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  1. 1. Don't rush the development of DR 3. The new game should be optimized for the next console generation coming end of this year, rather than the current ones. 2. Although I really like the graphics of DR 2.0 the next game would deserve a completely new graphics engine. (Again, high performance consoles are on their way!) Part of the extra computing power could be used for the higher fidelity of the road surface: more pronounced surface bumps, potholes, uneven-parts - in 3D with unique textures. 3. Constant 60fps - even in rain, even with lots of objects, even in replays. 4. Some kind of livery editor would be great. (Even a simple one, like in Dirt 4) 5. Physics are great in DR 2.0, no major change needed. Only tarmac physics should be improved. Again, the extra computing power of the PS5/Xbox SeriesX would make possible to sample frequency rate in the physics engine making car controll more natural feel and smooth, that alone would improve the experience. 6. The game is now perfectly playable with a controller! Please don't tweak controller handling! :) 7. Keep the "sound guy" in the team at all price! :) DR 2.0 cars are feel alive, you can hear the engines breath! The sound effects in the game has great part in the immersion DR 2.0 gives. I would be very disappointed with anything less in the next DR. 8. Some visual customization on the cars. No, I don't want to turn DR 3.0 into NFS or Forza Horizon! :) But some of the cars could have some optional bumpers, spoileres, bonnets, radiator grilles, wheels to choose from. Of course only parts that had been optional on the real rally car! So no Rocket Bunny kits, DUB wheels and **** like that! This feature along with a livery editor could be released in DLC form. 9. Again, don't rush the release! Do a 100x more testing, to avoid the teething problems of DR 2.0. Nowadays it's normal that games are full with bugs when released. Be oldschool, and release a well-optimized, bug-free DR 3.0 - you'll gain big respect and prestige with that feature from many players! 10. Location DLCs. That's difficult. I've bought 90% of the DR2.0 content but not everyone is happy with "paying twice for the same product" - they would like to have everything in the base game for no extra costs. I don't know what would be the best solution. Maybe spicing up old locations with adding a new, scratch-made stage to them? 11. Regional historic car DLCs: -Italy DLC: Alfa Romeo Giulia 2000 GT Veloce, Lancia Beta Monte Carlo, Alfa Romeo GTV6, Autobianchi A112, Fiat Ritmo 130TC -France DLC: Citroen CX 2400GTi, Renault Clio Williams, Citroen Saxo S1600, Citroen Xsara WRC -Sweden DLC: Saab 96, Volvo Amazon 123GT, Volvo 242 Turbo -Eastern Europe DLC: Wartburg 353W, Trabant 601, Skoda 130RS, Skoda 130LR, Lada 2105 VFTS, Skoda Octavia I WRC -Japan DLC: 1973 Mitsubishi Lancer GSR, 1979 Toyota Celica GT2000, 1981 Datsun Violet, 1983 Nissan Silvia 240RS,
  2. redriot77

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Seasons 3 & 4

    I agree, DR 2.0 become a strong platform with most of its bugs fixed. It has GREAT physics, awesome stages, decent graphics and sound. I rather to see new content for DR 2.0 for 2020-21 than having DR 3.0 rushed and having a game with many bugs and reading again all the whining and crying here and on FBook.
  3. redriot77

    We should NOT buy any new DLC until the game is FIXED!

    You use very harsh words and mostly for no reason. There are greedy software companies who make games packed with micro transactions, overpriced DLCs, pay-to-win mechanics. You can easily spend fortunes in World Of Tanks or War Thunder to buy better tanks, plane, battleships - there are vehicles for that game with a price more than a DR 2.0 Season Pass! There is Fallout 76: a game built on a 10+ years old engine - yet still full of game-breaking bugs - packed with the most annoying microtransactions. I agree, there are very bad tendencies in gaming industries, there are many similar games following similar practice like the 2 examples I've mentioned. (And I avoid these kind of games like plague.) But putting Codemasters into this category (greedy, lazy, uncaring b*stards) is very very unfair! No micro-transactions, no pay-to-win, no play-through-once-in-2 hoursand-forget-but-very-expensive DLCs, no game-breaking bugs. They add new contents for one year, for a very fair price and fixing and optimising the game - and in the while they communicate with the players. Where are those disgusting tactics you wrote about? At first, the game is NOT broken. They fixed the FFB, for most players it's good. Dashcam: there is a cockpit cam with adjustable seat (forward and back) and there is a zoomed in view, zoomed into the instrument panel. You're not forced to drive from the back seat. Audio bug: it happens a lot less than a couple of months ago, but well, it's still there. But it's far from being a game-breaking bug. Analouge handbrake: why would you need it to be analogue? Do you want to practice how to start a car on a steep hill? :) For turning you only use it only for a fragment of a second- a quick pull and there you go. For a 2 hour DR 2.0 session I don't think I use my handbrake for more than 3 seconds. Career reset: that's OK, I guess it couldn't be much work to add. Calling DR 2.0 broken for these minor annoyances is not right. Games are becoming more and more complex so it's getting harder to make them to fit everyone's taste. Calling Codies uncaring and greedy is an insult: they fixed many many bugs since release: FFB, dark sections on stages with bad visibility, rain effects, some optimisations here and there, etc. They are present on this message board and replying to our questions, they listen to us. Not every company communicates this much with their customers, even very big studios are completely deaf and mute. I think the developers of Dirt Rally 2.0 worth our support. They've made a great game and they're still working hard to make it even better and keep it fresh with new content. If you want new games made by them - or maybe Season 5 & 6 for DR 2.0 - support them and buy the new Season pass. I'll definitely do.
  4. redriot77

    What's Your Favourite Location (so far...)?

    It's very hard to choose a favourite because all of the locations are very well made. I really love Germany because I love the stage layouts and I enjoy the tarmac physics here. I drive Argentina and Spain less than other locations because of the many similar very low speed corners - Monte Carlo also a low speed location but overall look of the stages and the varied surface conditions make it interesting. Sweden is also great but I have to concentrate very hard to see the snowy road in the snowy enviroment, so only it's my lazyness prevents me to drive it often. :) Anyway I think Codies made a great job with the locations: there are many of them now (although it's never enough :) and all of the is kind of a different game.
  5. redriot77

    I am vengeance, I am the NIGHT, I am Batman!

    IMHO it's realistic that the 037 is much easier to drive than the Stratos: the Stratos was designed in the early '70s and every article about it mentions that it had nerveous handling and only the most skilled and bravest drivers could drive it effectively and really fast. The Escort: it was based on a road car, and as far as I know the Mk.II Escort shared many components and design features with the Mk.I. It was narrow, had a high mass centre, and a live axle at the rear. The 037 was a purposely built for rally racing, not a road car transformed to racing. Low center of gravity, wider track, better weight distribution, wider tires and a double wishbone rear suspension with dual shock absorbers instead of the Escort's live axle. I think it's logical that it's faster and easier to drive than the Ford. It's also realistic the the 037 is a better drive than the 911SC. The BMW M1: in real life it only started on tarmac rallies and has serious unreliability issues. In DR 2.0 you can drive it in every location and technical failures which completely stops the car are non existent. But the 430HP engine output is still there with the fully customizable suspension, gears, and differential. Roads are also a little bit wider in the game than in real life so the large dimensions of the M1 are not that bothering. I think these are the reasons why the M1 is faster than we expected it to be.
  6. redriot77

    Lighting and Colour Palette Improvements

    Agreed with this one. I kinda got used to the bright colors of New England but some tweaks would be useful there. Some duller sections with bare trees, some with green leafs, not glowing orange and taxi yellow all along the way. I love the stages but New England is not the location which I would showcase the game to a friend. Direct sunlight effects: I like them as they are now. I remember that after release there were sections in Poland which looked like I drive in a radiation zone in Fallout 4. :) It was quite distracting but Codies tweaked it down a bit so it's okay now. Dark sections in the woods: I think it's fixed now for good. After release there were pitch-black sections in New Zealand where the road just disappeared, and some too dark parts in Poland but they are fixed. There are some dark parts of course but I find them realistic now, I don't think this issue still needs tweaking. Rain also has been fixed. In overall the game runs and looks really fine now. Apart from the bright yellows in New England I wouldn't change a thing, and it also not a big issue kinda used to it. I hope there will be more locations in the works, this brilliant game would deserve support continued with other new locations, cars, etc. I would pay for Season3 (or 4, 5, 6 :) on the first day it's available!
  7. redriot77

    One Aspect in Which RBR Has Yet to be Surpassed...

    For me the best replays are in the German stages. Best good camera postions on the forest serpentine with the hairpins, and at the airfield (where the Tornado jet was in DR1). Wales is OK too but for me Germany and Monte Carlo are the best looking locations.
  8. Xbox One, standard - sound bug During replays using TV style camera the engine sound randomly goes mute for a couple of secs and after it comes back. Experienced it on many cars on every Wales stage. Other sounds (like road surface noises, enviroment sounds goes normal, only the engine sounds cut completely. Quite frequent bug, it happens at least once during each replay. I havent driven other locations since Wales came out so I don't know is this a location related issue but I guess it's not.
  9. redriot77

    I'm bored on dirt rally 2.0

    I don't see what the problem is: I admit I haven't watched all videos to the end, but all the slides and drifts I've seen in them can be re-create in DR 2.0. Take the BMW M3 or the 911 to Monte Carlo or Spain and the sideways-action will be even too much for you. :) If you really go for big powerslides try more agressive diff settings and stiffen up the rear ARB. Put more brake force to the rear to make easier to induce corner-entry oversteer. Experiment and the slides (and smiles) will come. :)
  10. redriot77

    911 SC RS and Lancia 037 EVO released!

    Set rear toe-in to 0.15-0.20. Rear camber shouldn't be too high, about 0.5-0.7 works for me. Give decel. diff. and diff. preload a relatively higher value. Set accel. diff to low enought to reduce unwanted corner exit wheelspin. Springs: by default setup the rear springs are softer than the front. It's not correct because springs are carrying the weight of the car and should be balanced according the weight distribution of the car. In the case of the 911 the rear is heavier so you need to set the rear spring to harder than the front ones! With too hard front springs and too soft rear ones you'll lose front grip on corner exit. To prevent unwanted oversteer set the rear ARB to much softer than the front. I also set the rear dampers softer - I dont know is it correct in IRL but for me it works in the game. Also a litzle bit harder front dampers doesnt hurt. Gear ratios: 1st is extremely short by default it should be set longer a little bit, but keep 2nd to close to 1st - good for accelerating out from extra tight hairpins. 5th is very long consider to shorten it. At first test the Porsche in Germany: tarmac stages where the 911 really feels at home. Get used to it on tarmac and only after that experiment on low grip roads. And by the way: never jump off the throttle during high speed corners in a 911! 🙂
  11. redriot77

    tips for the faster stages

    I mostly drive RWD and I had some problems with Poland and its extreme fast sections. For me proper setup helped a lot. The Polish roads are not too rough but speeds above 160-180 km/h the car will be bouncy if the suspension is too hard. To keep the car tight I use the throttle carefully. Sudden lift off and sudden full power could imbalance the car. I use the brake aggressively, sometimes blocking the front wheels but I always apply some throttle to keep things (the rear) under controll. Kinda left-foot braking although I play on xbox with a controller. Keeping the throttle on during corner entry is also gives you some room to making the turn tighter - if you go wide you can still lift off some more. If you are completely lifted off on entry you can tighten your approach only with the brakes and its more unstable and unsafe! Don't overdrive the car- find a pace where you are still in full controll. When you feel you're riding a cannonball or a jet-powered skateboard try to go slower. As I mentioned I drive RWDs but I hope the hints above can be useful for AWD too.
  12. redriot77

    911 SC RS and Lancia 037 EVO released!

    Tried both cars, they are great! Only drove them on tarmac I'm not dare yet to take them to loose surface. 🙂 The Lancia is powerful and has very tight handling. Its default setup felt perfect for Germany, well balanced. The 911 is a little slower I guess it's in the middle between the Manta and the 037. Good handling but not that sharp as the Lancia. I'd like to point out how perfectly the Porsche sounds. The very best classic 911 sound I've heard for a long time in a video game! Better than Forza 7 and Project CARS 2. CM really nailed it, perfectly made cars!
  13. 1. Set throttle and brake to the triggers. You need fine, analogue controll for these, digital ON/OFF doesn't work. You'll get used to it in a weekend don't worry. 2. Set the rear springs and the rear ARB softer (if there is one on the specific car). 3. Experiment with differential settings, that could completely change the behaviour of the car, especially RWDs! If it's too twitchy and slides to much give it some pre-load. If you have too much wheelspin set accel. lock to lower. 4. Don't release the throttle completely and too sudden in corner entry. Maintain some throttle and carefully apply brake in high/medium speed corners. Think it like simulating left-foot braking. Of course in sharp corners and hairpins you jump off the throttle to swing the rear around.
  14. redriot77

    Season 1 Germany

    Interesting. Mostly I drive classic RWD and I would say in DR2.0 I can make more controlled slides and handbrake turns than in the original game. And yes, there are rough and smooth asphalt in Germany (on the rough you pull dust trails) and on the rough the car has less grip. Were there different asphalts in the original game? There were some concrete parts that's sure but different asphalt?
  15. redriot77

    Season 1 Germany

    After a couple more test runs I really love Germany. I don't like the other tarmac location, Spain. It's OK, but I dont feel at home on those very smooth asphalt and armco everywhere. As an Eastern European I feel mich more comfortable at the German countryside. The stages have a great flow - with the new physics it's very natural to drift around the tight corners (the area around the military helicopter.) Very well done Codies, thanks for this great content!