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  1. Hi there, One thing I'd really like to see in a hypothetical Dirt Rally 3.0 is UDP support on Xbox One (and PlayStation). I think the chances to get that in Dirt Rally 2.0 are quite low now that it's mostly "complete" but I'd be happy to be proven wrong 🙂 The PC version has it, and AFAIK nothing prevents console games from providing data over UDP (F1 2020 on Xbox One has it, among others). Nice things that console racers would be able to enjoy if UDP was added: Dashboards such as DashPanel (iOS/Android), physical rev stripes and more Bass shakers with real UDP data instead of game audio-based signal (granted, it would require a PC to run the bass shaker software, but any dirt-cheap (ha!) mini-PC would do the job). Wind simulators (same) Motion platforms (same) Maybe support for advanced features of various hardware (such as vibration motors on Fanatec pedals)? Some of these things might seem overkill for a console player, but at the same time, why that preconception? The game is the exact same as the PC version (same physics, etc), it supports mid-to-high end steering wheels like the Fanatec belt-driven and direct-drive stuff on Xbox and PlayStation, etc. Why shouldn't it support other simracing hardware too, even if it requires a bit more fiddling from the user's point of view? Why it makes sense to enable it on Xbox and PlayStation: Other Codemasters game have UDP support on Xbox One (F1 2020 and earlier) Dirt Rally clearly focuses on simulation and will in the future, with recent announcements that the Dirt and Dirt Rally are now two separate teams with different goals. Dirt Rally should enable as much "sim" stuff as the platform allows. With the upcoming Xbox One Series X being a very powerful console (at a price almost guaranteed to be much lower than a comparable gaming PC), the PC is becoming even less necessary for high-end gaming, including highly realistic racing titles. What's more, it will even become hard to replicate in a PC, with exclusive storage technologies and more. It would make sense to enable as much power features as possible on it, IMHO. Consoles have a "it just works" quality to them that makes them very attractive, at least to me. No drivers, no fiddling, etc. Just sit on the couch (or in the cockpit) and play. Makes simracing much more approachable by removing layers of complexity, among other things (yes, I know that the "real" sims like rFactor 2, iRacing and company are PC-only, but DR2.0 comes pretty close to a "real" sim to me!) Enables tons of hardware integrations. It enables one to purchase sim racing gear first instead of starting with a costly PC and having no money left for a cockpit, steering wheel, etc. Having more upgrade paths to simracing nirvana is good. Please do it, I implore you! 😉 @PJTierney I don't know if you have any say on this internally, but I'm sure you can understand the motivation for all Dirt Rally players to have access to this, having a great simracing setup yourself :) Please +1 if you agree! I'd love to hear your opinion on this.