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  1. I finally got platinum in the party challenge. I got really lucky on the start lol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0m34tz4T24
  2. I used the GTI i owned for the street challenge, but went and bought the STI for the Party challenge and it wouldn't let me select it. Anyone have any idea as to why? I'm just a couple hundred feet from Platinum in the elimination, but still was 20th on the leaderboard last night. lol Definitally a hard challenge!
  3. AtticusTurbo27

    Where is Red Bull Ring online?

    The only city track that I could see disagreement with is SF, due to the jumps that damage your car. If you slow down to take it easy on the car you risk getting rear ended. If you hit them full speed you risk steering damage, however at the end of the day there will still be a voting system so if the majority of the lobby want to do SF then that is only fair!  I want to see a ton of variety in all disciplines. All cars work on all tracks so why make the playlist so limited? It isn't even funny how few options we have in the rotation!
  4. AtticusTurbo27

    Bought cars over loaned cars

    But you have to drive the vehicle to gain XP and upgrades for it. By doing that you put miles on it and the cost goes up. 
  5. I'm currently 5th on the global leaderboards with Platnium in the Party Elimination. Only took a few attempts and I use a controller... If you are having problems in easy difficulty I think you just need to look at how you are playing/driving. Slow in, fast out. Don't slide the car. 
  6. AtticusTurbo27

    Racenet Challenge Leaderboard - 360

    I think Party mode is specifically for ramming people off track. The AI work like they should. Same with Demo derby last week. It wouldn't make sense for them all to race cleanly. 
  7. Works fine for me on 360. Ran the race several times with no issues besides how hard it is to get Platinum! lol
  8. AtticusTurbo27

    To many complaints !!!!!

    Also for online, DO THE RACENET CHALLENGES! You get a ton of money to use online from it. It pays out really well at the end of the week if you have a good position. 
  9. AtticusTurbo27

    Racenet Challenge Leaderboard - 360

    Since it is party mode the AI will ram you, but I developed a decent strategy for getting platinum since the goal is to run the most distance. You cant be messing around ramming other cars, you gotta get through the pack ASAP. Hang back for turn 1 at the start, then try and get a good run through the first corner to where you are coming right up on the pack by corner exit. Move to the inside and you should be albe to pass about half the pack or more before the next corner. Stay tight inside for turn 2 and bounce off a car ro 2 if you have to to make the corner. After you cleared turn 2 you should be up to 4th or better. Pick off the remaining cars but make sure you pass them in a corner or give a lot of room because they will move over on you. I can usually get right up to 2nd by the last corner of the first lap then move inside and the 1st place car will move over to block. Last second go outside and you should be able to pass cleanly and get a run out of turn 1 in first place. Then just focus on clean laps! 
  10. AtticusTurbo27

    Bought cars over loaned cars

    I don't mind the repair system. I think it is a good feature but the cost of my cars is getting close to the break even point due to mileage. This is dumb. The reality is that the mileage doesn't matter and if we are repairing/replacing engines, suspension components, etc we shouldn't have to pay more as the car gets older. Id only say you should pay more when you upgrade the engine, as an engine with more performance would cost more to repair, making the people with higher level cars forced to pay a price to run them with full upgrades. Hoping they adjust this in an update so we don't have to sell or park our higher level cars. 
  11. AtticusTurbo27

    RaceNet challenges with purchased cars?

    Best way to do the Party mode challenge this week is hold back for the first corner and try and get a run through it to pass the pack. You can keep your speed and usually get the inside line into the next corner and end up in 2nd or 3rd place before the end of the lap. For passing the first place car move over on the front straight to get him to block then run around the outside. I was 5th in the global leaderboard and this is how I did it!
  12. AtticusTurbo27

    GRID Autosport - An honest review

    Some of the handling characteristics I will admit are not perfect, but you are pretty wrong about how you expect the cars to handle vs how they actually should. The cars handling changes due to aero working on them. At high speeds most cars with high downforce tend to be tight while at lower speeds they are loose. This holds true for most of the cars. This game plays like it feels when driving on a road course. It might not be physically accurate but the feeling of real racing and real car control is spot on. The street cars are the opposite. Their slip angles get bigger at higher speeds due to the lack of downforce, but they also still feel tight due to lift on the front of the car reducing grip. Obviously there are some exceptions with the cars that have enough power to break the tires loose at high speed. Like the open wheel cars! YES they should have wheel spin even with the massive wing! especially at low speed! Even formula 1 cars have wheel spin, the driver has to control it by modulating the throttle, smooth inputs. These things hold true 100% in GAS and are rewarded with fast lap times. Smooth is fast.  The slip angles in the game are a little exaggerated but otherwise you wouldn't even notice. I love hitting the perfect corner exit when the car is riding a slip angle right up to the wall. Or when you are inches from making contact with another car.  Dropping tires is also fun on corner exit and easily controllable while not slowing you down much, but go 2 off with the steering still cranked hard and you are going to spin. Very much like real life.  Real life driving tactics seem to pay off well in this game. Early braking with slow in/fast out driving. That is how you get through corners in real life and it works perfectly in GAS. Source: I'm an amature road racing enthusiast, I spend many a weekend at the track. I've also got some top leaderboard times in GAS (Currently 4th in this weeks Party mode challenge, Come at me!) CM offers some of the best games for fun and real racing feel. Get a lot of good players together and you are going to have a ton of fun. I haven't enjoyed a racing game since Dirt3 doing rallycross with some of the top players of that game so I'm glad they pulled through with this one. It isn't perfect, but I hope they make the next Grid closer to this one. 
  13. AtticusTurbo27

    Do the challenges..........well worth it.

    The annoying thing about RaceNet is the overall race time goals. You basically have to slam your way to the front of the pack to be able to achieve the platinum times. 
  14. AtticusTurbo27

    Racenet Challenge Leaderboard - 360

    I had the same issue. It is pretty annoying as you can't tell your actual global position. This week I got to the actual 4th on the leaderboard in the party mode Lancia race and it shows me as 4th. If you get on racenet from your computer it shows your actual position. Hopefully they fix it! Looking at what % you are can help give you a general idea.