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  1. danielofifi

    The unexpected moments stopped?

    There is an option in the profile settings in the game, it says reset your progress or something. I did it, and for good measure also deleted the save file from my PS4. After I booted the game I had to make a new profile and historic championship progress was gone, but My Team stayed the same and the unexpected moments came back (saw a car on side of the road in a custom championship). My guess is they keep your My Team progress on the servers.
  2. Hey guys, I might need your help on this one. I've noticed that when I plug my th8a shifter into a usb slot on the console rather than the wheelbase, the force feedback changes for worse: self aligning torque seems to be less detailed and the wheel feels heavier. Connecting the shifter to the wheelbase is out of question, because then the gears slip into neutral all the time. This is really bugging me, because I'm not sure if it's a hardware or a software problem, so if anyone could check it they experience the same issues, I would be grateful.
  3. danielofifi

    The unexpected moments stopped?

    I just reset my profile. The unexpected moments came back. I didn't lose anything from My Team apart from current championship progress.
  4. And I'm on PS4 standard and I also have no issues. @Thierry97 it must be a problem with your tv or monitor, try to adjust the settings on your tv/monitor. I also wasn't happy with the image at first, but messing around with sharpness settings and switching on dynamic contrast in my tv solved all issues. Of course it won't be on the same level as PS4 pro or a powerful PC, but it's absolutely fine. Spamming the forums will not help you I'm afraid.
  5. danielofifi

    Favourite corner sequence?

    There is a section in Spain, I don't remember the name of the stage, but the section is very fast and twisty and it feels awesome when you nail it, in spite of those floaty tarmac physics. Also, those narrow twisty sections in Australia when you have a drop on one side and you're almost flat out into a right 3, pretty cool.
  6. danielofifi

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car Setups

    Can't get a decent setup for Porsche R-GT on tarmac. It just slides all over the place and I really struggled in this week's weekly event. Any ideas?
  7. danielofifi


    If you're on PS4, you can buy this: Or, a cheaper alternative, a sim dashboard app for a phone.
  8. danielofifi

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Yeah, I actually started to enjoy rally cross thanks to Dirt Rally 2. It takes cool things from circuit racing (working on your lap times, close contact) and rallying (dirt, sideways action) and mixes them together into an exciting experience. I like the fact that the circuits are short, so you don't have to memorise hundreds of corners and braking points.
  9. When collecting rewards for dailies, often the picture of the rally doesn't reflect what the actual reward is for. For example, you collect money for a Group A daily in Australia, but the picture is showing Poland. Also, you still have to quit to the main menu and reload the service area in a weekly in order to change car tuning.
  10. danielofifi

    Observations from a croft weekend warrior.

    One more thing about dash cam- I think it wouldn't be a problem if Codies game us more freedom with adjusting cockpit camera. In some cars, like Skoda 2000cc you can move the camera forwards to the point where it looks like a dashcam, but in others it's impossible.
  11. danielofifi

    Monte Carlo's unexpected moments

    First I think they have to fix the bug because for many people unexpected moment stopped appearing for some reason...
  12. danielofifi

    Observations from a croft weekend warrior.

    I also would love dashcam to return, but I wouldn't call DR2 an example of mediocrity or low effort, because the quality of the game is very high, it's the best rally game of this and previous generations. It might be the case of rushed release though. As for handling, I would like there to be less grip on gravel generally, like in Project Cars 2, I think this would be a little bit more realistic. But that's nitpicking, because generally handling is wonderful. What they did with Monte Carlo is amazing.
  13. I did a lot of testing yesterday and today and I must sadly confirm it: there is a problem with multiple inputs on PS4. When the th8a sequential shifter is recognized as a new device (connected to the second usb slot), it somehow reacts with force feedback, making self aligning torque on my t150 much less detailed and pronounced. When I disconnect the shifter, or connect to the wheel base (which makes assigning the handbrake input impossible), the ffb goes back to normal. Doesn't happen in other games. Also, it has nothing to do with the update, because the same thing happens with the unpatched game. @RiggsCan we add it to the list of bugs?
  14. I've found a very weird and annoying bug. When I connect the wheel and sequential shifter through two seperate usb inputs, the wheel becomes heavy and laggy and the ffb becomes stiffer and unresponsive. It doesn't happen when the shifter is connected to the wheel base, but in this case you can't map it as a handbrake. My setup: Thrustmaster T150 + Th8a, PS4
  15. danielofifi

    New ffb impressions

    Yeah, just compare it to Project Cars 2, which is considered to have a very good ffb. Smooth road = no vibrations.