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  1. Really? I always choose mediums when there are 3 long stages in a row.
  2. The prompt only appears when you stop the car completely, but you probably know it. Again, I'll ask if you make sure that a spare tyre is in the car if you look behind in the cockpit cam. If there is one (or two), then something is wrong if you still can't change it. if there isn't, you either didn't take it or it was used automatically between stages when there was no service park. As for Greece, well, terminal damage on the last stage, of course. Still, the top 6 was completely out of my reach, how do you guys pull off those times is beyond me. Especially on the first stage, in rain, on
  3. Never happened to me to be honest. Did you look behind and confirm there is a spare tyre at the back of your car? You know that a setup is saved together with the number of spare tyres, so if you first choose tyres and then load a setup you might have an unpleasant surprise, right?
  4. I hate Greece stages. I'll be happy if I finish at all.
  5. Chose Peugeot 206, usually I prefer big, heavy cars but I have a soft spot for the 206 because of the Richard Burns livery among other things. A decent first rally for me, some mistakes and trips into the woods, but without big consequences. I was chasing @baunau's pace and made a couple of errors, but then he made a big mistake on SS5 and dropped a few positions. Managed to defend against @HoksuHoo and came 3rd in the end. Congratulations to @Dytut and @UnderclassGDfan, two different Subarus at the top!
  6. Maybe that's where the problem is? That it requires more work to change the animations in Skoda and Peugeot? It really makes me wonder. Previous updates had very subtle improvements done to some cars, which showed that Codies really care about small detail. So why can't such a big issue as incorrect gear change animation be addressed? Surely it can't be that much of a deal.
  7. Wonderful news about the new sound for the Escort. By the way, since they're improving gear change animations in some cars, do you think it's possible they will change animations for 2000c Skoda Fabia WRC and Peugeot 206 to what it should look like? @PJTierney any chance for that to happen you think?
  8. Apart from more realistic damage system and better tarmac physics, I want a functional online mode. You know, basic stuff: ability to filter through car classes, chatbox, replay saving. Now it works like this: I join a random lobby, if I'm lucky and find a car class I like. Then people gather and we wait for 10 minutes while the host is apparently editing something, then everyone leaves. Seriously, why are people hosting online lobbys if they don't even start the events? The current pvp online mode is mostly a waste of time.
  9. And I can't get past the first stage due to server issues again. Been trying for 20 minutes but keep getting the error message. Shame.
  10. We know, and thank you for your efforts, it can be seen that you do your best and that you care about the game as much as we do. The developers and the publisher must understand how important the issue is, it's putting people off the otherwise brilliant game, if it's not addressed promptly and appropriately it will have a very big impact on CM's reputation and the Dirt franchise. I could understand that there were problems when the game launched on PS Plus. But then it became impossible to play on the weekends. Now it's Tuesday evening and the problem persists.
  11. PS4, can't play My Team at all, keep getting connection errors. Can't even check the rankings from dailies and weeklies, the game is not even trying to load them. This is pathetic. Something needs to be done.
  12. Same thing, I'm stuck on the last service stop, with a big chance of achieving my biggest success in a weekly event and getting to the top 70 drivers, but I can't repair the car due to server issues. I must say, I used to defend this whole always online thing, but the game has become unplayable on the weekends. This is unacceptable. Edit: at the end I had to drive the last stage with a damaged engine, which cost me a lot of time, because I couldn't repair the car. Marvelous. It's weird that the game sometimes lets you drive, but doesn't let you repair anything.
  13. Great rally, tough and demanding, was having great time chasing the middle pack until the game crashed. And those horrible, horrible servers...
  14. I want this in the next Dirt Rally https://www.autoevolution.com/news/porsche-911-gt3-rally-car-has-an-exoskeleton-for-days-142749.html What would you say about a feature similar to Vision Gran Turismo projects?
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