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  1. Despite the obvious un-fairness of the Intel Challenge -- boosting session now available on XBOX360. 1 lap, Indy Oval.  1 Player required plus 10 AI. Search or Add GT: DLT222
  2. Hello Drivers! Each week I drive the RaceNet challeges, I can roughly estimate how many people are playing them.  It's not rocket science. As the days go by, my times will be top 3%.  I'll play on a Monday to boost it towards 1% --- heck, I can't get number one -- best I've been is 3rd.  Kudos to the Xbox drivers.  You know who you are. Anyway, to my tale.....each week I log the times and such....and there's a stat which glares at me.  It's getting lower each week. It takes me a little more effort to get that top 1% each week -  a gradual process, but it's there. By default, to get that top 1% means there's less people playing. I really enjoy the Grid series....but it's quick becoming a throw-away gaming brand. Rant over.
  3. Given the games current state.......it reminds me of this scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=3FUtTQ9jvBc#t=4695  :)
  4. DLT222

    Selling Cars

    Is there an official word on the extortionate re-sale prices of cars?  Is it a glitch?  Is it legit?  Does it lead to a corrupt-save? I think it would be wrong to complain about all the issues -- yet, take advantage of it when it suits.  Unless it's legit -- then cash me out baby!!!!    You know me --- I'm honest guv'. o:)
  5. Is there a way to view each platforms RaceNet leaderboards? The Intel Challenge page allows us to see the times from each platform -- which is fantasic. I often wonder how the platforms compare. Link: https://racenet.codemasters.com/grid-autosport/intel-challenge
  6. DLT222

    Garage Slots

    I know this has a thread but I'm chucking it out there for something different. With each DLC car-release -- I reckon there should be another DLC Garage Slot release. I'd much rather pay £1.29 for an extra 5 slots than it eat into my game-bankroll. There's been one -- which was great -- but with every DLC -- I reckon you are missing a trick in terms of moolah.  Of course, people will complain -- it's what people do -- but given the opportunity between £1.29 or in game-cash -- I'd be happy to chuck you the moolah.
  7. Is there a reason peoples country flags arn't shown inside the racenet challenge leaderboards?  I often wonder where the quickest drivers are from -- I know it's not hard to discover by searching and stuff - but im sure it could be easily done from a codies side.  think it would be interesting to see. 
  8. Platform: Xbox 360 Problem:  Known issue of glitched vehicle at $0 and game crash after racing. Possible semi-fix:  After losing a couple of cars to this glitch, I might have come up with a possible semi-fix.  When purchasing a car, it can sometimes take a while for the car to actually load and display on the screen.  I think its vital that you wait for the car to appear before you hit purchase.  I can't say for sure, but there's a massive possibility that being eager to purchase, I among others clicked purchase without waiting for the car to display or load. After a couple of successful purchases and running them online using this 'wait' method, I thought I'd see if it works for other people. There does seem to be a drawback.  I successfully re-purchased an already glitched car. The new car showed a sale price above $0, so all seemed well.  I also changed the livery to make sure I selected the glitch-free car and began racing.  However, in the same spot as previous -- it crashed.  I then attempted to sell the glitched car for $0 -- but it came up with 'Internal Error When Purchasing Car' messege. Anyway, in short -- I could successfully purchase and race new vehicles, providing I waited until the car loaded and displayed.  Re-purchased vehicles looked okay, but still crashed the game. Perhaps someone with glitched cars could have a try at this also to see if this works globally and on different platforms -- or if it was just a coincidence and I've wasted both mine and your time, Good luck in racing! :)
  9. Platform: Xbox 360 Location: RaceNet Challenge (Touring Car) Problem:  Allows the event to complete and uploads my time to RaceNet.  Shows the level increase and bankroll increase.  Then hits black screen with 'Loading' icon bottom right and hangs.  It's happened 6 times exactly at the same spot, forcing a hard reset each time.  Bankroll and levels reset to prior level before event. Touring car (Cruze) purchased for 200k, unraced online, level 1 car.  Also notice the achievement 'Here are the keys' has not been awarded. Any more details required, let me know. Hope someone can help and we can get this fixed asap. :-)
  10. DLT222

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    Really?.....This is the whole problem, this is exactly what keeps this snowball of Devs releasing unfinished games!! Stop the madness with your wallet! Check this out and think before you preorder.......preorder is the tool that perpetuates this unacceptable behavior. http://venturebeat.com/2013/12/10/well-fix-it-later-why-do-gamers-accept-brokenunfinished-products/ I'm behind this guy 100% -- please check my post: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/3301/graduate-calibre-the-key-to-success-and-failure Rather than bitch and moan -- how can we change the system? Post your ideas all you like -- but let's get some grunt behind this -- I'm open to messeges -- let's make a change. This is the start -- change starts now. Get involved.
  11. Also, given the $0 glitch -- anyone who has a glitched Formula B or the UTES for next week, would be at a serious dis-advantage.  It would be pointless them entering.  If you're going to put up prizes, then I believe it should be a level-playing ground.   At the very least, if you're changing it from Party Mode to Time Trial -- then it should give rewards at the end of the race.  Thus enabling players to level-up the car to become more competitive and stand a chance at winning something. Although, going that route has potential to open up a can of worms -- plus you're killing your action by not having somewhere to go later in the year.  I'm convinced you should keep it simple -- loan car only.  Hopefully, CM are looking into this -- justbiglee posted a messege last night -- so I'm hopeful something will be done.
  12. if owned cars are allowed, it should at least give you the ability to level the car up inside the event.
  13. DLT222

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    for me, it depends whether i go broke in the game or not.  i only play racenet challenges, but buy every car which i can afford.  if it glitches...then it's a strike against CM.  point-and-click game-makers equates to point-and-leave gamers.
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    Can you tell us more on this.  How did Microsoft give you a refund?  The whole process of how you got it would be great.  Hope this isn't too much trouble for you.
  15. DLT222

    Time Trial

    I play on xbox360 and have no idea what you are on about. What is pretty good? Should I get excited to see time-trial leaderboards on xbox360? Be more specific flukes
  16.  I found the best thing to do is hang back a few feet from the car in 11th place on the first corner.  Take the corner wide from the left and just as the last car is exiting the corner, turn in and stay to the right up the hill. Traction control - on or off?
  17. as an experiment....take an owned car around one of the Racenet challenges......cruise around until it completes. try not to spin the tyres or hit anthing -- just take it easy. try this through the different categories/challenges......then post what the repair costs are. i've not idea how this will turn out -- but it might be an interesting experiment. buckle up....cruise and hit nothing.  how much???
  18. Kudos to Loore for the update. I have a theory of why the RaceNet challenges have repeated in terms of same car. When you consider the $0 glitch coupled with the negative costs of running some of the cars -- it would make perfect sense to have challenges of the same vehicle. If you didn't -- it would ante up the possibility of people having to spend their moolah on cars which might glitch.  In turn, this would run people bankrolls down.  There's potential here for people to go broke. When people go broke -- they tend to find something else to do. Just a theory -- but it would make sense if you were trying to manage a situation. Looking forward to the update. :-)
  19. i come from the view that the quickest drivers should earn the most xp.  granted, there will be people who will win races who can't clock a good time on racenet and there will be people who understand the track and car setups who clock quality racenet times -- but are bad racers -- it's a convo for the pub. overall, i reckon the quickest drivers should earn the most xp or money -- how you define that is subjective. when in doubt -- buckle up -- lets race baby!
  20. Gaming media reviews are not what many of us would like to think they are. There's no objectivity when the gaming media is so dependent on game publishers. The gaming media gets much of it's "news" from so-called "inside sources" at game companies who provide interviews & press releases. The gaming media gets most of its money from the game-related advertisements plastered all over their sites. No "game journalist" can afford to get blacklisted by a big game company due to having given that company bad press. Ever see any of the biggest gaming media outlets give a bad review of any major triple-A rehashed sequels despite the ever-dwindling originality & ever-growing list of problems in those games? Of course not. Those games come from the biggest game publishers in the industry, and no gaming media outlet wants to bite the biggest hands that feed them most. Any shred of so-called "news" about upcoming triple-A games (or their DLC) drives tons of traffic to the gaming media websites - traffic that gaming media needs to stay viable. When game companies provide pre-release copies of games to gaming media outlets so they can have reviews ready to publish on or before launch day, there are strict contractual agreements dictating what aspects of the game that the gaming media are & are not permitted to cover in their "reviews" - which is why "reviews" don't ever tell us some of the most important things about games (like whether or not the game actually works). When making purchasing decisions, don't count on the heavily filtered & biased information provided the biggest gaming media outlets. Look for real information from real customers. Don't rely on cinematic trailers produced by marketers. Look for actual gameplay footage from independent individuals. Don't get caught up in "pre-order" buzz & "launch day" hype. Sit back & wait at least a few days to see what the game actually does when it gets out of the incubator & into the real world. I did not purchase Grid AutoSport until a week after its launch. Unfortunately, a week was not long enough for its major issues to spread & start becoming publicly noticeable. Great insight to how things currently work.  I'm sure there must be some industry insiders who'd like a change.  Whether it's a coder, animator, sound studio, CGI team or the person who makes the tea each morning -- surely there's a different approach. If we look at Turn 10, I think it's fair to say their Forza Motorsport series has been a success.  Rather than get into their micro-transaction debacle -- lets have a look at them opening up the franchise to Playground Games in terms of Forza Horizon.   They tried something different -- which in my opinion was a reasonable effort for a first crack at the whip.  With Horizon 2 set to hit late September, it should hopefully build upon the original Horizon. My point here is to try something different -- open it up to other developers -- perhaps open up a sub-company -- which tries something different -- approaches the development in a different manner. The hardware developer Razer has a moto of - 'For Gamers by Gamers' -- I can't see why this approach couldn't be tweaked so a developer creates something which reads 'For Racers by Racers'. Perhaps I'm after a utopian world of racing -- perfection of code.  Much like I want that perfect lap. It seledom occurs. Nice responses. :-)
  21. I've got a theory which might relate to this subject.  It's in terms of the reviews developers receive for their games, and how they subsequently react for future development.  Over the years, I've read many reviews from many outlets -- and one thing I always keep asking myself is 'how long has this reviewer played the game?'   I can only speak for myself....I play on xbox360...I play racing games only...I purchase the game on the day of release. Very often, the first days play makes me pull my hair out.  But, I continue.  It always gets better.  I attempt to complete the in-game achievements until the game gets boring or some of the achivements are just silly.  Depending on the time of year -- if another racing title is released -- I'll chuck in some stupid-time to get the single-player done to a reasonable level.  My online play is somewhat limited, but if available -- I'll be scouting the hot-lap or time trial leaderboards.   In this case, RaceNet Challenge. Onto my point.....if a reviewer plays a game for a small amount of time -- there's every possibility the reviewer will chuck out a review which isn't reflective of the game.   Now, typing aloud -- let's say this reviewer is part of a large online entity -- which gets thousands of hits -- perhaps the reviewer doesn't want to 'rock the boat' -- especially when you consider there's a chance title sales will be affected by a favourable review.  Perhaps an in-correct review at that.  In this situation...there's potential for a knock-on effect -- the developer thinks they are better than they actually are.  They'll keep making the same mistakes over and over.  Progression of a game title or brand might look better due to tweaks or perhaps a new generation of hardware -- but they will continue to get the fundementals wrong.  On a personal note, one of my biggest gripes has always been the glitching on time trial leaderboards. It really tests me -- a racing game which has problems delivering correct timing -- it's nothing short of shameful, shody and lack of testing.  Imagine it --- yeah Lewis, great lap, but there was a problem on the timing board -- you're P-22.  Anyway, perhaps a semi-rant -- but I think called for -- whether its beta testing or reviewing a game -- I feel developers could do a lot more to help themselves create a smoother and more efficent development process. This installment of Grid is a nice addition, but it's still got that 'Codemasters Old Content Re-Hashed Left-Overs Let's Make Some Cash Because We Need To Release Something' look.  I felt exactly the same with Dirt Showdown -- leftover re-hashing just to release a title. Codemasters could be so much more.  DLT222 ----- XBox360 ----- Career Mode & Hot Lapper
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    British car pack

    The Garage Pack is £1.29.  It wasn't available to view inside the Live menus -- it was only available inside the game and going to XBox Store on the far right.  Normally, you'll get kicked into the Xbox Menus and out of the game to download something -- but this didn't -- it popped up the menus and stayed inside the game. The download failed but it took my credit.  After waiting a while, it seemed to rectify itself and said that I had already downloaded it.  Quite strange. But, yeah -- it was £1.29 on Xbox.
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    Let's play a game.

    relentless the pirate continued to release his barrage of content towards the masses.....myth speaks of a man called loore.....some say he's the