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  1. redriot77

    I'm bored on dirt rally 2.0

    I don't see what the problem is: I admit I haven't watched all videos to the end, but all the slides and drifts I've seen in them can be re-create in DR 2.0. Take the BMW M3 or the 911 to Monte Carlo or Spain and the sideways-action will be even too much for you. :) If you really go for big powerslides try more agressive diff settings and stiffen up the rear ARB. Put more brake force to the rear to make easier to induce corner-entry oversteer. Experiment and the slides (and smiles) will come. :)
  2. redriot77

    911 SC RS and Lancia 037 EVO released!

    Set rear toe-in to 0.15-0.20. Rear camber shouldn't be too high, about 0.5-0.7 works for me. Give decel. diff. and diff. preload a relatively higher value. Set accel. diff to low enought to reduce unwanted corner exit wheelspin. Springs: by default setup the rear springs are softer than the front. It's not correct because springs are carrying the weight of the car and should be balanced according the weight distribution of the car. In the case of the 911 the rear is heavier so you need to set the rear spring to harder than the front ones! With too hard front springs and too soft rear ones you'll lose front grip on corner exit. To prevent unwanted oversteer set the rear ARB to much softer than the front. I also set the rear dampers softer - I dont know is it correct in IRL but for me it works in the game. Also a litzle bit harder front dampers doesnt hurt. Gear ratios: 1st is extremely short by default it should be set longer a little bit, but keep 2nd to close to 1st - good for accelerating out from extra tight hairpins. 5th is very long consider to shorten it. At first test the Porsche in Germany: tarmac stages where the 911 really feels at home. Get used to it on tarmac and only after that experiment on low grip roads. And by the way: never jump off the throttle during high speed corners in a 911! 🙂
  3. redriot77

    tips for the faster stages

    I mostly drive RWD and I had some problems with Poland and its extreme fast sections. For me proper setup helped a lot. The Polish roads are not too rough but speeds above 160-180 km/h the car will be bouncy if the suspension is too hard. To keep the car tight I use the throttle carefully. Sudden lift off and sudden full power could imbalance the car. I use the brake aggressively, sometimes blocking the front wheels but I always apply some throttle to keep things (the rear) under controll. Kinda left-foot braking although I play on xbox with a controller. Keeping the throttle on during corner entry is also gives you some room to making the turn tighter - if you go wide you can still lift off some more. If you are completely lifted off on entry you can tighten your approach only with the brakes and its more unstable and unsafe! Don't overdrive the car- find a pace where you are still in full controll. When you feel you're riding a cannonball or a jet-powered skateboard try to go slower. As I mentioned I drive RWDs but I hope the hints above can be useful for AWD too.
  4. redriot77

    911 SC RS and Lancia 037 EVO released!

    Tried both cars, they are great! Only drove them on tarmac I'm not dare yet to take them to loose surface. 🙂 The Lancia is powerful and has very tight handling. Its default setup felt perfect for Germany, well balanced. The 911 is a little slower I guess it's in the middle between the Manta and the 037. Good handling but not that sharp as the Lancia. I'd like to point out how perfectly the Porsche sounds. The very best classic 911 sound I've heard for a long time in a video game! Better than Forza 7 and Project CARS 2. CM really nailed it, perfectly made cars!
  5. 1. Set throttle and brake to the triggers. You need fine, analogue controll for these, digital ON/OFF doesn't work. You'll get used to it in a weekend don't worry. 2. Set the rear springs and the rear ARB softer (if there is one on the specific car). 3. Experiment with differential settings, that could completely change the behaviour of the car, especially RWDs! If it's too twitchy and slides to much give it some pre-load. If you have too much wheelspin set accel. lock to lower. 4. Don't release the throttle completely and too sudden in corner entry. Maintain some throttle and carefully apply brake in high/medium speed corners. Think it like simulating left-foot braking. Of course in sharp corners and hairpins you jump off the throttle to swing the rear around.
  6. redriot77

    Season 1 Germany

    Interesting. Mostly I drive classic RWD and I would say in DR2.0 I can make more controlled slides and handbrake turns than in the original game. And yes, there are rough and smooth asphalt in Germany (on the rough you pull dust trails) and on the rough the car has less grip. Were there different asphalts in the original game? There were some concrete parts that's sure but different asphalt?
  7. redriot77

    Season 1 Germany

    After a couple more test runs I really love Germany. I don't like the other tarmac location, Spain. It's OK, but I dont feel at home on those very smooth asphalt and armco everywhere. As an Eastern European I feel mich more comfortable at the German countryside. The stages have a great flow - with the new physics it's very natural to drift around the tight corners (the area around the military helicopter.) Very well done Codies, thanks for this great content!
  8. redriot77

    The unexpected moments stopped?

    I've met Herr Deer in Germany this evening, he run across the road in front of me. It was a big surprise!
  9. redriot77

    Season 1 Germany

    Agreed! The Manta feels so alive at its homeland, great fun to throw it around those 90degrees and hairpins!
  10. redriot77

    Season 1 Germany

    It works on Xbox. It appeared in the store as purchaseable even though I own the Deluxe Edition. Anyway I clicked on 'Buy' then it displayed the message 'you own this product' and started to install Germany. After that I started the game - no Germany present. Quit, reinstall Germany, restart game: voilá, Germany is there, and it works. So not flawlessly but it works and I hadnt have to pay.
  11. I'm on standard Xbox too and although sometimes the graphics a little bit blurry and a couple textures are low-res the game looks fine and thiese minor issues doesnt ruin playability. Frame rates are okay, contol of the car is continuous, no micro-freezes. It's better this way than having crystal sharp graphics, but with more stuttering and sluggish car controll. The good old 'box can't handle more. We have to accept that the standard Xbox One is an old hardware and not the primary platform for newer releases.
  12. redriot77

    Favourite corner sequence?

    It is very hard to choose a few because track layouts are great in overall in the game, most of them has a great flow. I really like that section in Poland where you have to get around a warehouse on cobblestone road, feels great when you manage to link together the drifts in an rwd car. Another one is in Australia, Yambala Descent I guess: forest section, you jump through an easy right bend, going downhill a few meters than at the bottom part the road turns left and uphill, still quite high speed, than at the top going into a longer right 3 or 4. Quite scary to going high speed into a blind jump than you have short time to setup the car for the climb and the sudden right turn. It's a blast!
  13. redriot77

    Season 2

    I think there are worse examples in "recycling" than Codies. For example I stopped buying the new versions of Forza Motorsport because 90% of the cars and the bigger part of the tracks are from the previous releases of the franchise. Putting together a car list for a rally game is a more limited task than a car list for a more open game like Forza Motorsport. There are a limited number of classic rally cars that you MUST have to include. Quattro, Delta Integrale, Escort RS Cosworth, a Lancer Evo and an Impreza, Stratos, Mini Cooper, etc. No matter what, if you decide to include classic rally cars into your game you can't miss those. Liceneses for new cars must be harder to get, so maybe they couldn't include all the modern cars the community requests. Anyway they are trying to get interesting car into the game: BMW M1, Citroen DS, Ascona 400, Datsun 240Z - and rumours about the Gruppe B 911SC coming. These are not to boring standard classic cars you'll get in every rally game. I could see more cars of course, especially from the late '90s early 2000s period but I can't say that the present car list is poor. Compare this to Forza Motorsport! Those guys have a budget and a team maybe 100 times bigger than Codies. And they still cranking out games with content 80% recycled from previous iterations of the franchise. And what is important not only the license of a car is recycled, no, most of the times they re-use the 3D-model of the car, sometimes a 3D mesh dating back to Forza Motorsport 3 or 4! For example I like old muscle cars so I don't have problem that every Forza has the 1970 Impala SS 454, but my eyes hurt when looking at the hideous, wrong shaped , 10 year old 3D model even in their newest game. New cars in DLCs also choosen by business decisions and not based on community requests. Most DLCs for Forza Motorsport 7 included at least two pickup truck or off-road vehicle. Arctic expedition Toyota Landcruiser in a paid DLC for a game only with smooth asphalt locations!!! All this from a company with a budget bigger than some third world country. So I think Codies are doingh a decent job considering the type of their game and ther financial possibilities. About locations from DR1 in DR2.0 DLCs: Sweden and Monte Carlo has been improved in the remaster quite a lot and paired with the new driving physics the immersion and the feeling of those stages are on a new level compared to the originals. DR 2.0 DLC prices are really, really low, so I can't see them as a rip-off.
  14. redriot77

    Disappointing liveries (console)

    That seems quite possible.
  15. redriot77

    Disappointing liveries (console)

    Yeah, I noticed it too. The 3D model of the Subaru is much detailed and cleaner, somehow it looks sharper. Really well done! The Focus is not the same quality, it's like from an X360 game.