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  1. I'm on standard Xbox too and although sometimes the graphics a little bit blurry and a couple textures are low-res the game looks fine and thiese minor issues doesnt ruin playability. Frame rates are okay, contol of the car is continuous, no micro-freezes. It's better this way than having crystal sharp graphics, but with more stuttering and sluggish car controll. The good old 'box can't handle more. We have to accept that the standard Xbox One is an old hardware and not the primary platform for newer releases.
  2. redriot77

    Favourite corner sequence?

    It is very hard to choose a few because track layouts are great in overall in the game, most of them has a great flow. I really like that section in Poland where you have to get around a warehouse on cobblestone road, feels great when you manage to link together the drifts in an rwd car. Another one is in Australia, Yambala Descent I guess: forest section, you jump through an easy right bend, going downhill a few meters than at the bottom part the road turns left and uphill, still quite high speed, than at the top going into a longer right 3 or 4. Quite scary to going high speed into a blind jump than you have short time to setup the car for the climb and the sudden right turn. It's a blast!
  3. redriot77

    Season 2

    I think there are worse examples in "recycling" than Codies. For example I stopped buying the new versions of Forza Motorsport because 90% of the cars and the bigger part of the tracks are from the previous releases of the franchise. Putting together a car list for a rally game is a more limited task than a car list for a more open game like Forza Motorsport. There are a limited number of classic rally cars that you MUST have to include. Quattro, Delta Integrale, Escort RS Cosworth, a Lancer Evo and an Impreza, Stratos, Mini Cooper, etc. No matter what, if you decide to include classic rally cars into your game you can't miss those. Liceneses for new cars must be harder to get, so maybe they couldn't include all the modern cars the community requests. Anyway they are trying to get interesting car into the game: BMW M1, Citroen DS, Ascona 400, Datsun 240Z - and rumours about the Gruppe B 911SC coming. These are not to boring standard classic cars you'll get in every rally game. I could see more cars of course, especially from the late '90s early 2000s period but I can't say that the present car list is poor. Compare this to Forza Motorsport! Those guys have a budget and a team maybe 100 times bigger than Codies. And they still cranking out games with content 80% recycled from previous iterations of the franchise. And what is important not only the license of a car is recycled, no, most of the times they re-use the 3D-model of the car, sometimes a 3D mesh dating back to Forza Motorsport 3 or 4! For example I like old muscle cars so I don't have problem that every Forza has the 1970 Impala SS 454, but my eyes hurt when looking at the hideous, wrong shaped , 10 year old 3D model even in their newest game. New cars in DLCs also choosen by business decisions and not based on community requests. Most DLCs for Forza Motorsport 7 included at least two pickup truck or off-road vehicle. Arctic expedition Toyota Landcruiser in a paid DLC for a game only with smooth asphalt locations!!! All this from a company with a budget bigger than some third world country. So I think Codies are doingh a decent job considering the type of their game and ther financial possibilities. About locations from DR1 in DR2.0 DLCs: Sweden and Monte Carlo has been improved in the remaster quite a lot and paired with the new driving physics the immersion and the feeling of those stages are on a new level compared to the originals. DR 2.0 DLC prices are really, really low, so I can't see them as a rip-off.
  4. redriot77

    Disappointing liveries (console)

    That seems quite possible.
  5. redriot77

    Disappointing liveries (console)

    Yeah, I noticed it too. The 3D model of the Subaru is much detailed and cleaner, somehow it looks sharper. Really well done! The Focus is not the same quality, it's like from an X360 game.
  6. redriot77

    Disappointing liveries (console)

    I understand that licensing official liveries is difficult and expensive but some better quality fantasy liveries could have been made. The four paintjobs for the Focus must have been made under 2 minutes. (Load template, change base color, paste one big logo onto the hood two smaller onto the doors, export file, repeat 3 times, job done!) I usually comment about DR2 in a positive manner but those liveries scream negligence. I cant believe that there is not a single person at Codies with basic Photoshop skills who has a couple of free hours and actually has minimal interest how the cars look like in their product, DR2.0. Even better would be somehow implement the livery editor from Dirt4 to DR2.0.
  7. redriot77

    How do I shave those last seconds?

    Time trials and making a good setup. When practicing on time trials don't restart after the first spin or roll-over! If the car is fine finish the stage. If you restart too often you wont learn the later parts of the stage as good as the beginning.
  8. redriot77

    Favourite stage in the game?

    Hancock Hill Sprint / New England. Good mix of high and low speed sections. Many downhill parts where you can reach really high speeds.
  9. D4 tarmac better than DR2.0? I don't think so. I remember that in D4 many cars behave like they had a half full water barrel attached onto their roof. Even with stiffer suspension settings. I cant remember more details but DR 2.0 tarmac feels definitely more realistic for me. (Only exception is the 911 GT Rally for me, I find it quite hard to controll for a late-model supercar.)
  10. redriot77

    Trees dramatically drop FPS

    I play on Xbox and for me the biggest fps-killer trees are located in Argentina. Unfortunately I dont know the name of the stage, but I try to describe it. It's a shorter stage, begins on a plateau with high section, with an L1 at the end. After it's slightly downhill, and still high-speed (especially by Argentina standards! :). After a while the road turns to right and there is a row of tall, thin trees on the right side of the road. Those hugely impacts the frame-rate, by feel I would say it goes down into the 20s. Biggest fps hit in the game for me. Interestingly enough in the thick forests in USA fps doesnt seem to take a big hit, but at hairpins screen-tearing can happen - but it's quite rare since the latest couple of patches I think.
  11. redriot77

    XBOX One performance "boost" experiment

    Thanks watzcoc, I'll give these a try after work! Some extra fps never hurts. :)
  12. redriot77

    How Far Away Is Realistic Audio?

    I found one little weirdness regarding sounds: tire skid sounds are not always audible in the proper place. For example you can hear tire screeching when you drifting on snow on the upper regions in Monte Carlo. In the car haven't noticed it but on trackside camera replay it was really weird. The car slides around on thick snow layer and ghe tires are screeching like they are on dry tarmac. I've also run into the completely opposite: Australia, dry road, clear weather, daytime. There is a looong tarmac straight with a square right at its end. I threw the Manta into a huge drift, as I remember the tires screeching loudly. I hardly could wait to watch the replay. After finish I watched it (trackside cam) and the car drifted through the corner with silent tires. 😕 Anyone else experienced things like that?
  13. redriot77

    What I love most in DiRT Rally 2.0

    What I love most in DR 2.0 is the immersion. The physics are making weight transfer and playing with the car's momentum through turn-combinations great fun. Good physics alone wouldn't be enough for an immersive experience but DR 2.0 has top quality engine sounds. Many driving sims has artifical engine sounds, recorded in a dyno room.But in DR 2.0 you can hear the engines struggle, the intake gasping for air, the turbo whine, the exhaust roar. Sounds make this game alive. And there are the graphics. On standard Xbox there are some fps drops and screen tearing but the overall look, the lighting system and details like vegetation are making the locations look very realistic. I hate the bloom effect on some stages (it's deadly in Poland with those ultra-high speed sections) but it's also realistic, and I hate blinding sun-glare in real life too, so no need to change that. :) By the way locations: nothing can substitute hand-crafted, realistic locations. The devs designed really awesome stages. Every location is a very different experience. I liked the track-generator in D4 at first but after a while it annoyed me. Like having the same corner combination two or three times on the same stage - then I had some weird déja-vu feel, not good.
  14. redriot77

    Car class of challenges

    I think rain should be tweaked, but it doesnt mean just to simply reduce it in overall! Weather should adopt to the geographical location: very low chance of rain in Australia and in Spain for example. Also weather and road conditions should follow a more realistic pattern during a race weekend. For example on the first day the weather is sunny and the roads are dry. At night it starts to rain and the roads become wet. If the rain is heavy the roads should stay wet in the following stages too! The stages are close to each other and dirt roads doesnt dry as quick as tarmac roads. There should be completely dry rallies - it's not uncommon on most places of the Earth that two days pass without any rain. 🙂 On the other hand there should be rainy weekends with frequent showers amd mostly wet roads. Now rain probability is very synthetic, almost the same in every race. No completely rainy or sunny weekends just every weekend is about 70% clear 30% wet which is rather generic. The ratio of night stages is okay I think. I'm doing the monthlies now and usually there are out of 9 stages are 2 starts at night. It isnt that much IMHO.
  15. I like the way it is now, that's all unpredictable. I don't like to drive in rain at night but I know that the other drivers will also have to cope with the same difficulties. And, a good result on a difficult stage is mire rewarding. Another thing is that driving in hard conditions is a good practice. I admit that with an option to preview the conditions I wouldnt enter some challenges. But I dont quit one just because I dont like a particular stage. Buckle up, visors down and go for it!