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  1. Thanks for the reply @PJTierney. Thought I was in Dirt Rally Leagues.🤦 So in, Rd1 they had 124 drivers, I got 39th and 60 points. Rd2 they had 153 drivers, I got 53rd and 89 points. Rd3 they had 115 drivers, I got 18th and 88 points. Appreciate an explanation on how the points are allocated, to explain to the pro drivers, so they can understand it too. Cheers Kem
  2. G'day all, Happy Easter. I just finished the third round of the MotorsportARC league for the Australian Rally Championship due to the virus stopping normal rallying and the points don't look right. Round two I was in 53 and got 89 points, I've just finished Round 3 in 18th and got 88 points. This can't be right. @PJTierney could you please look into it after Easter and find out what's going on. Cheers Kem
  3. Let's hope so. Weird that all records are recorded for each stage and rally but it's unable to correlate that data into the championship table.
  4. Still not right for my scores, showing all zeros, even though I've completed all the events. Will check after the update finishes. @FarmerCee the championship points system still isn't working. @PJTierney could you please follow this up again as nothing has changed. Not much of a championship if it can't corelate the weekly results .
  5. Be great if they could get the club point system working, defeats the purpose of a championship if we can't accumulate results. Thought they'd have it fixed by now, being a major part of the game.
  6. @PJTierney this club has started a new championship and the scoreboard has not worked since the start. Frustrating when @FarmerCee has put the effort to promote the game to be completely let down by a broken point system. Excuse the pun but, 'No Point' competing in club events if they don't work.😢
  7. Enjoying Greece, still developing the Pug. Not fast, but I finish.😁
  8. C'mon Codies, the silence is deafening. At least chuck an apology out, with a, 'We're working on it' as a minimum. I know you're probably freaking out tripping over each other trying to sort it but, keep us informed.
  9. Thanks for looking into it @PJTierney , it's given and added in the results for Round 10, but round 4-9 are not showing up. The results are recorded for each event, just hasn't accumulated on the championship table. May be working now for future championships, be good to get the results for this one though.
  10. @FarmerCee has been doing a great job running this Dirt Rally Club. Reaching almost 250 members, keeping it interesting with heaps of variety but since Round Three, we're up to Round 10, the Championship won't update. @PJTierney can U please follow this up as it sucks for the turtles in the club. Cheers
  11. Kembro

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Great additions to the class. Both are quick and unique. I find it really cool you can sense the differences in each car. How you have to adapt your style to get the most from each one. Took a PB with the Lancia, then hopped in the MG and thought I'd never get close, but by the last lap managed to nail it. Well done guys, many hours, days and months of entertainment.🍻
  12. Kembro

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Especially the ones who don't own it or play it, but put in a poor review, join forums and jump on every negative post or comment and back it up and reinforce negative perceptions, slowing sales. Plenty of competition on the boards anyway, but many will have missed an amazing experience due to listening to rubbish.
  13. Kembro

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Happy that Ryan is involved, great to have someone who knows how the real car should feel and handle also testing the simulation. Not sure about the colour scheme though.😁
  14. Kembro

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    That's a dynamic stack PJ. Here's how I stuffed a nice run in the RS200. Gotta love the way compression lock ups are represented, even if it sends me off more than anything else. As in real life I find sometimes it's important to accelerate out of trouble, rather than liftoff or brake. Helps to get the braking done earlier too. https://youtu.be/5nDyTkqcyc8