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  1. I race in the dashboard camera (closest to window view) with interior camera's locked.  Every time I reset a stage the camera switches to the helmet camera.  Should not be affected by using a reset IMO. That's on a vanilla XBox One.
  2. When Racenet is down the game fails to upload results.  I can understand there is a time-out mesage (which is a LONG waiting time) after the first attempt.  But all the other attempts?  Why does the game have to try to upload to Racenet (when its not working) every....single....time....  I've just been doing the Crosskart rallycross part of career mode which are always short races (semi's and finals) and this Racenet time-out message after each of these races is friggin annoying as hell.  Please check it once per day or at starting up the game, and if Racenet is down t
  3. For the singleplayer career I can not see the difference between a bronze and a gold medal.  Even when I move straight in front of my TV and look at it, I honestly can't tell the difference.  Could you guys please make bronze a bit darker and gold a bit lighter? For the record, I'm not colorblind or anything, it's just that the current colors are so close together I don't see the difference. Thanks in advance!
  4. Lol this is funny as that same bug is also in Dirt 4. Check my post in this forum.
  5. Youngr - Out Of My System (menu music, a version with no lyrics is in the game) => That song is absolutely adorable, such a chill tune. :)  But I prefer the instrumental version from the game for sure. BTW, My Dirt 4 seems to be pre-loading on XBox One.  Good stuff so that won't be a delay on friday 9th. :) I hope they apply this Day One patch before the 9th as well.
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