generation coming end of this year, rather than the current ones. 2. Although I really like the graphics of DR 2.0 the next game would deserve a completely new graphics engine. (Again, high performance consoles are on their way!) Part of the extra computing power could be used for the higher fidelity of the road surface: more pronounced surface bumps, potholes, uneven-parts - in 3D with unique textures. 3. Constant 60fps - even in rain, even with lots of objects, even in replays. 4. Som
  2. Could someone give me a helping hand at car-setups? I have some experience at setups but I'm new to rally-sport. My current event in the career is Sweden, I drive the Alpine A110. The first stage has a very fast and narrow first section with long straigths. I have some difficulties to keep the Renault on the road - it doesn't want to go straight, it feels unconnected, almost floating.  Slower corners and turns are not that bad, I have problem with the fast sections.  Would be great to get some more straight-line stability while not making the car too much understeer. I play on Xbox
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