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  1. Well today on 6thx try I got achievement. Things that I did different from previous attempts: I didn't make any ingame race restart and didn't watch replay. One of those things failed to trigger Sunday Driver achievement...! Nothing else changed. I Still was in cockpit view - 100% AI - and all assists disabled. Thank you all who tried to help me there!
  2. Yeah and I did this already 5 times. Cockpit, tried view with wheel and without wheel. Won every race from qualify to final. All assists off. Only one achievement that triggers is World RX Champion (Win 8 Events in the FIA World Rallycross Championship mode) that is not done for me yet, wonder if that could be the case.. but not Sunday Driver.. really strange.. that's why I started this topic. yeah and Im playing on PC
  3. Sunday Driver maybe it means - must be done on Sunday? 🙂
  4. Do anyone have update on this achievement? Must be changed with patches or something.. but description of Achievement still the same.. Win a World Rallycross Championship Final with AI set to 100, in cockpit view, with assists disabled. (Note: Must be done in the FIA World Rallycross Championship game mode) Tried like 5 times already. One time with 2019 RX car and 4 times with original Supercars. Achievement doesn't pop up, something is changed or its a new bug. Patch notes says that Final must be won, and I think its must be done in any location as description says
  5. Sorry just made another topic about my reply.
  6. If event is missed.. any chances it will be available some day in future again?
  7. Crashed vehicle crew is standing out of vehicle
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