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  1. Kembro

    Estering, Germany - Available Now

    Australia PS all sorted now, cheers.
  2. Kembro

    Estering, Germany - Available Now

    Australia - No good either PJ. Cheers for getting onto it ASAP. Looking forward to trying it but wouldn't even let a deluxe owner buy it. Error code came up.
  3. Kembro

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Report Bugs Here

    Same in Australia, wants payment for pre paid dlc. First time for us, very frustrating, then to see a challenge I can't enter, as it wants me to pay again, is rubbing salt into wounds.🤦
  4. Kembro

    Estering, Germany - Available Now

    Wants me to pay for DLC in the Australian Playstore, that I've already paid for, as a deluxe owner. It's 6:30am on the 14th, hasn't been resolved since yesterday.🤦 Looking forward to trying Estering eventually.
  5. Kembro

    Estering, Germany - Available Now

    Damn it's August 13 here, but Estering isn't in Playstore Australia. First time it wasn't in at midnight. 🤦🤞
  6. Kembro


    Yep, Still waiting wishfully too Jake. Unfortunately looks like we'll have to wait for the UK to catch up unlike the dlc. I'm guessing it'll be at about 9 tonight here, around the challenge changeover time.
  7. Kembro

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Great additions to the class. Both are quick and unique. I find it really cool you can sense the differences in each car. How you have to adapt your style to get the most from each one. Took a PB with the Lancia, then hopped in the MG and thought I'd never get close, but by the last lap managed to nail it. Well done guys, many hours, days and months of entertainment.🍻
  8. Noticed the sound moves right to left on the Joker lap in Latvia. Don't think the start lights are working either, other than that Latvia is awesome.
  9. Kembro

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Especially the ones who don't own it or play it, but put in a poor review, join forums and jump on every negative post or comment and back it up and reinforce negative perceptions, slowing sales. Plenty of competition on the boards anyway, but many will have missed an amazing experience due to listening to rubbish.
  10. Kembro

    Season 1 Germany

    @ozdogg I can't find it in the Australian Playstore. Maybe it'll come online later today.
  11. Kembro

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Happy that Ryan is involved, great to have someone who knows how the real car should feel and handle also testing the simulation. Not sure about the colour scheme though.😁
  12. Kembro

    DiRT Rally 2.0 is fine!

    NZ as well
  13. I don't think the lights are working at Mettet.
  14. Kembro


    Had a go at both long runs each way today and felt it had some variation in snow types. With some slushy and other bits firmer. Took a bit to get used to the fact it had studs on. I like the banks better than in DR1, more progressive. You get a puff of snow and minimal effect on a slight cut, to dragging the nose in as you get deeper, too an all out spin which happened once or twice if you hit it hard.
  15. Kembro

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    That's a dynamic stack PJ. Here's how I stuffed a nice run in the RS200. Gotta love the way compression lock ups are represented, even if it sends me off more than anything else. As in real life I find sometimes it's important to accelerate out of trouble, rather than liftoff or brake. Helps to get the braking done earlier too. https://youtu.be/5nDyTkqcyc8