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  1. ive been trying to sort this for ages. YES so do have to buy the sls if you want it. It is not free. The liveries I have an issue with. You don't know which are the new ones. I think that they are slightly different from the normal ones so it is  hard to tell which are the dlc ones. Its is a big rip off. They might as well of not included any dlc because it certainly feels like none has been added
  2. its the same on the ps3. im in new Zealand and have tried numerous times and nothing. scamming us with a free car (option to buy) is so misleading but I really want the liveries so my cars are different. seems that its very random if the code works or not. please fix cm.
  3. this caught me out too although I think cm could of been clearer in their wording on the dlc. Stil don't know about the liveries though. how do you know which are the dlc ones? think its a bit of a rip off
  4. must be a technical issue that is hopefully solved by a not to far way update. would be nice if codemasters had a reply tho
  5. its just the black edition dlc code that isn't working. I have the game on disk. Im not a rookie ps owner. have bought numerous games through the ps store and game map packs without a problem. hoping its some sort of teething problem
  6. I bought the black edition but the game isn't recognising the download. It worked fine through the ps store downloading and installing but when I go to install it in the ingame menu it says no dlc to download. Why is this?
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