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  1. Despite the obvious un-fairness of the Intel Challenge -- boosting session now available on XBOX360. 1 lap, Indy Oval.  1 Player required plus 10 AI. Search or Add GT: DLT222
  2. Really?.....This is the whole problem, this is exactly what keeps this snowball of Devs releasing unfinished games!! Stop the madness with your wallet! Check this out and think before you preorder.......preorder is the tool that perpetuates this unacceptable behavior. http://venturebeat.com/2013/12/10/well-fix-it-later-why-do-gamers-accept-brokenunfinished-products/ I'm behind this guy 100% -- please check my post: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/3301/graduate-calibre-the-key-to-success-and-failure Rather than bitch and moan -- how can we change the system? Post your ideas all y
  3. Is there a way to view each platforms RaceNet leaderboards? The Intel Challenge page allows us to see the times from each platform -- which is fantasic. I often wonder how the platforms compare. Link: https://racenet.codemasters.com/grid-autosport/intel-challenge
  4. Is there an official word on the extortionate re-sale prices of cars?  Is it a glitch?  Is it legit?  Does it lead to a corrupt-save? I think it would be wrong to complain about all the issues -- yet, take advantage of it when it suits.  Unless it's legit -- then cash me out baby!!!!    You know me --- I'm honest guv'. o:)
  5. Given the games current state.......it reminds me of this scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=3FUtTQ9jvBc#t=4695  :)
  6. Also, given the $0 glitch -- anyone who has a glitched Formula B or the UTES for next week, would be at a serious dis-advantage.  It would be pointless them entering.  If you're going to put up prizes, then I believe it should be a level-playing ground.   At the very least, if you're changing it from Party Mode to Time Trial -- then it should give rewards at the end of the race.  Thus enabling players to level-up the car to become more competitive and stand a chance at winning something. Although, going that route has potential to open up a can of worms -- plus you're
  7. if owned cars are allowed, it should at least give you the ability to level the car up inside the event.
  8. for me, it depends whether i go broke in the game or not.  i only play racenet challenges, but buy every car which i can afford.  if it glitches...then it's a strike against CM.  point-and-click game-makers equates to point-and-leave gamers.
  9. Can you tell us more on this.  How did Microsoft give you a refund?  The whole process of how you got it would be great.  Hope this isn't too much trouble for you.
  10. I play on xbox360 and have no idea what you are on about. What is pretty good? Should I get excited to see time-trial leaderboards on xbox360? Be more specific flukes
  11. Hello Drivers! Each week I drive the RaceNet challeges, I can roughly estimate how many people are playing them.  It's not rocket science. As the days go by, my times will be top 3%.  I'll play on a Monday to boost it towards 1% --- heck, I can't get number one -- best I've been is 3rd.  Kudos to the Xbox drivers.  You know who you are. Anyway, to my tale.....each week I log the times and such....and there's a stat which glares at me.  It's getting lower each week. It takes me a little more effort to get that top 1% each week -  a gradual process, but it's there.
  12.  I found the best thing to do is hang back a few feet from the car in 11th place on the first corner.  Take the corner wide from the left and just as the last car is exiting the corner, turn in and stay to the right up the hill. Traction control - on or off?
  13. I know this has a thread but I'm chucking it out there for something different. With each DLC car-release -- I reckon there should be another DLC Garage Slot release. I'd much rather pay £1.29 for an extra 5 slots than it eat into my game-bankroll. There's been one -- which was great -- but with every DLC -- I reckon you are missing a trick in terms of moolah.  Of course, people will complain -- it's what people do -- but given the opportunity between £1.29 or in game-cash -- I'd be happy to chuck you the moolah.
  14. as an experiment....take an owned car around one of the Racenet challenges......cruise around until it completes. try not to spin the tyres or hit anthing -- just take it easy. try this through the different categories/challenges......then post what the repair costs are. i've not idea how this will turn out -- but it might be an interesting experiment. buckle up....cruise and hit nothing.  how much???
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