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  1. danielofifi

    Let's talk hardcore damage

    Completely agree. Do you remember Richard Burns Rally? You were afraid of even touching the road railing with the side of your car. Just like you would be in real life. I want this in Dirt Rally.
  2. danielofifi

    911 SC RS and Lancia 037 EVO released!

    The cars are great, they sound great and drive great. The only thing I don't like are the boring unofficial liveries and the fact that you can only make a dashboard camera in the Porsche. In Lancia you can't move the cockpit camera close enough. I don't understand why this is a case. Also, I wish we could have the option to get rid of the added blinking rev indicators, at least in the classic cars.
  3. Great info, thanks. But, didn't group A Subaru and Ford have a dogbox trasmission?
  4. Well, I don't use the handbrake with group b 4wd. With the amount of power those beasts have, I don't even feel like I would need a handbrake. 🙂
  5. Well, I really care about realism in sims, if a car doesn't have a sequential gearbox or 540 degrees lock in real life, using those in a game is sort of cheating. Just like using assists, it makes it easier. If we could see what settings people use on leaderboards, we could really appreciate the pros and their times.
  6. danielofifi

    Wheel Users: 7 speed Ford Escort RS Cosworth

    Yeah, I'm using Thrustmaster's TH8A with 7 gears + reverse, so I don't have any problems of this kind. I did have some weird problems with my shifter messing with force feedback and slipping gears, but managed to sort it out through some trial and error Group B RX doesn't use H-shifter? Wow, that's something new. So what is it, sequential? For direct manual gearbox I didn't know about Stratos or E30 either. I only knew about group A Cosworth and Subaru. Wish Codemasters would include such information in the game, so that we don't have to search on the net. The same thing goes for the handbrake. I know Group B 4WD and Stratos did not use a handbrake for hairpins, but what about Group B rwd? Can't find any info. Or H2 Alpine, in the game there is no hand animation when you pull the handbrake, does it mean it was missing in real life too? I don't know.
  7. Question is, how many of those people use realistic set-ups (manual h-shifter and soft lock). Wish we could see this info on the leaderboards.
  8. I think Lancia is generally faster, but Evo is easier to control because of its sequential gearbox and smaller wheel rotation lock, so most people who choose to use realistic settings (me included) can achieve better results in the Lancer.
  9. danielofifi

    Elite difficulty is brutal

    Anyone drives R-GT on Elite? How difficult is it compared to other classes? I'm thinking about changing from 2000cc to R-GT because of the sheer pleasure that comes from taming those beasts, but I'll probably get destroyed by the AI. 🙂
  10. danielofifi

    Wheel Users: 7 speed Ford Escort RS Cosworth

    I'm using H shifter and have a lot of fun with the 7 gear Cosworth. Naturally I'm not very competitive in it, if I want a good result I stick to Evo because of the sequential gearbox. By the way, is it correct to assume that Cosworth and Impreza in the group A category have direct manual gearbox, so you shouldn't use the clutch when changing gears to keep things realistic?
  11. danielofifi

    New WRC 8 Gameplay Video and Analysis

    I don't mind 30 fps as long as the handling model is good enough. SLRE was in 30 fps but the handling was so good (especially on tarmac) that I still come back to the game from time to time.
  12. danielofifi

    DiRT Rally 2.0, Version 1.5: Bug Reporting Thread

    @Riggs great research and data mate, something is definitely wrong here, I hope it will be resolved. I wonder if the same applies to clubs and community events. Because so far my car was always clean at the beginning of a stage in clubs, so I thought this is a clubs-specific bug, but maybe it's connected to stage conditions after all? We want more dirt in DIRT RALLY! 🐷
  13. danielofifi

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Also, cars do not stay dirty between stages, unlike in career. Anyway, this should probably be in the topic about clubs/bugs, not gossip..
  14. danielofifi

    Community Rally School

    Guys any tips or good tutorials on driving FWD cars? I usually drive AWD but want to prepare for AOR league which is in R2. I think in those cars you should keep sliding to minimum and focus on the driving line more so as not to lose speed, am I right? What techniques should I use? Left foot braking, scandinavian flick? Also, what about the handbrake, only for tight hairpins or not at all?
  15. danielofifi

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Input on Inputs!

    There was a topic I made a while ago about a strange problem with multiple inputs on PS4, I'll put a link to it here: