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  1. Octoboss

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    7 . The Club Garage on RaceNet shows the best car from each member of that Club. 8. You race for your RaceNet Club whenever you wear your Club livery in a multiplayer race. You can only apply that livery to cars you own - so you will only be racing for your club in your own vehicles. If you're struggling to afford cars, I'd reccommend starting with open wheel (surprisingly cheap) or Cat A touring cars (cheaper than Cat B or C)
  2. Octoboss

    F1 Race Stars Not Registering Game Activity

    Hi guys, we've found a bug in the RaceStars section on RaceNet which is effecting a limited group of players. We've gotten tot he bottom of the problem, and are testing a fix, should be with you soon. Once this is live your data should be uploaded next time you enter the game. Thanks for your patience on this issue, and thanks for letting us know!
  3. Octoboss

    F1 Race Stars Not Registering Game Activity

    Hi Strangebrew - this might be an issue related to your 'lead platform' - if you have played Race Stars on a different console to the one you play F1 2013 on then you will need to change your lead platform to your new console in order to access the Race Stars section. You can do this in the 'connect accounts' page accessible via the setting dropdown in the top-right. Note this does not lose any of your data - you can switch back and forth at any time if you have multiple platforms. Please let us know if you continue to have issues.
  4. Octoboss


    Hi all, we've been having intermittent problems with one of our servers. Hopefully this issue should be solved for you now, let me know if you continue to have difficulty accessing the GCs.
  5. Octoboss

    GULF Air Bahrain GP - 2014

    Crazy-talk. Mercedes one-two again, Vettel likely third.