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  1. breyzipp

    Dirt 4 - unlocking liveries

    How do you unlock most of the liveries for the cars?  What I found so far is the following : * Ford Fiesta R2 second livery gets unlocked early in career mode. * I got the DS3 RX supercar livery from Petter Solberg unlocked from completing the FIA world rallycross championship in career mode. I have no clue how or why they unlock though. Do you need to win a championship with a car to unlock a livery for that car?  Do you need to drive a certain amount of mileage with it?  Would be nice to also have a clue of which liveries for which cars I'm still missing since I know from pre-release screenshots that RX2 OMSE Supercar Lites Fiesta has at least a handful of liveries.  I already got the car (career progress reward) but so far I only have the default DirtFish livery for it.
  2. breyzipp

    DiRTy Gossip

    Youngr - Out Of My System (menu music, a version with no lyrics is in the game) => That song is absolutely adorable, such a chill tune. :)  But I prefer the instrumental version from the game for sure. BTW, My Dirt 4 seems to be pre-loading on XBox One.  Good stuff so that won't be a delay on friday 9th. :) I hope they apply this Day One patch before the 9th as well.