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  1.  it's not going to fix it . I had to start over to play, so it overwrote my progress. unless you all have that info saved for us we are all still screwed. I'll keep an eye out for patch , but I'm not playing it again till then & still may get rid of it & all other Codemasters games i own & never purchase one again if I have to start it all over like grid 2 done to me twice . I'm fed up with your co. releasing unfinished/untested racing games.  
  2.  We are going to need some way to catch up seeing how Grid Autosport is corrupted & now a lot of folks including myself have to start over because Codemasters can;t get their stuff together. Corrupted save files come on learn from your mistakes.You had these problems in the DiRT series & GRiD 2 .
  3. CM's just jacking us around. the same happened to me in Autosport but it happened Twice in GRID 2. you would think that they would learn from their mistakes but I guess thats asking too much.
  4. in case you have no idea where your problem is let me fill you in. in the 3rd set of racenet challenges i used my own cars in a few what i noticed when finished was that instead of leveling up my car from its currant level it started from 1 . I have a disc game for the PS3 . & honestly i can't believe no one has responded. shows how much CODEMASTERS  cares. Hope that helps you fix your game ,guess I'm off to trade it in.
  5.   WHAT THE HECK HAVE YA'LL DONE ?!!! I manually save my game before i turn it off. today I get this "your save file is corrupt & you must start over if you want to play grid autosport" WHAT !!!!  i HAD 12 CARS ALL BUILT UP & NOW BACK TO SQUARE ONE. GRID 2 DONE THIS CRAP 2Xs & NOW I'M P'od . LOST EVERYTHING MY GOLF R, 91GTR R34 TC, AUDI RS5 COUPE SP ,MINI JCW TMC, LOLA B05/52 OWF2, MAZDA RX7 PANSPEED TSM, CAPARO T1 OWSL ,93 s13 240sx tc1d ,03 s15 silvia tjdm, aar cuda tcm ,05 r35 z tune tnsc , & mclaren 12c gt3.this is ridiculous . Only CODEMASTER games do this none of
  6. I've never had to wait for preorder bonus material for any other game besides we got the livery's, sponsors we should get the car at the same time.I mean it does say that the sls is part of the exclusive limited black edition. & it doesn't say that you have to buy it . I mean really, am I now suppose to buy a 100,000 dollar slot & then buy the so called bonus car.? or will it eventually show up in my cars? someone give me a straight answer.
  7. Do I really have to buy the mercedes sls amg coupe black edition even though I preordered my copy of GRiD Autosport from GameStop for my PS3 ?
  8. buy it ????? what ???? I'm suppose to get that car with the preorder it says so on the back of the box , surely you jest ? thats not a preorder bonus if I still have to buy it . a little disappointed . Wel if I don't get what I was expecting for preorder I'm definitely not spending the other $30 on DLC . Thats too bad cause I like the game , but I'm no lemon that you can keep squeezing juice from .
  9. I preordered GRiD Autosport put in code got the liveries but where is the mercedes sls amg coupe black series ???? I onl have the vw . I'm on the PS3 . besides that I like the game . easier setup & better graphics than GT6 .
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