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  1. danielofifi

    Challenges draft

    I also wish there were monthly challenges with hardcore damage and longer intervals between service.
  2. Like real racing footage? That sounds cool.
  3. danielofifi

    Sweden whiteout

    Just drove a rally in Sweden and honestly I think the AI doesn't slow down enough for bad weather. In R-Gt class on elite I win a stage with 5 second gap in good weather, but when it's snowing I find myself in the middle of a pack after a clean stage.
  4. danielofifi

    Co-Driver in headphones option

    If I remember correctly you could have the co-driver speak through the dual shock speaker in DR1. Being able to have it in headphones would be very immersive, I'd love it if they would add this feature in a patch
  5. danielofifi

    WRC 8 vs DiRT Rally 2.0

    I disagree, I'd say WRC5 was the worst. 7 at least had interesting stages. As for WRC8 vs DR2.0, it really is up to one's taste. Some days I feel like cruising in Renault Alpine or drifting like crazy in 911 R-GT so I play DR2. But when I want the intense modern rally action, I put on WRC8. It's really good after proper ffb tweaking. In some aspects it's even more realistic than DR2, eg. tarmac handling or damage system. 30 fps doesn't bother me, I always remind people of SLRE which was awesome and also 30 fps. No need to hate on any of the two games. DR2 for historic rally and gravel, WRC8 for modern rally and tarmac, that's how I see it. Let's just be happy we have two really good rally games on the market.
  6. danielofifi

    Sweden whiteout

    I also think it's frustrating. Turning brightness down to 0 helps a bit.
  7. danielofifi

    Option to remove tarmac events from championship

    I agree... I just can't enjoy tarmac events in DR2. It doesn't feel like driving on tarmac at all. 4wd cars are the worst. It's better with rwd and fwd because you focus on managing excessive oversteer/understeer so you don't notice the problem that much, but... truth is WRC8 is now my go-to game for tarmac rallying.
  8. danielofifi

    Upcoming dash cam?

    I'll never understand how this can be a dealbreaker for some people. Sure 60 fps is nicer to look at, but there are so many more important things. SLRE was 30 fps and it was still an awesome rally sim.
  9. danielofifi

    Upcoming dash cam?

    Exactly. It must have been pretty awkward to be in this position. His thoughts might have been different, but he had to choose his words carefully. Wish we could have some real, independent rally drivers compare the two games in terms of realism. My bet is that the trophy for gravel physics would go to DR2, but WRC8 would win on tarmac.
  10. danielofifi

    Upcoming dash cam?

    It's interesting how different people's perceptions can be. I've also put countless hours into rbr and play rally games in full sim mode, without hud etc. Yet I find WRC8 physics believable and in some aspects surpassing DR2 (like I mentioned, tarmac and water). Force feedback, gravel physics and suspension travel could do with some improvements, sure. But getting up to speed on a bumpy road is actually scary in this game. And with realistic damage I often struggle to even finish a rally, not to mention getting a good position. Much more demanding than DR2. And here are people calling it arcade. Interesting.
  11. danielofifi

    Upcoming dash cam?

    Did you play on a wheel with realistic damage settings and permacrash enabled?
  12. danielofifi

    Upcoming dash cam?

    WRC8 is a very, very good game. Damage system, tarmac physics, water physics and weather effects are way more realistic than Dirt Rally 2. I'm serious. Finally there is a rally game in which you have to take care of your car and even if you do, the rougher stages will take their toll on the car's condition. There is never enough time in the service park to repair everything if you drive on realistic settings. It's not arcade garbage anymore. As someone who's really into sims I'm having a blast after finding the right ffb settings. Now, when I feel like driving historic rally cars, I go to DR2.0, but when it comes to modern rally cars, WRC8 is my game of choice. So cool to have two great rally games on the market.
  13. danielofifi

    Daily M2 GT

    Usually locked for gravel. More open for tarmac, but not too much.
  14. danielofifi

    Daily M2 GT

    When it comes to toe in 911, I usually leave it on 0, 0 because the car just seems too unpredictable. At the most I put a liitle bit of toe-in to the rear wheels. Pretty much same with camber, one or two clicks to the left if the road is twisty or to the right if the car feels sluggish. The biggest influence on the handling, especially with fighting the oversteer, I found when playing around with springs (usually I run very soft rear spring), arbs and diffs. I also stiffen the dampers a click or two for most rallies. I'd share my setups, but I'm not sure they're good enough yet. :] Personally I love the way 911 handles, even on gravel. It's so satisfying. Besides Lancia Stratos this is the most fun car to drive for me.
  15. danielofifi

    Dirt Rally 2.0 Setup Analyzer

    Awesome. Now please make it work on PS4 😉