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  1. danielofifi

    Thank You Codies Yet Again For This... (60fps on console)

    It's true that GT Sport looks gorgeous, but I got bored of how simplified physics and ffb felt very quickly. It's night and day when compared to PC2 or AC, not to mention ACC. People report different bugs with ffb, it's probably one of them, and will probably be addressed in a patch. My Thrustmaster also malfunctions from time to time. There is a hud option, but I haven't looked into it. I haven't seen fov options either, and you're right that it was present in AC. But you see, I can adapt to those inconveniences no problem, the amazing physics and sound are more than enough for me to love this game. I also love how ACC constantly rates your abilities like pace, consistency, safety etc. The whole experience is just so immersive and satisfying.
  2. danielofifi

    Thank You Codies Yet Again For This... (60fps on console)

    Really? I play on base PS4 and can't get enough, I barely even notice the low framerate anymore. Different people, different needs apparently.
  3. danielofifi

    Thank You Codies Yet Again For This... (60fps on console)

    The only thing is, ACC is in a league of its own when it comes to driving physics, nothing else on consoles even comes close (I doubt F1 2020 will, with all respect), and for this reason alone I reckon that sim enthusiasts who play on consoles will not abandon it for other racing games, even with its flaws.
  4. danielofifi

    Thank You Codies Yet Again For This... (60fps on console)

    Actually I posted on reddit with the same question a day or two ago, there were different opinions, but the truth is, only Kunos know the truth. I'd definitely choose better framerate over graphics. There are rumours that there will be a patch to improve performance on PS4 Pro and XBox One X, but as far as I know it hasn't been confirmed.
  5. danielofifi

    Thank You Codies Yet Again For This... (60fps on console)

    Honestly, the physics in ACC are so good, if I could have this kind of tarmac handling in DR2 at the cost of 30 fps, I'd take it. It might be an unpopular opinion. When you're on PS4 and you jump from DR2 or PC2 into ACC, the difference in framerate is noticeable, but after a few laps you get so immersed, you forget about it. Sure, if you're a proffessional sim racer, 30fps is going to be problem, but for people who play sims for fun and immersion, it's not that big of a deal. ACC is definitely the most realistic sim on consoles and I'm very happy it's here, even with its technical shortcomings. On the other hand, what is happening around Project Cars 3 at the moment, is shocking in my opinion. Still, you're right that Codies should be applauded for managing to combine 60 fps with this kind of visual performance on consoles. The company name checks out I guess. 😉
  6. danielofifi

    Name a Graphical or Sound Effect in 2.0 that...

    Mine would be any wet surface, they look awesome. Also, dirt on a car with a black livery :) As for sound, Audi Quattro is an instant eargasm.
  7. danielofifi

    Opel Ascona Wheel on wrong side?

    I have the same problem, I love this car but I find it very difficult to adjust to right hand drive. Same with Lancer Evo X and RS200 for that matter. I wish we could switch between RHD/LHD versions.
  8. danielofifi

    DRC | DiRT Rally Championship | The Forum's Club

    Glad I could help. :)
  9. danielofifi

    DRC | DiRT Rally Championship | The Forum's Club

    Really? I always choose mediums when there are 3 long stages in a row.
  10. danielofifi

    DRC | DiRT Rally Championship | The Forum's Club

    The prompt only appears when you stop the car completely, but you probably know it. Again, I'll ask if you make sure that a spare tyre is in the car if you look behind in the cockpit cam. If there is one (or two), then something is wrong if you still can't change it. if there isn't, you either didn't take it or it was used automatically between stages when there was no service park. As for Greece, well, terminal damage on the last stage, of course. Still, the top 6 was completely out of my reach, how do you guys pull off those times is beyond me. Especially on the first stage, in rain, on mediums (I assume). Greece, in rain, on mediums, this fast. Mental.
  11. danielofifi

    DRC | DiRT Rally Championship | The Forum's Club

    Never happened to me to be honest. Did you look behind and confirm there is a spare tyre at the back of your car? You know that a setup is saved together with the number of spare tyres, so if you first choose tyres and then load a setup you might have an unpleasant surprise, right?
  12. danielofifi

    DRC | DiRT Rally Championship | The Forum's Club

    I hate Greece stages. I'll be happy if I finish at all.
  13. danielofifi

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Head to Heads

    Very interesting. So what should Codies do to make the game more realistic in your opinion? Perhaps weaken Group B cars' braking and cornering performance? @PJTierney I think it's important to make devs aware of this thread in respect to the future Dirt Rally games.
  14. danielofifi

    DR2 questions

    It is possible to be in the top 1% of a daily/weekly without memorising whole tracks, I drive without hud and memorisation for the sake of immersion and I did manage to finish below 100 in multiplatform rankings a few times. Especially in weeklies and monthlies it's doable if you are fast and consistent. However, there are a few moments in every rally that are worth remembering, due to a late pacd note, cheeky drop etc. Generally I'd say knowing your car is more important than knowing the stage inside out. When I drove only 911 rgt I managed to get into masters in a few weeks. Then I started experimenting with other classes and dropped back to elite very quickly. :) As for setups, I do my own because it is fun for me to experiment and solve problems. I wouldn't like to drive on the same setup as everyone else. I tried a few GTR's setups and some of them felt great (eg for Poland), but some (like Spain) didn't suit me for some reason. With pacenotes, I used to match the gear to the number of the turn in the past. It's usually safe that way, but not very quick, as there are many 3s that you can take on a 5th gear, it all depends on the setup, track width, grip etc.
  15. danielofifi

    DRC | DiRT Rally Championship | The Forum's Club

    Chose Peugeot 206, usually I prefer big, heavy cars but I have a soft spot for the 206 because of the Richard Burns livery among other things. A decent first rally for me, some mistakes and trips into the woods, but without big consequences. I was chasing @baunau's pace and made a couple of errors, but then he made a big mistake on SS5 and dropped a few positions. Managed to defend against @HoksuHoo and came 3rd in the end. Congratulations to @Dytut and @UnderclassGDfan, two different Subarus at the top!