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  1. I'm having a similar problem. I also bought the deluxe content pack separately. It's telling me it's installed but in game wants me to go to the store and buy it.? It happened after I completed the daily rally cross event. My time was there! I came back half an hour later and had a DNF for the event. And now I can't access any live events 20190619_130714.mp4
  2. Phileb77


    It would be great if the leaderboards were more accessible for career mode. There could easily be an option like in time trials. For all modes like career mode, weekly's and monthly's. So you could look back at your progress through the events. Be able to see stages you gained time and how much a mistake cost you in time. There's a huge opportunity/opening to create an overall leaderboard for each class at each location. With stock times of 15 mins for short stages and 30 mins for long ones. I would want to do all the stages to improve my position. Just a thought!
  3. Phileb77

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car Setups

    Yeah a huge thanks for the work you've put into these setups. And sharing them. I've had a second in a weekly on xbox with your mini Cooper setup. And put a link in my club to help others. Cheers mate
  4. Phileb77

    Daily challenge rewards not received.

    Same here, no daily results for 3 days now I'm on xbox
  5. Phileb77

    Stage time and overall

    Totally agree. The results could be easily available for the people who'd like to see them
  6. Phileb77

    Pacenote editor

    It would be great if we could alter the pacenotes. Because my opinion of a 5 left is different to someone else's. And the ability to add a caution leading into a corner that for some reason stuff up every time.