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  1. danielofifi

    New Patch Out - PS4

    Yeah, because lack of keyboard support on a console, telemetry and graphical nuances make the game not playable. Have fun with other playable games, while I'm going to have a blast in Monte playing the unplayable Dirt Rally 2.0 on my PS4 tomorrow.
  2. danielofifi

    Unexpected Events ?

    Maybe the frequency depends on the level of your career? I had those things happen to me quite often on Open and Clubman, by the time I got promoted to Elite they stopped appearing, which is a shame. Maybe they try to simulate that elite drivers don't crash that often, or they don't want to distract you from driving (after all, you need to be flat-out on elite most of the time). Or it has something to do with the patch, I don't know.
  3. 1. Wales (there is something magical about British rally stages. It's the essence of rallying for me) 2. Poland (really intense and beautiful, but I might be a little biased here- I'm Polish and actually live 30 km from Łęczna County. 😄 ) 3. Spain (it's just an awesome feeling when you get the car setup right and get into the rhythm there) 4. Australia (those treacherous narrow roads with drops on one side...) 5. Sweden (love to drive in a white fluff!) 6. Monaco (really interesting grip variations) 7. Finland (crazy speeds and jumps) 8. New Zealand (nice and flowing, very relaxing) 9. Argentina (requires maximum concentration all the time) 10. New England (stages are a bit boring, but the "autumny" environment is sweet) 11. Germany (interesting and varied stages, but the floaty tarmac feeling in DR1 somewhat ruined it for me) 12. Greece (very scary and frustrating at times) Actually, I love them all, so it was a very difficult ranking to make. ;]
  4. danielofifi

    Community Rally School

    Yeah it's a big problem that I've been trying to deal with for ages. On t150 I use the left paddle, but I change gears with h-shifter. If you have three pedals, you can use the clutch as a handbrake, but I find it really wierd and unrealistic. Another option is the custom handbrake (I made it like this, but it worked for a few weeks and then fell apart: https://imgur.com/a/5A2Gq Alternatively, you can weld the cables if you have the skill, or use the stick on a gamepad to create something like this: https://imgur.com/a/Ow9gh If you're on a PC, you can probably use any joystick as a handbrake. The best solution I guess is just invest in a dedicated handbrake... Easy access to a handbrake is essential for effective rallying in modern cars. Speaking of which, I have a question of my own regarding driving technique. I'm trying to play as realistically as possible and to my knowledge Lancia Stratos and group B cars did not use the handbrake on hairpins (I assume it was only used at the startline?). Do you think it's possible to be competitive eg in Argentina, without using the handbrake? If so, what's the technique? I'm assuming scandinavian flick + throttle oversteer/clutch kick is the key, but it's very difficult to pull it off on those narrow stages. Also, what gear should I be in during a hairpin turn, 1st or 2nd? Last question: are there any other cars in Dirt 2 apart from Stratos and group b that did not use handbrake for turning? (Maybe DS21, as there is no animation for using the handbrake?)
  5. danielofifi

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Dirt 4 had some things it did really well. I don't know, I'm probably a bit autistic, but for me the feeling of driving a car with your own livery and sponsors of your choosing through a 150 km-long rally of randomly generated stages with beautiful, variable weather conditions was spot on. I didn't even care about the repetitiveness. I also miss the ability to clean your car and conduct inspections before making repairs. Also, Nicky Grist.
  6. danielofifi

    Out With The Old In With The Sparco Rally Rim

    I've got T150 with h-shifter and t3pa pedals and I've been thinking about upgrading my setup, but there are so many things to choose from the Thrustmaster family I can't decide. The sparco wheel rim, the handbrake, the tachometer, t3pa pro... so cool. If only it wasn't so expensive. 🙂
  7. danielofifi

    The Patch - Graphics are WORSE - PS4 Pro

    Well, I prefer DR2 dashcam because I find it more immersive with the view of the instruments, rather than DR1's digital HUD, like in the screenshot above. Guess you just can't make everyone happy, people like different things.
  8. I disagree with you, I think the overall quality of the product has greatly increased. It's just human nature to focus more on the negative aspects. Obviously the game isn't perfect, but when the small issues are fixed (mainly ffb and night/rain stages), it's gonna be spectacularly close to a perfection. It's already really damn good. As for ffb, my unpopular opinion is that it is really quite realistic now, it's just that people are used to getting more feedback from the road through their gaming wheels, but in a real car it's not necessarily so. Personally I have no problems driving with the wheel on my PS4 (t150) and I'm having a blast. I understand that some people might think differently, but it really annoys me when someone demands a refund or says the game is unplayable with the wheel, because it just isn't true.
  9. danielofifi

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Maybe wait for the patch to get released before you start complaining and over-exaggerating again? Man... I'm really excited about the patch, the night and weather conditions was the most important aspect to be improved in my opinion. I understand they need more time with ffb, which is already ok if you ask me. Maybe not great, but ok. Keep up the great job Codemasters!
  10. danielofifi

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    I had a dream: a patch is released together with the second DLC. All the important aspects of the game are fixed: ffb is improved, night and rain stages are reduced in frequency, the hardcore damage is more realistic and incorporated in the career from the Pro division onwards. Codemasters keep adding new tracks, cars and improvements throughout the following months, the game starts selling better, the devs are happy, the players are happy, we're all in rally heaven. 🙂
  11. danielofifi

    Citroen C4

    So you think it's better than Skoda? I've been driving Fabia in the Elite championship and really struggled to stay in the division, maybe I should switch to c4...?
  12. danielofifi

    What's Wrong With DR 2.0? - CARS

    I think the close dashboard camera of the new Skoda Fabia (s2000) is placed too low and the inside of the car covers too much of the view... (I'm on PS4) as a result it's very difficult to drive with this view and it's impossible to adjust it.
  13. danielofifi

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.1 - found a bug? Post it here!

    I found one more bug: on PS4 it's practically impossible to drive Ford Fiesta R2 in any livery apart from the default one with the cockpit camera, because the view is blocked by the sticker on the windshield.
  14. danielofifi

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.1 - found a bug? Post it here!

    On PS4 you don't see your results when comparing your time with friends on leaderboards during dailies/weeklies. Other people can see your time, but you can't, even your PSN id doesn't show up on the list. It doesn't affect global leaderboards, those seem fine, just the friends' leaderboards. Checked with 2 people, same thing.
  15. danielofifi

    Dirt Rally 2.0 is wonderful. Stop complaining!

    I play on t150 and true, the ffb is not as good as in Dirt Rally, but it's still better than, e.g. WRC7. Certainly not 'unplayable', as some people claim. They said they're looking into it and I'm sure they will get it fixed. They already did it in Dirt Rally, after one of the updates which screwed up the ffb. Does anyone remember?