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  1. williambarl

    Anyone got any good tips for racing on full wets?

    my advice at the moment retire and move to next session
  2. happens on the fanatec csr aswell at first i though it was a flatspot then realized that 1 didnt lock up the wheels and 2 codemasters wouldnt put that in. also right hand side of the big straight on malaysia(one before start finnish straight) their is some odd feedback kinda off putting when racing someone and the wheel gets some weird vibration like your rolling over the gravel  my issues are xbox dont know if ps3 or pc get this aswell
  3. williambarl

    The BUG Thread

    dont know if this is been mentioned but in career when i go to my emails it starts from the first 4 or 5 emails you get when you join a team and i have to scroll up through the lot of them to clear the un read emails at the top on race 6 now so thier is alot of emails to go through.
  4. williambarl

    F1 2014 Tyre Glitch

    this is not a bug it automatically changes tires after you pass a r and d objective or in your case cut the corner and fail it.  its been like this for years.
  5. williambarl

    Realistic Patch requests

    did you use prime in q2? if so thats why you started on primes 
  6. williambarl

    Wheel calibration

    csr is 240 dont have a clue about g27