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  1. http://steamcommunity.com/games/255220/announcements/detail/268282865085496752 Just to let you know a new patch is currently scheduled for deployment today (20th Aug) and the full list of changes can be found below:  Stability Improvement - Improved the stability of the game when navigating through the front end menus of the game for extended periods.  Save Fix - Fixed save issues which caused corruption when uninstalling previously used DLC packages.  Stability Improvement - Resolved issues which could cause multiplayer hosts to crash if clients became desynced during onlin
  2. This has been discussed multiple times on this forum. I'm sure you can find many threads on this already.
  3. The tuning/upgrades issue needs to be in the next patch. This should not be an option. And why is VAC always added AFTER a Codemasters game comes out. This baffles me every time.
  4. Ever since the latest Steam updates to the new design, my game will just stop and restart. It's always while I'm in the middle of a race. Not sure what is going on.
  5. Pirelli and TUDOR fan so I love me some Endurance. Beast cars.
  6. @Loore We need some kind of confirmation this is being looked at. Or at least passed on. This is seriously something that is needing to be in the next PC patch, as it is basically a HIGH end issue. Upgrades are being done. Repairs are higher because of this as well when you are upgraded. Why pay for higher repairs when the car isn't being utilized fully. If this is the case, we need some kind of Racenet cash refund if this is an issue for money spent when it shouldn't of happened.
  7. Has anyone else experienced this? You can rev your engine before the light turns green, but the HUD will not show until then. Makes for getting the right RPM off the start very hard. I've noticed this only happening when doing Endurance races.
  8. Probably just for those that are going to use the GPU on the chip instead of a separate video card.
  9. No in-game chat. No online track playlist updates noted. No repair cost fixes implemented. No rear-view mirror. Guess we have to wait until the end of August for these.
  10. I must've done 50 restarts easily just to get past the first chicane wreckage.
  11. How is making Time Attack appear more often than Race, making a change regarding the slowness of the AI?
  12. It's the same with real cars. You make it go faster, you need the handling and brakes to support it. You can't just do an upgrade, and expect the car to act the same, just faster.
  13. See this. http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/2728/will-console-patches-fix-this
  14. Manual shifting via paddle shifters, and I've never experienced any gearbox damage unless I've been rammed into a wall. Normal play never had an issue. With an auto you are going to overrev when you get into a slide or drifting on a corner.
  15. Ever since I got my G27 in February, I don't play a racing game without it. Just a hell of a lot more fun. Some controller users are really good, and I don't knock them for using it.
  16. http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/2581/garage-slots
  17. RBR is the worst, you can forget about slowing down in tight corners, because you can go to the outside wall and back on the track with no penalty. It's disgusting.
  18. No, because I don't get to play on weekends, so it's unfair. How about 1 week a month it's double.
  19. Since I've turn TC off I can do Very Hard, been practicing that recently. At least with Street I can do this, I really haven't tried it on any others yet. Still winning on VH.
  20. Most of them are like $50-$250 so it really won't make an impact, unless you are farther along in the game, and have higher level sponsors unlocked. It's like pocket change for your repair bill. They do make the liveries look nice though.
  21. 50k at LVL25, 100k at LVL50, 200k at LVL75, etc. I don't mind the price going up, but, it should never be capped because of your level.
  22. With the insane amount of different disciplines in this game, there should be no limit to car slots. LVL 50 for the next slot? That's ridiculous. If I have the money I should be able to put down $50k and buy another slot. What is the main reason behind this? I'm trying to figure that out. I can't think of any reason why there would be a limit. If I've got a million dollars, I'm pretty sure I'd have a warehouse, and could fit as many cars as I'd wanted in there. This game is about openness, and being able to do many things whenever we want. Yet you limit us like peons. If I want 50 cars early,
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