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  1. Sandman705

    Is GRID Autosport Really Hard....or is it me??

    Wait a second what are you talking about Super Charger? Cash? Loaner cars? Is this online stuff because I've only played some career and custom cup...I didn't see anything about cash money lol.
  2. First of all let me start off by saying I have NEVER played a GRID game before. This is my first GRID game...I had to sign up on the forums to ask some questions. 1.) Is this game really hard...because I find myself getting owned a lot. I am not a hardcore racing game fan - but I have played and put in over 200 hours on both Forza 3 and 4 and I would say about 80 hours on Horizon. I didn't finish first all the time, but I certainly did not get crushed like I am now. 2.) ASSISTS - is it possible having traction control on actually slows you down. The only assist I ever played with in Forza and GRID so far is ABS. I was getting owned so I tried to play with traction control and stability...it seemed to make things WORSE believe it or not. 3.) Of all types of races why is ENDURANCE the hardest...I mean unless I set it to very easy I seem to really get roughed up, particularly in qualifying. 4.) GENERAL DIFFICULTY - I played Forza on Medium all the time right from the get go. (Again, no pro racer here, just enjoy the games as a casual fan). So I started on Medium, didn't even finish...tried it on easy...but I found that was a struggle too. I don't WANT to get first place every time, but I should be able to compete. On Very Easy I finish 1st or 2nd always. Any ideas why I am having such a hard time in general and a REAL hard time on Endurance...