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  1. You probably did race against me at some point lol was grinding out the 100 online races trophy, i'm done now though. Have done the league racer trophy twice now, it's all I need to pop for the platinum!
  2. Same for me with the league trophy on ps5, the most annoying thing at the moment is when all you can hear is loud f1 cars going through a tunnel sounds and then the engine sound disappears and it sounds like an electric car when the other sound stops for a few seconds, thought 50 races online hadn't popped after my super licence said i'd done the 50 races, it popped on the next race but was still at 50 instead of 51, had some weird issues tonight while playing 2 player career also. Still have 2 trophies that haven't popped on dirt 5 also which would be for the platinum, the overall distance on
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