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  1. michaelf

    Welcome to Clubs for DiRT Rally 2.0

    @PJTierney Heads-up: Trying to invite friends to a "Closed" club results in a silent error (logged to the browser console) when pressing the "Send Invites" button in the Clubs website. Expected: We should be able to invite friends when the club is closed, as the wording for a "Closed" group indicates that players with invites can join. Actual: When pressing the "Send Invites" button in the "Invite Friends" dialog, the following error is silently logged to the console. Visually, pressing on the button does nothing. PUT https://dirtrally2.com/api/Club/179498/invite/friends 500 (Internal Server Error) Error: "Remote service threw an exception: Group is not accepting new members" Please forward this to the devs!
  2. michaelf

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.2 - found a bug? Post it here!

    A bug I've noticed. Don't know if anybody reported it yet, but here goes: When you scroll in the leaderboards, you can never get far from your own time in the list. Say you're 200th and you scroll up by holding the "up" arrow on the D-pad (I'm on Xbox, by the way). You'll never get much farther than 150th or so and you won't be able to reach the top. Same if you scroll down. Even "Go to Top" does not seem to work most of the time.
  3. michaelf

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.2 - found a bug? Post it here!

    Two issues I've not seen listed anywhere in the forums, nor Reddit, etc.: Somehow I can't view leaderboard times by friends on other platforms. Specifically, I'm playing on Xbox One and have added a PC friend in Racenet (whose account is linked to his Steam account and linked in his DR2.0). When we try to compare our times for a specific stage and car class, we can't see each other at all, however we can see our entries as "DiRT Player" in the global leaderboard (we validated that by comparing country, position in the leaderboard and our exact leaderboard times). I can see another friend on Xbox One just fine. In the Xbox achievements & stats section on my Xbox One, for all games (including the original Dirt Rally), I can see the total number of hours played. Somehow the number of hours played stat isn't there for Dirt Rally 2.0, either on the Xbox One itself or in the Xbox app for iPhone.