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  1. That means you have 4.46 euros in your microsoft account,could have been earned through xbox rewards or money you had left over from a gift card.You should have said yes if you did not want the full amount going to your paypal.
  2. Why could'nt they have given a free car like in grid 2? That way everyone has the data so the cars can be used in online playlists. Is it really that hard to do? Or is it down to poor management from CM? My advice is not to buy it,its just not worth it.£10 for 5 cars and 2 tracks?The game cost £35 with 5x more content. Things just dont add up!
  3. does not look like it can,waste of £10 really! And I thought CM had learned their leason from grid 2?!
  4. yes they are in their own class.Still no word if the dlc will work in online playlists though.
  5. mine downloaded fine,did it through the marketplace and not in-game
  6. will the cars be usable in online playlists?or custom lobbies only?
  7. @FOSTBITTEN‌ "And I also see a trend that seems to back on the upswing. The trend of because I gave you plenty of room that, that means you are soft and going to let them run all over you. Courtesy is lost on some people. But if you find a couple people that appreciate it. Well you just got an unofficial teammate that will you help out when they can. So yeah finishing 2nd sometimes can benefit you later." Couldnt agree more! and cheers for the message last night,was a hard lobby to race clean in!
  8. I'd be more worried about the impossible platinum time on this weeks street challenge. 3 laps under 4.20 in a supercar just is not going to happen. According to the leaderboard on xbox i'm #1 with a 4.59 in a pagani,and I never crashed!
  9. So far so good,no problems ......yet!Not interested in any more DLC now, I'm not giving CM any more of my money.
  10. well @justbiglee has gone quiet on the subject which either means the patch either failed MS's tests again and its been pulled or,MS dont see it as a priority to make the patch live.What ever the reason,I dont think we will get the truth from CM considering the backlash they are getting from everyone on here.
  11. thought so,no official word from CM so wont believe it until then.
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