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  1. The league is set top open, so you should just be able to add yourself to the league here: https://www.dirtgame.com/uk/leagues/league/39043/drchampionship It seams I'm not able to join since I'm playing on PS4. Is my assumption correct?
  2. Can you add me to the league? My playing name is Dommel2305 and my request has been sent. 
  3. A few things can cause this I have found, if driving auto and with traction control it can make certain cars almost stall when using the handbrake, so if you can ease off or turn off TC. Also map the release clutch function to L1 (on PS4) and when you come to a corner quickly handbrake then drop the clutch- takes  bit of getting used to but it keeps the momentum and revs up. I turned of the TC (was on 2) and handbrake turns work OK now. I need a lot of practice now to get used to the more nervous behaviour when applying full throttle and use less full throttle. I do not have a cl
  4. When I take handbrake turns I let the car slide but when I hit the throttle the car does not respond straight away. It feels like it nearly dies on me. Is this due to lack of speed, settings of the game/car or type of car? In other rally games I approach the corner, brake, turn in and hit the handbrake. The car starts sliding and as soon as I see the end of the corner I hit the throttle. Depending on the surface and FWD, RWD or AWD I vary the amount of throttle I give. I know that in FWD cars it's hard to keep the car sliding (as it is in real life) but even with RWD or AWD I tend to have
  5. I'd like to have a Porsche 911 RS from 1972 or the 911 SCRS that Toivonen drove in the Rothmans livery. Other than that more rallies would be great. Thinking of Australia, New-Zeeland, Corsica or Spain, Argentina... I'm playing on PS4 so an add on is preferable (I would pay for these) The split times can't be moved and are frequently in the way. This should be adressed. Other than that this game is fantastic.
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