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  1. Doing so simply increases the volume output while still being muzzled. If the bug is present in similar titles then I get it and unless it was fixed then I'd hope the same will follow with GAS if not then it probably won't :( Could be the a number of things causing it but for now it we'll just live with it.
  2. After reading the forums and the influx of new threads it seems quite clear most people are disappointed with CM last effort in terms of the Grid franchise. I'm hoping the next installment, IF it materializes under the CM name will be next gen and if so should be free of all the major bugs because of the sheer feedback on these forums and the chance to start fresh on a new platform, in terms of consoles. I can sympathizes with the dissatisfaction for gamers because of the time commitment needed to enjoy the game but to some truly enjoying the game means having a solid game in the first place.
  3. Post patch and it seems the patch hasn't completely fixed this problem and the audio is dulled down so you can barely hear the revs but it still an improvement overall. This goes for flashbacks and minor and major collisions. Pressing the X button seems to be resolved. Sigh....
  4. This thread title is very misleading despite the fact a sticky exists on the forum for this debate. OP we get it, you love CM and those who share a different opinion will do so in their own way. Eventually the patch will be released for every system and then you can burn each other however I got a feeling people love arguing. @NWRCharger and @DiRTKiNG808 Please look into this: http://blog.codemasters.com/careers/01/qa-technicians-southam/
  5. HAHAHA great quote @berre. Hopefully it does get resolved post patch but if not then I'll be very cautious of any game branded with CM. Fingers crossed. One press of the X button or a minor collision just ruins everything especially endurance.
  6. Any tips or tricks to help solve this problem? I've done a forum search and it appears the upcoming patch doesn't address this :( Would appreciate some help.
  7. @likewise I'm in the same boat so that's why buying games requires more awareness in the first place, in the long run it actually helps. @fanticUA CM should have had the corrupt save figured out way before releasing GAS, no excuses. Think about it, your creating something in this case a video game and releasing such a product with a couple of bugs some of them being critical to the overall experience namely the corrupt save. I'd say this is the equivalent to building a car without a reverse gear. What do you do? We'll never know for sure what they had planned out but it's obvious that the test
  8. I've decided not to use the quote feature. In response to @Loore  We need more money - every game developer does, the moment there's no money left, games stop being made. This pretty much defines any business industry, if there's no money left, how can you compete? We love making games, we all play games, we're deeply passionate about it, but there's also that side of us that would like money, simply put, it allows to keep making games. We're all passionate about games too but to release GAS a bit over a year after Grid 2 with all the the feedback/criticisms received you must have fi
  9. Seems to be more common on PS3. Nothing you can do while in a race expect to concentrate really hard otherwise save and quit. Hearing the engine is crucial so hopefully it'll get patched. Only time will tell.
  10. Indie developers are rarely given licences as prestigious as F1, let alone automotive manufacturers. Trolls...I love them :) I love you GJ77
  11. CodemastersFounded in 1986Employees: 800
  12. That depends on perspective. Paying more than $50 to me isn't considered indie. Try and be more mindful of the discussion. I think you completely missed the point GJ77
  13. If you're terribly disappointed then stop supporting CM. If you firmly believe your getting shafted then why would you support them? Granted they have given you some resolve but the reality is that it'll never be perfect because the expectations of users is so broad they can't allocate enough resources to include everything so just suck it up and play or don't. Just put yourself in their shoes and think about the following situation: We need more money. It'll cost more $$ for next-gen development so we'll just use the existing code. Tweak it just enough to justify a release. Hopefully we'll ma
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