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  1. Antiversum

    Racenet AI

    The challenge is "Get Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze" and not "Try as often as you can to pass a single car while they ramm you like hell in a superleightweight car challenge where your opponents seem to drive quite fast tanks".
  2. Antiversum

    GRID Autosport Bugs Thread

    PC Race with AI nad humans. Sometimes the AI is shown staying at start even if they clearly drive. You can drive through them but at the first time I was a bit scared driving though these ghost cares. Sometimes I get stucked in the display after a race. I only can quit the session and/ir party.
  3. Antiversum

    Why TOUGE is out?

    It is sad you can't chose Touge, 1on1 racing or Checkpoint. But hey, this will be surely part of a DLC.
  4. Antiversum

    Corner cuts - Algarve

    It is on every track. On Spa the S-Curve right at the end/after the beginning (depending) doesn't allow a single wheel on the grass, but on Red Bull Ring you can drive off the track by 30m. At least I would like to see no penalty in any curve, unless you stay in front of the red pylons.
  5. Antiversum

    Garage Slots

    Just make the Grid2-Style: Let Touring, Endurance, Open Wheel, Street and Tunder be the categories. Why shouldn't it be possible to drive with the Caterham against Ariel Atom? I am currently not buying all the cars that I like just because of the limited space avaiable. Maybe I want to drive a different Touring B car tomorrow but I can't (without selling the old one) due to the riddicolus amaount of categores. At least I agree that there have to be a few more categories than that five mentioned above, because you can't allow to let a Golf compete with a Bugatti. So I would like to see these five categores divided in amall amount (3-5 for example) of subcategories to prevent this from happening.
  6. Antiversum

    Why are repairs even in this game?

    The next thing is: this is intended. Okay, thats maybe just because it wouldn't take much time to buy a bugatti veyron or something similar. That's okay. Since racenet informs you, that you should by new cars to save money (due to deterioration) and if you buy the same car, you'll lose all the levels (I tested it with a low leveled Dallara and I began at level 1), the conlusion is the following: it is not intended to drive a year with the same max. tuned car. I don't know how much the costs will become if you drive 500.000km with the same car, but due to this information, it seems that  new car costs+deterioration costs+tuning costs<max. tuned old car + deterioration costs.
  7. Antiversum

    Why are repairs even in this game?

    They need to look into this topic. Yesterday Ihad to repair my R8 twice for 45k because one time it wasn't saved. And I think, the higher the car level/tuning, the higher the deterioration becomes. Why else should one car lose 2% in a race and the other 15%? Both are new and don't have 500km on the clock...
  8. Antiversum

    Concering the Club

    So, I am the Founder of a Club. But we have to deal with a lot of problems: First of all, one man can't join. It is simply impossible. I never saw that he wanted to get in that I could accept while club was moderated and he couldn't join while the club was open. But others could. His profile seems to be correct connected. I also couldn't invite him as we were racenet-friends. Another one was applying but he missed the button to accept. The one for denying the request wasw shown. I am the founder, and I always appear offline in-game raceclub menu. Steam shows me online and playing. Even if I drive a car I own, often my club initials aren't shown and even if I equipped the specific club-painting, my EP aren't shown up in the club. So, player-specific or just bad implementation?