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  1. I still think this trophy is broken and people are wasting there time doing laps around Indianapolis to get the miles up has no one read my comment on before and checked there objectives in the player profile ? go to milestones and scroll down i bet you any money none of you have unlocked any of the ones do to with Airtime, Braking Drifts, clean sections, Drafting, Drift, fastest laps, Feint Drift, gear shifts, good corners, handbrake drift, near miss, outside pass, overtakes,power drift, powerslide, proximity, racing line, slingshot, two wheels and undercut ? If those are not being tracked why on earth do you think miles you do are being tracked ?
  2. Hi Patriko I was browsing the psnprofiles forum and saw your post I messaged SolidNinjaSnake from there and told him that this trophy might be bugged as I have completed half or the career mode and noticed accolades are not tracking to do with overtakes, drifting and racing line etc. Go have a look at your accolades/achievements none of mine are completed which makes me think the trophy for miles driven is broken too.