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  1. Thanks for your reply. So I'm on Xbox and the way I got around my perseption of these corners. Was to watch the replay, and memorize the corner/s before I made repeated mistakes. The results of doing this are below in my weekly (22/7/19) from Poland. I hope this helps someone else who is finding ways to improve their times/experience My suggestion was to give the choice to the driver like in the real world Cheers Phil
  2. Thanks for your kind words. So based off this system, an angle doesn't change no matter the direction taken. Correct! Well at least I hope we agree on that. So there is a corner on Jozefin/Kopina that is a 5 in one direction and a 3 in the other. I'm trying to help the system to be consistent Cheers Phil
  3. Yeah a huge thanks for the work you've put into these setups. And sharing them. I've had a second in a weekly on xbox with your mini Cooper setup. And put a link in my club to help others. Cheers mate
  4. It would be great if we could alter the pacenotes. Because my opinion of a 5 left is different to someone else's. And the ability to add a caution leading into a corner that for some reason stuff up every time.
  5. I have this with allot of my cars, it happens with lots of my on board camera's
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